Podcast | Lawyering Down, Kundalini-ing Up With Kara Bitar

On July 21st, Optimization Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Kara Bitar and I spoke about Kara’s journey from high powered lawyer to ill health to healing to teaching and coaching:

I hold a J.D. from Duke University School of Law and practiced high-stakes corporate litigation at one of the largest law firms in the Southeast.  I planned my whole life to be an attorney.  I graduated summa cum laude from Siena College. I went to Duke University School of Law on an academic scholarship and then was recruited by and did accept a job offer at one of the largest law firms in the southeast.  I had success at the firm, I was respected by my colleagues, I was on partnership track.  I had everything I thought I wanted, everything I planned and worked so hard for – money, success, the beautiful home.  Despite my success, I was unhappy.  It was the hardest decision I ever made, but I eventually left the firm and left behind everything I had worked so hard for.  I did not have a plan as to what my future would hold, but I wanted answers.  Did success have to come at a price?  Was living in states of depletion, stress and overwhelm just normal?  Did we have to watch our bodies deteriorate?  Was joy something that we experienced only in moments here and there?  I took me a number of years, a lot of research and experimentation, and many dark moments.  But I eventually found what I was looking for and transformed my life and I now help others do the same.  I do this through Optimization Coaching, Programs I developed, and Kundalini Yoga.  

I could have returned to the practice of law, but I now that I know we can live lives where we revel in ourselves and our own creativity, lives of fulfillment and joy –  I have made it my mission to share how to do this with others.

As a former litigator I am well spoken and I am passionate about what I now do, which comes across in interviews.  Some of the things I can share with listeners:  my story; how one can live an Optimized Life, a life where one is fulfilled, abundant, and healthy, even in this high-pressure fast-paced experience; the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and how this practice can fit into even the busiest of lifestyles; and how everyone has their own unique gifts and talents and how when one knows these and utilizes these one can live in states of energy and abundance.  

We also speak to:

  • the quest for finding answers about the possibility of feeling and experiencing life and self differently
  • feelings of guilt, failure and doubt
  • particulars of Kara’s early healing journey including much study and many modalities and irony of feeling worse

Kundalini yoga

  • I ask what is the kundalini snake and what do we do with it?
  • the immediate transformation of Kundalini yoga:
    • especially in relational areas of life
    • increased energy (for living), inspiration, worthiness, clarity of mind
    • some of the mystery of the subtle energetic realms and science of how Kundalini yoga works
    • insights on what did and didn’t work via retrospect and why
    • [correction on video version: Abhidhamma hasn’t been around for thousands and thousands of years, Wikipedia says from 3rd Century BCE]
    • what Kundalini yoga is including breath work, asana, sound currents, mantra, hand and eye positions, relaxation and meditation, kriyas to work on multiple levels including, emotional, energetic, mental, psychological, etc.


  • Kara’s optimization programs in order to have such a different experience than states of overwhelm, monotony, grind, dis-ease, fear, worry and unworthiness by learning who you are and how to function
  • identifying, awakening and fostering unique gifts, talents, abundance, energy, thriving, the inner teacher/internal guidance
  • how to tame and direct the mind to serve us not the other way around
  • unlearning, deprogramming, dropping unhelpful beliefs
  • returning to the truth of who we are
  • the highly efficient and effective nature of Kara’s programs suitable for those still in the more regular work/career world
  • prioritizing knowing thyself to benefit self and others

https://www.karanicolebitar.com for sessions, programs, livestream Kundalini yogi



Audio: Lawyering Down, Kundalini-ing Up With Kara Bitar

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of this podcast:

okay homeless welcome this is josh dippled of integrating presents and today i’ve got

kara batar with me kara how’s it going good how about you so happy to be here

ah i’m doing well thanks for joining um so as folks might know who listened to this uh watch this and or watch this um

i like to toss it back to guests to have them introduce themselves so who is cara bataran what kind of work do

you do so i am a former litigator i worked at one of the largest law firms in the

southeast in high stakes corporate litigation and a graduate of duke law and i worked

my whole life to become an attorney and now i am an optimization coach

i work with people to help them live really their highest healthiest and happiest versions of themselves i do

that through programs i developed and i also teach kundalini yoga

wow well that it’s a great uh it’s i guess maybe that shows some of your lawyer training is very concise clear

and to the point right and yeah so well i mean this is fascinating uh and i’ve

a few guests i’ve had on too i’ve noticed things about this where they’ve they’ve

had found really great success in what the world kind of told them

you know the options just the regular standard world has offered them and what they say would make them happy and

successful and you know and it turned out that they they did have some success in that but

it it’s ultimately not what they were after and looking for so i’m kind of interested in

um what seems relevant about your your law school journey

and that story expanding on that however you’d like um yeah i don’t know where to really

probe into this right now but i i feel that you would know what’s relevant to say about this right

yeah so so yeah my i think my experience is probably going to be somewhat similar to

some of the other people that you’ve spoken to so i when i was in fifth grade i decided that

i was going to be an attorney and i worked really hard to that end like i was really committed to it i

um you know graduated high school highest honors i graduated summa laude from college i published in

college as an undergraduate i went on to do law i published while i was there and then i was recruited by

and i did take a job with one of the largest law firms in the southeast and so

at that law firm i was doing really significant legal work

i felt really appreciated and respected by my colleagues i was also doing a lot of pro bono work

for victims of domestic violence and i was eventually named head of that project and so um

yeah i was making a lot of money um i had this really charming house in the

city and i had like two cute dogs and i had like you know i was married i have a husband and i had this beautiful

wardrobe and i could like go on vacations and like so i think um

if you were to look at my life you would say well you accomplished

everything you set out to do and it was like i did everything that i that i had decided i was going to do

like i did it and um you know if you

were to look at my life on paper it just looked like it was like perfect like i had everything

and sorry if you hear that snorting i have a little dog right here next to me she just snorted really loudly

um so it looked like i had really everything and i had everything that i

thought i wanted i had everything that i worked so hard for and that i had planned for and so i’m in this job

and i am so deeply unhappy like so deeply unhappy and i don’t know why

like i don’t know why because it’s like it’s it’s confusing in a way it’s like wait a second

i have everything that i worked for but more than that i have everything that everybody told me was going to make me

happy right like i have everything that like kind of society and like this experience is looking at going like these are the things you want right this

is like what it is for you to do and when you get that you know and you know it wasn’t like i was in

this like great happy state during college or law school like i wasn’t but

i had this thing of like but once i make it right it’s like once i get these things that we’re told are so important

and then are gonna make us happy then i’ll be happy right and so then i get there and i have all of them

and i’m so deeply unhappy i feel so incredibly unfulfilled even though

you could argue i was doing significant work and it was so confusing it’s like wait a

second i have everything and and you know people probably have situations in the

law world or in many jobs where they’re in jobs where maybe they don’t feel appreciated or they don’t feel respected

or they have these issues with like the people they work for like i didn’t have any of that i felt very appreciated felt very

respected i i really loved the people that i worked with and so

and so yeah so that was the situation i found myself in and

it was like i blamed myself for it

like something’s wrong with me right that i can’t just i have all these things and

here i am so unhappy right um and it was like i kept trying to make

things work like i kept trying to to to make myself happy in a way and i kept

but it was like nothing nothing worked nothing made me feel fulfilled nothing really

it was like nothing was working and so eventually it was just like i just felt like some

something has to give like this this cannot be what life is like there has to be

more like and so you know there was this part of me that was like there isn’t

more like this is it you know and it’s it’s not good but there was something in me

that was like no there has to be more and i have to i want to know i need to know i need to know if there’s more

and so it took me quite frankly years but i eventually left that job and

i i didn’t leave it with this great state of clarity again i left it with this like

i don’t know why i’m so unhappy but this job is like the biggest thing in my life i mean like we did work a lot like it

was high stress you know and so it was like this seems to be the thing that has to give and

i did something too that um yeah i don’t know if anybody at the firm has ever done it which is i i left without a plan

i did not know what i was going to do next and like listen i had a great resume i was well connected if i want to

get another job i could have but there was again there was this thing in me being like if you do that it’s going to

be different faces different places and you’re going to feel the same and so

so yeah i left this job and this career that i’d worked for and planned for my whole life

and i left it with without a plan and uh

talking a little bit before the show or chatting a little bit we have um similar yet different paths too i was in

the corporate market marketing world and while i could see that you know a a big lavish lifestyle

wasn’t for me and then that that wasn’t going to be fulfilling especially for me

i had the the opposite or the uh a different well kind of opposite where i yeah i didn’t feel respected right and

um so this was uh but then i i ended in left without a

plan too because i knew that that track wasn’t for me as well but you

know that you’re the guest here and so i’m not going to go into any further

details on that right now i’d like to know about this transition between of

this letting go this kind of you know

it’s uh one of the metaphors i’ve heard from a teacher that i used to follow more closely is you have to get off one

train completely before you get on another train a different train right now i hear some stories of how

people will you know have everything kind of planned with their transition but that was definitely not the case for

me either just just leaving without a plan yep so i guess especially the emotional

what what do you feel would be relevant to share emotionally with that maybe some

relationships and maybe support systems i i feel

um it could be relevant here too as well as that and just kind of what

the transition process was like for you yeah so

so when i left that job there was a part of me that was like okay you’re gonna leave this job and you’re never gonna have

anything to do ever for the rest of your life right because like this is all i knew um and then there was this other part of

me that was like you know give me two weeks away from all of this stress and all of this pressure and like i’ll

figure something out right so the two week thing didn’t happen um

what happened was i i left the job and a couple things happened that really

surprised me and the first was i realized i was not in a good state of health my it was like when that stress

went away it was like my body really showed me here’s the state of your health actually

like here’s what’s actually happening in your body and really what i you know now knows it was like i had been operating

on adrenaline probably most of my life that was the thing that was getting me up in the morning that was the thing

that was driving me not this like passion for life right and so and so when that stress and that job

went away and i stopped kind of living on that adrenaline it was like i completely crashed and i went from

being able to operate at this like super high level and do all of this stuff to feeling like i couldn’t even drive

somewhere i just had no energy my body ached everywhere um health problems i

had had since i was a child it was like they seemed to get way worse and so i find

myself in this really poor state of health and this surprised me because even though i was working a lot i woke

up at 4 a.m every morning and i did yoga i made my lunches and i brought them to

work so i could have something healthy to eat i ran on the weekends or whenever i had time like i was i tried to

stay healthy um but the thing that happened that surprised me even more and this is

something that you touched on which is when that job went away you would think

like okay i’ve i’m not in that job anymore but i

did all of those things like i have that resume i have that degree from duke law i i worked at one

of these big firms like i did it all and i left of my own volition

and so you’d think that would give me some sense of like worth and value

but when that job went away it was like every shred of what i thought i had of

like worth and value it just went right with it and so i felt terrible about myself i mean like

worse than i realized i could feel about myself i felt like i was just nothing

and so that was the state i found myself in after i left this job

and so i made the decision i’m going to give everything i have all of my resources all of my time all of my

energy everything to finding answers i’m going to give everything i have to finding

can i heal my body i’m going to give everything defining like can i feel differently about life can i

have a different experience of life can i have a different experience of myself

and so that’s what i did

it’s it’s really beautiful a similar type thing too when i started the daily meditation

practice um so much stuff was coming up that i had no idea that was uh buried for so long

and that came up to be seen and healed and there was plenty of weeping during that but it was okay because i was by

myself but that then you know shortly uh or alongside of that was this

uh one having to know things you know it was just like oh my goodness it was just

but so many possibilities opened up but then all these questions came and i

was just so driven to finding answers to these and i was so glad that i i spent time

doing that um as well and the answers came to me but just to share here that uh now i find that

some of those answers were very satisfying but in the this how beautiful life is that they’re only part of the

picture too we can get so many different answers and you know it’s kind of boundless the uh amount of progression

we can keep going but rewinding again here to that yeah it’s like

that house had to be burned down completely before something else could be built in its place right and the

foundation kind of ripped up and it is not pleasant at all you know um

uh so but it’s almost necessary with with something like this right uh i

feel i mean maybe there’s other ways around it but if it could have happened any other way it would have

so it it is just a beautiful uh uh inspiring thing for me actually as as

as heart uh wrenching as it is that it feels to me too hearing your story there’s the kind of

silver lining or the polarity of that you know that’s the way it was

meant to be with this yeah yeah and um yeah and you’re right

like i i just didn’t you know i didn’t see at the time what was happening you know i

didn’t know at the time and like i felt like a failure i felt guilty i felt like

all these things you know and it’s like i’m looking at the people who are still in the job like why didn’t i why why

couldn’t have i just done that and just stayed and just you know and but you’re right

you know i was i didn’t see it at the time but like you

know when we make a decision that we want answers to something we get them right like i love how you i

loved how to you use the word boundless i think that’s such a

accurate word to like what is available to us

and um so again at the time i felt totally like

i felt lost and all these things but i did i made this very powerful decision

not knowing i made it you know what i mean not knowing at the time what i was doing but it’s like i made this decision

like i want answers and i did get them and i did get that

guidance and that everything that i needed now it didn’t come right away from me so for for me

i spent a year and a half doing this like full-time like i was um

taking programs i was like researching i was reading i was doing all these different diets and cleanses and like i

bought a sauna i did floats i learned how to make flower remedies i learned how to do human design readings i um

i trained in a number of modalities um became certified in them i worked in a clinic where like you know working with

these modalities on people to see the impact and so for a year and a half i did this

like this is all i did and at the year and a half mark i found myself in this was shocking worse health

than i was before and i also found myself feeling worse

because it was like you know when i was in my job there was

this part of me that was like if you leave this there’s never gonna be anything else for you ever but there was this other part of me that was like

but if you tried right like you haven’t even tried like if you tried there would be something else right and

so now i’m in this place where it’s like i’ve tried i have left everything behind

i mean i i i ended up too like i mean i didn’t have this job anymore so i um i moved right like i didn’t keep the same

house that i had and um it was like i had left everything behind

and given everything i had to finding answers and here i am

feeling like i do not have the answers feeling worse about myself feeling like my health is worse

and so there was a part of me that was like just go back and practice law like you

know like you’ve tried um at least then you were making money you know and it really was the darkest

one of the darkest times of my life because it was like this this time of like this thing that i’m searching for

it doesn’t exist and life just isn’t that great do you know what i mean

it dark night of the soul classic dark knight so and we can have multiples multiple years too yeah

yeah and go ahead yeah but like at the time for me i like

didn’t know what to me i’m just like okay here i am like failing again

and i left everything and here i am you know just i just didn’t have that knowing june i mean i just didn’t

i didn’t have that knowing in me yet that and and this is where our you know the well first off the amount of

programming that goes in that we have to undo and unlearn and i can’t even really imagine without

the law background how how intense intensive that type of programming is

and so unlearning that letting go of that allowing just the house of cards

kind of to come down and collapse and how devastating it can feel

but that devastation that silver lining with that is it can reveal deep truths within us

when it’s not judged as much uh i feel um now it just it it feels so

real these things right but a lot of times there it’s there’s not truth

in the fact that we think we’re failures or things like this it feels that way

but it’s not true and and now we talk about like

on my path like something like what i’m doing really didn’t exist right and so

and then kind of had to create it ourselves so would you like to talk a little bit about kind of the um i guess building up

to what you’re doing now after after that how you found that and how

you uh design i guess the transition into and then we can start talking about some of the the

kundalini yoga and i have a little bit of specific um questions i guess on that and then these

optimization programs as well yeah so i

obviously did not go back to the practice law i kept going there was i listened to that keep going you know i

was like there’s this thing in me that was just like keep going and so i did and one day i

tried a kundalini yoga class didn’t know kundalini yoga was never heard of it um

and the class while i was doing it quite frankly it seemed really odd like i was like oh this is what my life

has become wonderful but um after that class i felt i felt different like i like noticeably

different and so it was enough that i was like i’m gonna keep taking these classes and so the i kept taking classes the more classes i

took the better i felt and so then i went and i got trained um

to teach kundalini yoga not to teach it but i just was like i want to know what is this thing

that is really changing my life like why am i feeling so much better because like

uh the more i did come to my yoga it was like the aches and pains in my body started to go away

i started to feel energized like energized not energized because i drank caffeine or energized like i started to

feel just energized like energized by life i started to feel really inspired like

this kind of inspiration and creativity started to flow through me that i really hadn’t experienced before

um and so oh and the other thing that happened was i i started to feel

this sense of worthiness not from anything that i was doing just

because of who i was and so when i got trained in this and the more i did it

the more i benefited from it and the more i started to understand oh this is why this is working

and i quite frankly i don’t think we totally know why kundalini yoga works i think we have some sense i don’t think we’ve actually gotten up with yet why it

completely works we know some reasons why it works they all seemed so logical they made so much sense to me there were

things that i didn’t know about before um but then what happened is it was like

as i was doing kundalini yoga it’s like now i’m getting this clarity of mind and now i’m feeling inspired

and now and really what kundalini yoga was doing i didn’t realize it at the time but it was

tapping me into me into who i was and so as i tapped more and more into

who i was into the you know the creativity that i held within the knowing that i held within

and i started to get this very like clear mind i was able to look back on

all of those other things that i’ve done and i was able to see oh this is why like this didn’t work

this is why this didn’t really move the dial for me and then i was able to to be like okay

well what does work and why does it work and so it’s like i was

able to just with really tapping into myself then i was able to take myself to even

greater levels of transformation it was like i started to watch my entire life

transform my relationship with my body my relationship with myself my relationship with my husband like

my experience of this world it was like everything just started to really

transform and so it was really from that that space and with that understanding

that i started to kind of be like well wait a second if like if this worked for me

what would happen if i shared this with other people would would they get a result too and so then i started to do that

and as i started to do that i started to see oh they’re getting results too this really works um that’s where i then

developed my programs and that’s what led me into what i’m currently doing now and i have to say it has surprised me

like talk about someone who’s had like a plan their whole life you know and then it’s like now i’m doing this thing that

wow didn’t see this coming you know it really is cool and i

go back to the it seems like one of the cores of this at least is and and i’ve seen this so

much too is with the feminine the sense of worthiness i mean it’s just that is so key

and when the the payoff of finding that that worthiness is

creativity and so however the feminine finds that worthiness that it seems so very

central right and it’s just amazing uh gift and reward of

how that flourishes into creativity yeah i’ll just give some background here

um i had uh daily or no weekly yoga practice to support my meditation

practice probably from around somewhere in 2013 to right

when the this um kovi thing started i kind of stopped them and transitioned

more to jinjing and and qigong and i did take

one kundalini yoga class for sure if not two and that’s what the teacher said right away is one of the reasons he got

into it is he felt i think he was an ex-addict though but he said he felt high like naturally

and i noticed the amount of intensity involved with it and kind of just fire

energy it was it was different than the other types of yoga that i had done for sure

so you you know i thought it was fascinating when you said um we don’t really know how it works and

that’s i’ve heard so many different things you know so i’m like well what is this kundalini snake in the

spine you know um how does it work and what do we do with it you know

so i i’ve heard so many things i’d be interested in hearing your take on that yeah so

it’s like i really think that the the yogis and the yogic scientists and that tradition they really were tapped into

the subtle realms and so it’s very different from our kind of modern science

right and they’re really tapped into those subtle realms and understanding the body in those energetic

from those energetic places and again those subtle realms right and so it’s

like we have scientific we have some scientific studies that show that kundalini yoga works that it’s effective

like they’ve studied certain meditations um and so we know that they’re effective

but it’s so interesting it’s like there’s a meditation for that um it works on the brain and

um it’s recommended now if you go into like alzheimer’s like websites like they actually recommend this meditation

because there have been studies done showing this can help prevent alzheimer’s right so it’s so interesting

though if you read into it it’s like it’s like the studies based like this works but like we don’t know why you

know what i mean it’s kind of like and they found um you know they have some hypotheses and um

they there’s a mantra that’s used with this meditation and they they found that if they don’t

use the mantra then they don’t have the it’s not effective they use the mantra it is effective right so it’s like it’s almost like in

the in the kind of the realm we’re in it’s kind of like we we understand that this works but we don’t we’re not

totally clear on why um and so i do think that modern science what i

would say is we’re actually catching up to what the yogis knew absolutely and i tell

people this a lot of times with neuroscience is study the abi dhamma so

this is uh advanced um psychology in the buddhist tradition

right and they had all this stuff mapped out in my new detail thousands and thousands of years ago

um so you’re welcome to go and in any what some people would call woo because i’ve done plenty of that on here too yes

science cannot do that right now anything like that is off the table um

you know there’s pros and cons to that as well um but yeah so i mean you’re welcome to go into that or we can also

go into the um the optimization and well and uh just for people not familiar with

kundalini yoga i guess uh you could also tell folks like what is kundalini yoga

and how it differs from regular yoga and maybe how you teach it too yeah

so um i think what people so there’s a lot of different types of yoga and i think what

people generally associate with yoga is like a form of yoga which is like the

postures and the poses right um again there’s a lot of variety though

in yoga which you you’re probably familiar with as you’ve i’ve seen yes remind people this is just the asana

practice and most yogas are a lot of different yogas there’s eight different limbs but in the west it seems like a

big focus on just the asana our postures loses uh limb exactly that’s exactly right yeah

and so kundalini yoga it does use postures and poses however those postures and poses

they vary quite a bit and they’re going to some of them you’ll see something that might look familiar to you if you’re

used to doing like hatha yoga a number of them are going to look quite different um so it does use postures and poses um

it also uses a lot of different types of breath work so there’s a number of different types of breathing that we do

in kundalini yoga it utilizes hand positions and eye positions because our hands are

connected to parts of the brain that we can like stimulate the pituitary gland with the use of the eyes we can stimulate the brain with eye positions

it uses sound currents so it uses mantra so there’s chanting in kundalini yoga

it also uses meditation and relaxation and so if you were to go into a kundalini yoga

class it does look quite different it’s a very very dynamic

practice there’s a lot going on um and then kundalini yoga also uses

what are called kriyas and if you could almost see these as like a recipe it’s like they’re putting together certain

postures and poses and breath work and hand positions and eye positions and meditation and mantra and breathing

and they’re like put together in this very specific way to create a specific result

and so what kundalini yoga is doing with all of this is it’s working on

all levels of our beingness so we’re dynamic and complex beings and so it’s working from a physical level

and it’s doing some really critical things at that physical level like it’s working the nervous system is working the endocrine system

and that i found was a game changer for me because if you actually want to be and

kind of exist at different states of beingness like where you feel good you’ve you’ve got to have the nervous system and

endocrine system that can go there with you um and so it’s working on the physical body it’s also working you from a mental

level so it’s working on the mind it’s helping one to learn how to control and direct their mind

it’s also using different practices to rid you of old subconscious like programs and patterns and

beliefs it’s working on an emotional level so it’s helping you deal with suppressed emotions and let those go and

release them it’s helping you deal with current emotions and then it’s working on an energetic level so when we’re

talking about like the chakras we’re talking about the electromagnetic field um it’s working on that level too and so

it’s really it’s like doing all of this at one time and so i think like when i think of kundalini

yoga it’s like a lot of bang for the buck right because like doing all this at one time and once i started to understand the

practice more it was like oh well now i understand why this is having

this really kind of massive impact on me like why is this having why is this changing

me so like why is this helping me so much like oh well it’s doing all of these things at one time

right on yes and then just the more and more we progress we’ll be able to tap in you know on all those different levels

and just have more and more details of how all that stuff works specifically

right and then some people even talk about the unseen and the things that normal people are

normal whatever that means regular people can’t see but with inner sight things become even you know more

detailed more apparent um so what about this optimization coaching

how do you work with people with this how did you design some of these programs yeah so i

so this really was like okay i realized like we can have such a different experience like we have such a

different experience and but it’s like how do we do that how do we have this different experience and

and what it really boils down to what i learned is like we have to know who we are and how we function

and it sounds so simple right and most people be like well i know who i am and i know how i function and i would say if

you’re living in states of stress of overwhelm of monotony if you’re living in states where life feels like a grind

if you’re living in states of disease um if you’re living in states of worry and fear and unworthiness you actually

don’t understand who you are and how you function you have misunderstandings about that and so when i realized like okay this is

this is where it’s at and it’s so interesting too right because like i’m highly educated i spent a long time

being educated and yet i didn’t understand me

i didn’t understand who i was i didn’t understand how i functioned i didn’t understand that i held within me

unique gifts and talents and when i used those then i stepped into abundance and that’s how i actually got my energy i

didn’t realize that i was structured to thrive in certain ways i didn’t realize that i had internal

guidance within me showing me all the time what the thing for me was right and so

there and so this is what my programs are about they’re about you knowing you and

i also didn’t understand how my mind and my thoughts work i didn’t understand how to control and direct my mind i just

felt run around by it that’s a lot of people do it’s like oh please can i just make my mind stop it’s like that’s not

gonna happen okay so so it’s not even happening in meditation and that’s not the point of meditation right so it’s about

understanding well how do i control and direct my mind and use it to serve me in powerful ways and so

my programs that’s what they’re about you understanding you you doing a deep dive into you

and that takes something and it takes something because of like you touched on before it’s like we are living from

these false senses of self we’ve taken on all of these beliefs that are not true that are not the truth of who we

are we’ve been programmed in a sense out that is not expressive of who we are

and we haven’t been living from what i call the truth of who we are and so it takes something to then come

back to that and so that’s what my programs are about and i

i structured them and the other thing about my programs that was really important to me was i structured them

such that if i was still practicing law i could do these programs and benefit from them

so they’re structured to be highly efficient and effective and work with even the busiest of

schedules that was really important to me because it’s like is arm can most people just do what like i did or what

maybe you’d like it sounds like what you did can they just up and leave their job in many instances they’re not going to

do that right this is great i love that that kind of

attitude and uh method of approach too and it’s so important obviously the know thyself you

know this classic axiom from just ancient axiom that’s so important and i

also love how you and talked about kind of awakening this inner teacher too and that’s what seems like uh kind of

the programs you’ve designed and the coaching you offer too will give people this um

i guess development to be able for that inner teacher to wake up within themselves

and that is ultimately kind of our ultimate teacher right uh

when that comes from within and this seems like a great support for that as well all right on

so um i guess i’m gonna give you the last word here

any kind of messages that you’d like to or what whatever you’d like to leave the audience with and then also you can talk

about where people can find you online your website social media if you have any

kind of events coming up um any courses planned or anything else you’d like to

mention yeah great so what i would um like to leave people with is

i know we are told all of these different things that should be our priorities right

and i would say make your absolute number one priority

to know yourself and to be who you are make that your absolute number one priority

it’s like we have this idea of like all these other things are told to us to be our priority and i there is nothing more

powerful than you being you everything you want is with you being you and when you are being you you don’t

just benefit yourself that’s where you really benefit the world and so what i would offer to people is make that

you knowing you your absolute number one priority

and the other thing for in terms of my work so if you want to work with me

or get in touch with me my website’s kara nicole batard.com that’s k-a-r-a-n

and i’m also on instagram and facebook at cara nicole batar and um on my website you can sign up for

live streamed kundalini yoga classes you can sign up for my programs and i

also do these really unique sessions that i also include in my programs uh they set forth your gifts and talents

how you’re structured to thrive and they also set forth like if you have certain

um kind of things you just find like keep repeating in your life like i keep having issues with money i keep having

issues with relationships i do a session that sets forth why that those things keep happening in

your life and so again my programs are really about efficiency and effectiveness and that’s

why i include these sessions and the work that i do because they give you a ton of information at

one time and then you can have it and use it for the rest of your life well very cool it was a a pleasure honor

and enjoy having you on today so much for having me you’re welcome and

may you all um i wish you all the most ideal and optimal uh

self-knowledge and discovery and knowing for yourself and for

the liberation and well-being of all beings everywhere bye-bye

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