Confluence Zen Center: Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION

Recently wrapped up a multi-week study with Confluence Zen Center on Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo kyôkun) by Dôgen Zenji. A classic line from the text:

Wash [the dishes] so that they are completely pure and clean, placing up high those that belong in high places and putting down low those that belong in low places. “High places are high and level; low places are low and level.”

And another striking selection:

When Xuefeng resided at Dongshan [monastery], he served as cook. One day when he was sifting rice [master] Dongshan asked him, “Are you sifting the sand and removing the rice, or sifting the rice and removing the sand?” Xuefeng said, “Sand and rice are simultaneously removed.” Dongshan asked, “What will the great assembly eat?” Xuefeng overturned the bowl. Dongshan said, “In the future you will go and be scrutinized by someone else.”

As previously mentioned, before we studied Instructions for the Cook we studied ‘A Blueprint of Enlightenment: A Contemporary Commentary on Dōgen Zenji’s “Gokudō Yōjinshū” (Guidelines for Studying the Way)’ by Gien Inoue. Both groups facilitated and led by Soto Zen priest Rev. Daigaku Rumme´.

And again now, the forthcoming 2021 class series an Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION the evenings of 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18 and 3/25 at Confluence Zen Center in Maplewood, Missouri.

Classes include zazen meditation beginning with 10 minutes and working up to 30 minutes, as well as learning walking meditation. To register call 314-669-4465 or email with name and contact information.

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