Podcast | Being And Living As Better Beautiful Humans: In Conversation With David Hults

Despite an ambulance, trash truck and airplanes this still very listenable podcast recorded July 14th joins an in real life caffeinated conversation already underway between David Hults and I about a wide variety of topics including:

  • nature
  • environment
  • fear
  • destruction
  • separation
  • unity
  • negativity bias
  • stewardship
  • self-responsibility
  • power
  • trauma
  • pain
  • four great elements (in the body)
  • aether
  • sacred geometry
  • architecture
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • fourth phase of water
  • expanding water to move it
  • photonic nature of light
  • (the rapidly arising and passing) ultimate materiality
  • mentality
  • Abhidhamma
  • perception
  • (without) Masters
  • not clinging to (teaching) systems
  • (3D) manifestation
  • holographic waveforms
  • (changing nature of) consciousness
  • neuroscience
  • urging science to use concentration and consciousness (in double blind experiments) in addition to instruments
  • quantum (everything)
  • time crystals
  • two truths
  • the requirement of seeing and knowing truth / reality for oneself
  • comparing and contrasting perception and “this is my truth”

What some say is the truth,
Others say is false.
So they argue, disagreeing;
Why don’t the ascetics teach one truth?

Indeed the truth is one, there’s not another,
about this the One who Knows
does not dispute with another,
but the Samaṇas proclaim their varied “truths”
and so they speak not in the same way.

Why do they speak such varied truths,
these so-called experts disputatious—
Are there really many and various truths
Or do they just rehearse their logic?

Indeed, there are not many and varied truths
differing from perception of the ever-true in the world;
but they work upon their views with logic:
“Truth! Falsehood!” So they speak in dualities.

Based on what is seen, heard,
On precepts and vows, or what is cognized,
They look down on others.
Convinced of their own theories,
pleased with themselves,
They say, “My opponent is a fool, no expert.”

They consider themselves expert for the same reasons
That they despise their opponent as a fool.
Calling themselves experts, they despise the other,
Yet they speak the very same way.

And since perfected in some extreme view,
puffed with pride and maddened by conceit,
he anoints himself as though the master-mind,
likewise thinking his view’s perfected too.

If their opponent says they are deficient,
They too are of deficient understanding.
But if they are wise and knowledgeable,
Then there are no fools among the ascetics.

“Anyone who teaches a doctrine other than this,
Has fallen short of purity and perfection.”
This is what followers of other paths say,
Passionately defending their very different views.

“Here alone is purity,” so they say,
“There is no purity in the teachings of others.”
This is what followers of other paths strongly assert,
Each entrenched in their own different path.

Strongly asserting their own path,
What opponent would they take to be a fool?
They would only bring trouble on themselves
By calling an opponent a fool of impure teachings.

Convinced of their own theories,
Comparing others to oneself,
They get into more disputes with the world.
But by leaving behind all theories,
They don’t have any problems with the world.

Despite dropping the recording device, airplanes, an ambulance and trash truck, the recording is still very listenable

Selection from the Cūlaviyūha Sutta — Smaller Discourse on Quarreling from Sutta Nipāta 4.12

  • living in a story about reality instead of living in reality itself
  • sovereignty
  • not condemning others for their belief systems
  • actions matter
  • acceptance
  • thinking for yourself
  • followers
  • non-harming
  • “if everyone was doing what I was doing what would the world look like”
  • stress / suffering and its end
  • dignity
  • worthiness
  • (self-)love
  • right lifestyle
  • honesty
  • mindfulness:
    • balancing factor
    • creates space
    • responding instead of reacting
    • ability to linger on an object/topic
    • greater choices seen and made
    • better discernment
  • “know thy self”
  • orgonite
  • tensor rings
  • harmonization devices
  • transmuting negativity

  • not taking things personally
  • everything in relationship
  • community building:
    • attracting beings of similar affinity
    • everyone already being in community
    • identifying current communities and envisioning and planning ideal communities for ourselves, those closest to us, on up to larger levels while respecting each other’s sovereignty and those choosing segregation while allowing equal opportunity to do so and still maintain interconnectedness
    • trust
    • faith
    • risk management
    • voluntary contributions based on skill sets
    • allotting more money to community than war
    • non-aggression principle
  • non-harm
  • David’s withdraw from signing up for military
  • military industrial complex and intel tactics
  • trying to find non-violent media
  • black ops
  • black budgets
  • accusations of making stuff up based on movies
  • pentagon and intel agencies consulting on movies
  • environmental, societal, psychological, energetic impact of de-littering spaces
  • clearing work

David’s site AlternativeLiveGuide.com:

Past chats with David:

Some of David’s orgonite and resonance art:

Audio: Being And Living As Better Beautiful Humans: In Conversation With David Hults

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