Addressing (CV) Fears

Wholeness! I trust anyone who comes across this blog post will find value in the following approaches to dealing with fear. If not, please reach out for assistance and/or keep searching. This post may be updated as new material presents itself. Please only take what is useful and helpful and discard the rest.

Tara Brach: Guided Reflection on Bringing RAIN to Fear

Tara Brach put together a free Pandemic Care Resources package which includes the above meditation.

World Peace Prayer via Energetic Synthesis

I lovingly command every function in my entire body to be fully directed in the intent, consent and authority of my highest expression, my Christ-Self, God-Self. All contents, structures and devices within my body and consciousness, known or unknown to me now are completely governed by the Law of One, in Cosmic Sovereign Law. I AM God-Sovereign-Free!

Energetic Synthesis March 2020 Newsleter

Free transcript of the Physical Health Upgrade meditation at

… cleanse your energy field throughout the day by saying silently or out loud: “May the energy I’m sensing from others be cleared away, transmuted completely, and return to Source now. And so it is.” 

~Matt Kahn

Phase I: Re-establish your equilibrium

Calm yourself using whatever strategy works best for you. Examples of how you might do this include focusing on your breath or your feet touching Earth. One person I know holds one hand with the other and imagines that the universe is embracing her; another calms herself by looking up at the sky. Next, name what’s going on and acknowledge that you’re upset. Can you identify the aspect of yourself that is upset? Allow the part of you that knows you’re upset to comfort the part that’s upset with compassion and loving-kindness.

Phase II: Remember your intentions

Once you’ve returned to equilibrium, reconnect with your intentions. As you begin to remember your intentions, you become less and less defined by the difficult experience. You have more clarity of mind; although it may not be clear to you what to do, you remember what you’re about. I call this “self-remembering.”

Phase III: Redirect your attention

Lastly, as your clarity returns and you re-engage with life from your intentions, begin to redirect your attention. What dharma insights can you apply to this difficult situation? For instance, you might reflect on the impersonal nature of life. Although you are having a personal experience, it is just causes and conditions that are creating this experience. This too is going to change because everything changes. Life is hard; therefore, it’s not a mistake that your life is hard in this moment. This insight alone can be a source of great comfort.

Self-Soothing during Difficult Times

All is Love. Fear is Illusion. All beings are Free. Truth can never be destroyed.
  • The Mantra of Infinite Courage:

Only transformation is happening to me

Denny and I did Corona-19, Hypertension And Qi | (2/23/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Denny K Miu)

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