Podcast | Feeling Feelings With Ann Hince

Professional speaker, author & spiritual teacher Ann Hince and I chat about various topics surrounding feelings, awareness, healing and the body:

  • Ann’s story and bio
  • being introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

When I was 19, I woke one morning to find my mother dead face down in our bathroom. Twenty years later the tears from that trauma were still just under the surface.

It took one 15 minute session with a strange technique to remove the charge from that event and be able to tell the story with no emotion. That one session set me on a journey to not only release the trauma from past memories, but to get beyond that, into the subconscious mind to release tension stored deep in my body, simply using the power of my awareness.

Much of the time, society tells us, and therefore we tell ourselves, that we shouldn’t be feeling what we are feeling. I have found that seeking out our truth, what we truly feel, and accepting those feelings, is the key to inner peace.

Once we change our inside, our outside changes.
As within, so without.

  • experiences working with EFT
  • me theorizing on physical tapping prompting and signaling one to feel the body
  • practicing with qi and meridians with Denny K Miu
  • [me brain farting and Freudian slipping]
  • Ann’s story about using EFT to overcome a fear of needing to inject her cat [which I wonder, but did not ask — and without implying and applying to Ann’s actions — is it possible to use this (and/or in other similar) technique(s) (or in conjunction with other methods) to bypass a healthy ethical reluctance to preform a questionable action?]
  • how addressing an area of avoidance in the body can initially be perceived as a non-feeling void and then open into pain
  • Ann’s version of (non)meditation
  • feeling feelings
  • how EFT could apply to a current blockage
  • holding and releasing tension
  • using EFT on collective trauma
  • kundalini and internal body awareness
  • insight

“Who knows, knows who knows. Who knows knows who doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know doesn’t know who doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know doesn’t know who knows.”

[or another translation:]

One who sees
sees who sees,
sees who doesn’t.
One who doesn’t see
see who sees
or who doesn’t.

Theragatha Stanza 61 – Saying of the Elder Vappa
  • (the sound of) internal tension in the fascia releasing and gradually rebalancing physical components and x-rays showing this
  • breath and subtle body awareness
  • noticing and relating how others breath and posture
  • various levels of awareness illustrated with group explaining their experiences of Ann playing charka tones
  • feeling (into) truth
  • using law of attraction not so much for manifestation but as a evolutionary tool for understanding
  • healing triggers
  • cellular and crystal holding memory
  • weeping as release
  • deeper awareness facilitating deeper healing
  • facing pain
  • programming to resist and avoid fear and pain
  • (self)honesty
  • changing the/our world with releasing tension to reveal light, to let go of trauma, to let go of fearing the future, and to release burdens
  • depth of life
  • those who see, those who don’t see and those who see once they’re shown
  • pushing away, healing feelings around relationships, drifting apart, and status change in relationships as well as how observing others can reveal internal material to address
  • Ann’s book A Pathway To Insight
  • https://annhince.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/AnnHinceWisdom
  • Ann’s Youtube Channel

Related book: Hands of Light: A GUIDE TO HEALING THROUGH THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD By Barbara Ann Brennan

Audio: Internal Body Awareness Healing With Ann Hince

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