Orgonite-like Resonance Art To Support Mastery Of The Four Elements

I commissioned David Hults of Alternative Life Guide to create four custom orgonite-like “Resonance Art” pieces with the intention “to support ideal mastery of earth, water, wind and fire, for the wellbeing and awakening of all, as allowed by the highest spiritual law.”

Please call out this project if there are any traces of unwholesomeness, unskillfulness and/or anything at all unwise.

Each piece corresponds to one of the great four elements. And each contains four minerals associated with that element, plus copper, and each with one quartz crystal I found in Arkansas for activation, amplification and stabilization.

Fun creational fact: the fire one actually broke the mold!

By the way, creating and/or listing meditations and resources for the four great elements are on the Integrating Presence to-do list.

David charges $25 plus supplies and time/labor for custom pieces. If you’d like to actualize a four elements set like this, and/or something of your own design, reach out via David’s site Alternative Life Guide.

And if so inclined, check out our previous two posts and videos:

Pics of orgonite from the internet just because

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