Corona-19, Hypertension and Qi | (2/23/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)

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For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny and I address present day popular topics of interest related to, and expanding upon, last month’s AUA on Qigong and Daoyin.

First and foremost, as our presentation states, this is not medical advice. We share information and knowledge from our own study, practice and experiences. Please consult a health care professional while considering any new treatments and/or changing your current professional medical care.

Denny starts by sharing statistics on CV and some of the correlations with high blood pressure. We then move into approaching hypertension from various angles, including the power of the mind, but most notably, the importance and interrelationship of high blood pressure with Qi from a place of common sense as well as some of the intricacies. We wrap up by quickly listing my follow up questions to our previous presentation on Qi (since we ran out of time.)

Here are our original notes not in linear order to how our talk unfolded:

(From Josh)

  • Lots of information and suggestions here. Can always go back and listen again. Don’t take my word for this, use it as a starting point for your own research.
  • Western medicine can be divided into two: Allopathic and Naturopathic. It’s said with Allopathy folks often die from the cure while with Naturopathy folks die from the ailment.
  • Western medicine is not an enemy. For immediate stuff like broken bones, accidents and heart attacks ER medicine is highly effective. It would be daunting to go up against trillions of dollars in doctors, pills, treatments, biotech and the power to lock down the planet pretty much overnight. Fighting something rarely helps change it. As the fifth verse of the Dhammapadda says, “Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-kindness. This is an ancient law.” I won’t advocate nor discourage lawsuits and protests but recommend other options, mostly from an individual level, especially starting off:
  • Must do your own research to be prepared if/when interacting with healthcare professionals. Without doing so it is perhaps like walking around telling everybody you can find out all kinds of stuff because you have access to a search engine, but you’d rather talk about this instead of actually using it for research. Research can lead to encouragement, empowerment and self-responsibility too.
  • Can then respectfully ask questions and present what you’ve learned to health care professionals and from a place of care and not concern. Care comes from thoughtfulness. Concern is derived from fear. It is possible to care without being concerned. And our attitude determines our attitude. Doctors are unlikely to be receptive if approached with a lack of respect and an agenda to denigrate and invalidate their industry and profession.
  • Other suggestions:
    • Western medicine is perhaps seeing the writing on the wall and increasingly adopting the idea of holistic medicine. Even if this is just lip service, if they have it in writing, even if it is vague, and you are informed about true holistic healthcare, you can hold them to it.
    • What we focus on we give energy to. So more time and focus on preventive care. And once issues are  known, direct more time and energy on positive treatments and solutions without expectations and attachments to particular outcomes.
    • Five daily reflections — sickness, old-age, death, separation and self-responsibility —  not as a bummer, but to align with the truth of how things are in reality currently. Aligning with truth supports happiness. Also help realize the value and preciousness of every moment.

1. I am of the nature to grow old.

2. I am of the nature to have ill health.

3. I am of the nature to die.

4. All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of nature to change. There is no way to escape being separated from them.

5. My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. Actions are the womb from which I have sprung.

  • Misc mentions:
    • An advanced microcosmic orbit may be to have the attention following up and down at the same time starting from both the head and the bottom instead of just one point going up and going down again. And even more advanced have this same thing going at the same time but in the opposite direction.
    • High blood pressure also from some pharmaceuticals and the White Coat Syndrome. Placebo and Nocebo Effects can maybe also play a role.
    • There’s also the central nervous system which I guess is more like the headquarters and there’s the peripheral nervous system which I’ve heard can sometimes be involved in sensing (more subtle) energies

Follow up questions we ran out of time for:

  • How do the mind, exercises, therapy, substances, cosmic energy and original essences interrelate?
  • Did any of the spiritual qigong teachings survive in texts, traditions, and/or societies?
  • Does experimental vs. experiential have to be a dialectic or dichotomy?
  • How exactly did Shifu Ji Ru develop the five breathing exercises?
  • Are there any (mythological) stories surrounding how various knowledges about Qi were discovered?

(From Denny)

  • FACT: lots of people died from COVID-19
    • As of February, about 498,000 deaths in United States (1.5% of total population, currently 3rd most likely cause of death after heart attacks and cancer)
  • FACT: not everyone who tested positive had a severe reaction to COVID
    • About 27.8M infected so far (about 8.5% of total population)
    • About 1 in 6 becomes seriously ill (i.e., 17% of infected has to be hospitalized)
    • Death rate is about 1.8% of total infected or about 10% of the hospitalized
  • FACT: those who became seriously ill and even death had a history of high blood pressure and related heart diseases
    • Report on data from China and US shows 30 to 50% of patients who had died from COVID have high BP
    • another report from Europe shows 76%
    • yet another report shows 99% have at least one of these conditions (high BP or heart-related, cancer, diabetes, or lung disease)
  • FACT: In the United States, we have reasonably good health systems, but one-third of our population (more than 100 million) have high BP. Most of those with high BP are seniors which are covered under Medicare so they are sufficiently medicated such that their BP is typically under control (but not cured!!!!)
  • Commonly known causes for high blood pressure 
    • High salt intake
    • Low ambient temperature
    • Smoker
    • High stress
      • “Flight or Fight”
      • Sympathetic autonomic nerve system activated
      • Cortisol in blood stream increasing heart rate
      • Adrenaline fatigue 
    • Not sufficient circulation, i.e., lack of blood and oxygen supply to vital organs causing heart rate to increase in order to compensate
  • FACT: western medicine often fix symptoms but not disease
  • Qi is Blood & Qi 血氣, blood is oxygen, Qi 氣 which is 气 + 米, i.e., air and rice, so what we call Qi is in fact the vitality of our 12 major organs, which are divided into three groupings. 
    • Above the diaphragm: including our heart and lung which are responsible for supplying blood and oxygen through the entire body
    • Between the diaphragm and our belly button: including stomach+spleen and liver+gallbladder, which are responsible for digestion, nutrients extraction and storage, and detoxification of our blood stream
    • Below the belly button: including our small and large intestines and kidney+bladder, responsible for digestion (fermentation), waste management and hormonal activation 
  • High blood pressure is not a sickness but a warning signal of deeper physical and mental problems (blockage of Qi means one or two of our vital organs are crying for help)
  • Treating high BP by eliminating only the symptoms is akin to manslaughter by dereliction of duty 
    • In the United States, our “Health Care” system is in fact “Sick Care”. 
  • More on Qi and the practice of Qi (addressing the addendum)
    • The 12 meridians corresponding to the 12 vital organs 
      • 6 originating in the fingers and 6 in the toes
      • Out of each set of 6, 3 are yin (receptive or the moon) and 3 are yang (active or the sun)
    • Two of the eight extraordinary meridians
      • The Conception vessel which is related to the 6 yin organs (pre natal)
      • The Governing vessel which is related to the 6 yang organs (post natal)
    • Science behind microcosmic orbit and abdominal breathing
    • Science between “patting” of meridians 

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