Podcast | Lawyering Down, Kundalini-ing Up With Kara Bitar

On July 21st, Optimization Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Kara Bitar and I spoke about Kara’s journey from high powered lawyer to ill health to healing to teaching and coaching:

I hold a J.D. from Duke University School of Law and practiced high-stakes corporate litigation at one of the largest law firms in the Southeast.  I planned my whole life to be an attorney.  I graduated summa cum laude from Siena College. I went to Duke University School of Law on an academic scholarship and then was recruited by and did accept a job offer at one of the largest law firms in the southeast.  I had success at the firm, I was respected by my colleagues, I was on partnership track.  I had everything I thought I wanted, everything I planned and worked so hard for – money, success, the beautiful home.  Despite my success, I was unhappy.  It was the hardest decision I ever made, but I eventually left the firm and left behind everything I had worked so hard for.  I did not have a plan as to what my future would hold, but I wanted answers.  Did success have to come at a price?  Was living in states of depletion, stress and overwhelm just normal?  Did we have to watch our bodies deteriorate?  Was joy something that we experienced only in moments here and there?  I took me a number of years, a lot of research and experimentation, and many dark moments.  But I eventually found what I was looking for and transformed my life and I now help others do the same.  I do this through Optimization Coaching, Programs I developed, and Kundalini Yoga.  

I could have returned to the practice of law, but I now that I know we can live lives where we revel in ourselves and our own creativity, lives of fulfillment and joy –  I have made it my mission to share how to do this with others.

As a former litigator I am well spoken and I am passionate about what I now do, which comes across in interviews.  Some of the things I can share with listeners:  my story; how one can live an Optimized Life, a life where one is fulfilled, abundant, and healthy, even in this high-pressure fast-paced experience; the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and how this practice can fit into even the busiest of lifestyles; and how everyone has their own unique gifts and talents and how when one knows these and utilizes these one can live in states of energy and abundance.  

We also speak to:

  • the quest for finding answers about the possibility of feeling and experiencing life and self differently
  • feelings of guilt, failure and doubt
  • particulars of Kara’s early healing journey including much study and many modalities and irony of feeling worse

Kundalini yoga

  • I ask what is the kundalini snake and what do we do with it?
  • the immediate transformation of Kundalini yoga:
    • especially in relational areas of life
    • increased energy (for living), inspiration, worthiness, clarity of mind
    • some of the mystery of the subtle energetic realms and science of how Kundalini yoga works
    • insights on what did and didn’t work via retrospect and why
    • [correction on video version: Abhidhamma hasn’t been around for thousands and thousands of years, Wikipedia says from 3rd Century BCE]
    • what Kundalini yoga is including breath work, asana, sound currents, mantra, hand and eye positions, relaxation and meditation, kriyas to work on multiple levels including, emotional, energetic, mental, psychological, etc.


  • Kara’s optimization programs in order to have such a different experience than states of overwhelm, monotony, grind, dis-ease, fear, worry and unworthiness by learning who you are and how to function
  • identifying, awakening and fostering unique gifts, talents, abundance, energy, thriving, the inner teacher/internal guidance
  • how to tame and direct the mind to serve us not the other way around
  • unlearning, deprogramming, dropping unhelpful beliefs
  • returning to the truth of who we are
  • the highly efficient and effective nature of Kara’s programs suitable for those still in the more regular work/career world
  • prioritizing knowing thyself to benefit self and others

https://www.karanicolebitar.com for sessions, programs, livestream Kundalini yogi



Audio: Lawyering Down, Kundalini-ing Up With Kara Bitar

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