Podcast | Feeling Feelings With Ann Hince

Professional speaker, author & spiritual teacher Ann Hince and I chat about various topics surrounding feelings, awareness, healing and the body:

  • Ann’s story and bio
  • being introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

When I was 19, I woke one morning to find my mother dead face down in our bathroom. Twenty years later the tears from that trauma were still just under the surface.

It took one 15 minute session with a strange technique to remove the charge from that event and be able to tell the story with no emotion. That one session set me on a journey to not only release the trauma from past memories, but to get beyond that, into the subconscious mind to release tension stored deep in my body, simply using the power of my awareness.

Much of the time, society tells us, and therefore we tell ourselves, that we shouldn’t be feeling what we are feeling. I have found that seeking out our truth, what we truly feel, and accepting those feelings, is the key to inner peace.

Once we change our inside, our outside changes.
As within, so without.

  • experiences working with EFT
  • me theorizing on physical tapping prompting and signaling one to feel the body
  • practicing with qi and meridians with Denny K Miu
  • [me brain farting and Freudian slipping]
  • Ann’s story about using EFT to overcome a fear of needing to inject her cat [which I wonder, but did not ask — and without implying and applying to Ann’s actions — is it possible to use this (and/or in other similar) technique(s) (or in conjunction with other methods) to bypass a healthy ethical reluctance to preform a questionable action?]
  • how addressing an area of avoidance in the body can initially be perceived as a non-feeling void and then open into pain
  • Ann’s version of (non)meditation
  • feeling feelings
  • how EFT could apply to a current blockage
  • holding and releasing tension
  • using EFT on collective trauma
  • kundalini and internal body awareness
  • insight

“Who knows, knows who knows. Who knows knows who doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know doesn’t know who doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know doesn’t know who knows.”

[or another translation:]

One who sees
sees who sees,
sees who doesn’t.
One who doesn’t see
see who sees
or who doesn’t.

Theragatha Stanza 61 – Saying of the Elder Vappa
  • (the sound of) internal tension in the fascia releasing and gradually rebalancing physical components and x-rays showing this
  • breath and subtle body awareness
  • noticing and relating how others breath and posture
  • various levels of awareness illustrated with group explaining their experiences of Ann playing charka tones
  • feeling (into) truth
  • using law of attraction not so much for manifestation but as a evolutionary tool for understanding
  • healing triggers
  • cellular and crystal holding memory
  • weeping as release
  • deeper awareness facilitating deeper healing
  • facing pain
  • programming to resist and avoid fear and pain
  • (self)honesty
  • changing the/our world with releasing tension to reveal light, to let go of trauma, to let go of fearing the future, and to release burdens
  • depth of life
  • those who see, those who don’t see and those who see once they’re shown
  • pushing away, healing feelings around relationships, drifting apart, and status change in relationships as well as how observing others can reveal internal material to address
  • Ann’s book A Pathway To Insight
  • https://annhince.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/AnnHinceWisdom
  • Ann’s Youtube Channel

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Audio: Internal Body Awareness Healing With Ann Hince

Experimental and unedited transcript (attempt) of this podcast via assemblyai.com:

wholeness welcome this is josh dipple from integratingpresence.com today i have ann hintz with me
is this how you say your last name right hence it is yes rhymes with prince
so again like the last interview i did um [Music] i’m just going to throw it over to ann
here to introduce herself and talk a little bit about her life and story and her work and since
this is because we we really haven’t really got to know each other all that well and it will be kind of fresh and
new for me to hear what she has to say um to me on the show and to all of you
who are listening so ann hi yeah right i mean i i know it’s
pretty vague and kind of a um you know not much guidance given here but you’ll
see pretty quick how we connect the different type of work that we do in the similarities
yes absolutely okay so i am i’m
english i i was born in england i live in california i’m a mom i’m a wife i’ve been a
stay-at-home mom for years i was a software engineer but at this point i’ve done a lot of
inner work and have developed some abilities that i didn’t know were possible 10 or so years ago
so i’ve been able to put my awareness inside my body and shift my skull bones
into more of an aligned position and i’ve grown half an inch as a half as a 55 year old which i think is pretty
unusual i’ve not heard of that before so i want people to know that this is possible and i want people
to know how to do it
all right so well i mean i’m being led perfectly here how did you do that ann
okay well it was a long process um so i had a lot of trauma in childhood
you know a lot of us do and i was born with my right foot up against my right shin so the first six
weeks of life i had physical therapy then i was adopted into a family that
had just experienced a trauma because they had adopted an older boy a boy who
they’d had for two years then they adopted another little girl and they had her for six months and then the birth
mother changed her mind and took her away again and i was the replacement into the family
for that daughter that they had just lost so that in itself i know was subconscious trauma and then you know
other things happen we moved around the world as a nine-year-old we lived in hong kong and i was sent to boarding
school in england and a boys boarding school i was the first girl boarder at a boys boarding
school so i was teased horrifically for two years and then in my teenage years both
parents became alcoholics my dad had anger issues i learned how to walk on eggshells so i didn’t disturb anything
and when i was 19 i woke up one morning and found my mother dead in the bathroom so that was kind of like the big trauma
and i don’t know how to deal with it i don’t think a lot of us do i just did the same thing i had always done and
that was just suppress or repress all those feelings and just carried on with life
so i moved out to california when i was 21 was a software engineer had a family
and it wasn’t until i was in my late 30s i was a stay-at-home mom with two young boys and i had a small business
altercation with a couple of other mothers and my mind just span out of control it
just went over and over what had happened because they thought i’d done something wrong i didn’t think i’d done
something wrong but my mind wouldn’t let it go and i couldn’t sleep for a couple of days and
that’s when i realized oh i think there’s something maybe from childhood that i haven’t looked at yet that i need
to do something with so it was around that time frame a little bit after that that i went to a
doctor’s appointment he was a holistic physician and he recognized that i was more
stressed than i should be and he asked me on a scale of zero through 10 how stressed i was and it was an eight and
then he asked me why and it was that question that made me realize it was finding my mother which
was now two decades earlier because the tears were still just under the surface
so he used this technique with me it’s called eft short for emotional freedom technique it’s also called tapping
so he tapped with me for about 15 minutes about my mother’s death and i walked away from that appointment being
able to tell the story of her death in my mind to myself without the tears there anymore
and that was the first time i realized that we store the memories and the emotions physically in our body
and we can just let them go so to me that was eye-opening
have you ever heard of eft i have it’s um that is an amazing story and
an outcome too you know denny mew and i sometimes teach a thing
on insight timer and it’s um a a chi boot camp and part of it involves
meridian tapping i guess that’s one of the ways he calls it so along different meridians there’ll be different tapping
points and is this as well now it seems like the emotional freedom technique
um involves a cycle a huge psychological element to that as well not just just
the physicality thing is that correct well the psychological element would be that
we’re bringing words into it we’re talking things through but only the reason we’re doing that is to bring the
emotions into the body right to bring the memories back into the body and we’re tapping then to let the emotion or
the stuck energy out of the body so there’s kind of two aspects to it if you’re already feeling really emotional
about something you don’t even need to use words right just the tapping itself will allow the energy to flow out of the
body and while i was sitting this morning i was um this came to me that
i i was thinking you know well how does that technique work and just tapping on a part of the body
um to me is a wild guess i have no idea if this is the case or not but
it’s almost like a signal to say okay something’s happening to your body and when when some kind of touch is
happening to your body you can now feel the body right and so it’s kind of like
a not a gross or um physical
prompting to actually feel the body right feel within the body even
though it’s on a surface level so it’s almost like a signal to tune into that
and then eventually as a and knows if i may say that that eventually you we will
develop this ability to feel deeper and deeper and more subtle and subtle layers that
it’s not it’s no longer even necessary sometimes to to do that
to be able to bring our awareness inside the body and to feel deeply inside the body
i think that i think the tapping is working through the nervous system it’s actually we’re used to feeling some way when
we’re thinking some thought or having a memory of something our nervous system is working in the way
it’s always worked in the past and we’re just kind of giving it an interrupt we’re stopping it doing feeling that way
or feeling those emotions and it’s just allowing it to release and now i believe
it’s working at the level through the meridians but in through the connective tissue and it’s just
releasing stored tension deep inside not necessarily on the surface i mean it
could be deep inside the body yeah and it’s it’s it’s wild how
we don’t really well you know some people more empathic
they really don’t have much of a choice to feel right but then some people are so cut off from their feelings
that it’s like there’s only through it oh so i guess you know i can’t speak for everybody and actually in some instances
some extreme things have to happen in life for them to be able to you know
feel their body in certain places i know um i watched a little video kind of getting off track of the um the
intro here but i watched one of ant um ann’s videos
about um now where the heck was i going
[Music] well maybe i’ll come back to that wow brain fart here
so let’s let’s come back around to um [Music] this going back to the growing right
growing in your old age old age g’s i’m old though too wow
well let’s go back to what you were just saying about some of us aren’t aware right we can’t feel and that’s where i
was i i could not feel that’s why eft for me was such a great tool because i was not
aware of how i felt although on some levels i would have said that i was kind of empathic at least as a child but i
think i just added so many layers of resistance on top of that that i just didn’t know how i felt if someone asked
me how you feeling today and i was i would always say i’m fine because i didn’t really know how i felt so that’s
what eft did for me so i actually didn’t necessarily trust it after that one
visit with the doctor so i went home after that appointment and i learned how to do it because it’s
available for free online the person who developed it gary craig gave it away to the world for free
so i learned how to do it and then i had a really good example a test case with
it because i had a 17 year old cat at home who was failing his kidneys were failing and we were told he needed a
daily saline shot so i had to give him this injection daily so the first time i gave it to him
my hand was just shaking so much i was so afraid of giving him this shot of
hurting him so i thought okay well i’m gonna tap about this so i did i tapped about all
the different aspects of it so i tapped about my fear of giving him the shot my fear of hurting him about my fit the
physical aspect of my hand shaking and about all my memories from injections because i’d had many over my
lifetime and the next day when i gave him the shot the needle just slid right in
all that fear that had been inside of me had gone so that’s when i realized that freedom
is on the other side i wanted to get beyond that fear and sit in that place of peace
and that’s when i realized how deceptively powerful the technique was and so i started using it started using
it every day started noticing when i was emotional which in itself for me was a
hard thing so maybe i would only notice once a day and then i would tap and then as time
went on i became more aware of when i was becoming emotional and then i could tap then
and i found i was becoming more peaceful less reactionary and i wanted more
so i knew there was a technique you could use where you wrote down every emotional memory or every trauma from
childhood i use every emotional memory because there were more of those than i would consider traumas
and i tapped through one each night for about an hour to an hour and a half each night until i’d gone through them all
and i found myself becoming much more peaceful and i remember opening the door
one day and actually saying to myself feels like i’m living in a different reality because my mind which used to be
so busy and so critical was not anymore it was more peaceful it wasn’t
criticizing me it wasn’t judging other people and it was so nice
and i can attest to that through meditation and i now remember what i was going to say
before before i do that though i want to you said deceptively powerful
and that really sucked out to me i guess i’m not seeing the deceit part of it
doesn’t look like it’s doing much it doesn’t seem like necessary it’s doing much yeah but it is
okay yeah and so this part of anne’s one of anne’s videos was about tapping in with
awareness to this void space like that where you couldn’t feel anything in the body right in keeping the attention
through concentration on that and then when the time was right it opened up to i think you said something
like a whole new level of pain that was there or you if it was it wasn’t actually a void it was actually
um being a blockage right blocked off from pain right it was resistance yes
resistance okay and that’s where in my meditation practice um and i guess i can transition
a little bit into this now um one of the questions ann has
when prepping a host is um so you don’t meditate you know or wha
why don’t you meditate kind of thing and we were talking a little bit about this before the show and and i mentioned
that well what ann does um in addition to eft sounds a lot to me
like meditation it really depends on how we define meditation now if we’re just talking about sitting in a formal like lotus
pose eyes closed on a cushion and um doing you know trying to calm
your mind right that’s not what uh that’s not the type of meditation ann does at all right so um so we can talk a
little bit about that but to to maybe validate or um have some relation here
in my formal practice i’ve been working with this blockage in my nose and it
goes in through my ear canal it will it will open up and then it will close it’ll open and close so i won’t be able
to breathe through the right nostril the ear feels a little bit clogged sometimes but sometimes it opens up
and um yeah it’s it’s interesting i would maybe get ann’s take on how to
work with something like that possibly and and there and she also talks about how different things are linked so there
could be one part of the body that’s linked to another part of the body right and there’s an interplay or
one seems to be affected by the other or there’s some kind of interrelationship between two different portions of the
body so a lot of stuff thrown out there absolutely it’s it’s all connected so
yeah so um that’s you’re being called the attention your nose is calling your attention
right that’s where you can feel something doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where
the blockage and the connective tissue is it might be somewhere else but you’re being called
to the nose so that’s where you would put your attention so in terms of this work that i do there would be different
levels that you could work on that you couldn’t work on that with eft and i’ve seen experiences of people working with
blockages in those noses that have actually been done through um surgery
the the blockage was there and they could still release it so with that you would work with the words
right the words would would be all the different aspects of that like
when it first happened what what you noticed that time when it first happened
and how you feel about it your emotions about it how it feels physically all those
aspects would be things that you could work on with tapping with eft
so let’s go on to the second part of my story now because and then there will be another level to work on which is a
deeper level of awareness so as i worked with eft i found that my awareness expanded so i
started to become aware of my emotions more during the day i was aware of how i was
emotionally feeling but then i became aware of the physical sensations underneath the emotions which is a
deeper level of awareness so we use the words for emotions like sadness or anger
or frustration but what we’re really describing is how we’re feeling where
we’re holding our tension because we can see from a distance when someone’s angry by
the way they’re holding themselves so once we become aware of those physical sensations we can work then at
this deeper level so with me i was often in fear and with
fear i could feel tension in my solar plexus in my stomach area i hadn’t been aware of that but it at
earlier levels but now i’m aware of this tension that i hold when i’m feeling fear
and now at this point i didn’t want to use eft as much i was in a group at the time and the guy said he actually said
you don’t need to meditate it’s all about feeling your feelings but at the time i didn’t know what he meant because
i didn’t i didn’t know what my feelings were but at this point i’ve done enough tapping i was aware of my feelings so i
wanted to try it’s like what did he mean by feel my feelings what does that mean
so i thought okay i’m going to do this i’m going to try and feel them so it was tension in my stomach
and how do i feel that because when i would take a deep breath or when i would move i would lose it i
couldn’t focus on it so what i found i had to do would actually hold myself like a statue
stop moving and stop breathing i wouldn’t take a deep breath i would just stop breathing where i was in my breath
when i could feel that fear sitting in my stomach and then i would just i’m just trying to
feel the fear feel the fear feel the feelings that tension in my stomach
and i was so used to not feeling it i was so used to suppressing it it was really
hard to feel it so i would talk to it i would say it’s like i can feel you fear
i can feel this tension sitting in my stomach i just want to feel you i want to allow you to be felt i want to
acknowledge you and it’s okay to be there it’s okay to be felt
and then i would find that i needed to take a deep breath or i would feel a release and then i
needed to take a deep breath so i would feel it it would shift
and then i would think the thought again bring that fear back into my body which is what we’re doing with the eft but now
we’re doing at a deeper level feel it again hold myself like a statue until there is a release
and then i would do it again i’ll do it again and again with the same fearful thought until there was no longer any
fear underneath it and then the thought is free it just felt different
so i would just do this over and over again i call it feeling your feelings it’s such an obvious name but it’s not
easy to do especially for people who have suppressed for so long so i would do this then over and over
each day just notice those thoughts that had emotions and feel them and now at night
instead of working through my childhood i would actually work on collective traumas like 9 11 or fukushima
those big traumas that we all have our own personal experience of i would feel all those sensations in my
body and just allow them and they would dissipate and i would just do this over and over
again so that’s kind of the next step that i took that i i felt so that’s what you could do with your nose right
you can actually feel those sensations in the nose and the sinus and allow them
to be and then allow it to dissipate and just over and over and over again
and see what shifts because at that point the feeling might shift somewhere else you might i think of it like
cutting a rope like a rope if you bend it over so it’s under tension you’ll release you with a knife you cut
through it with a knife you release one strand and then the tension is taken up by maybe two or three other strands but
in a different place and so you just work through one after the other as your body calls you
attention to it you focus on it you allow it and it will release
so i just did that over and over again beautiful you said so much there that i would like to touch on and start at the
end there with it seems to go from it’s a blockage right so it’s almost like i’m not able to
um breathe through there and so there is a type of feeling around there and then
the mind will start spinning into oh you know it shouldn’t be like this why is it not open yet i can’t even breathe
through my nose what’s going on you know just spiral spiraling and then when it will open and
then the blockage will go to the ear and then that will open and it’ll go back to the nose a lot of times and and so in
yes the but the feeling is like i’m not able to feel because it’s blocked that’s
one of the things another thing is that i wonder if i bring more energy if i’m
giving my energy and attention to the blockage it almost seems like to amplify it
so it’s almost like i have to step back just a little bit and it deal with more the psychological part of it first and
then go into okay well it’s a blockage but there’s still some kind of unpleasant feeling around it i need to
to feel into that and like you said allow it to be there you know even if it was there the rest of my life
being okay with it actually kind of gives some space around it there’s not so much pressure to have it
fixed right right absolutely so every step along the way it’s about fully accepting
the words right so you said a lot of words there right that it feels like a blockage and it’s it’s almost like it’s
frustrating that i can’t breathe right so all those words would be words that i would tap with with eft to let the
charge go and allow it to be okay that i feel frustrated that it feels like a blockage
right just at each level allow it to be okay so letting go of that frustration
it’s true and because it’s already there so i mean it’s already there so why not allow it right because that’s the
resistance the resistance is the pushing away from it and once you fully allow it fully allow
that’s when the shift happens see it’s open now yeah
so this this this feeling thing um it’s a teacher i turned um ann on to i guess
i don’t i don’t know if she heard of him before and i’m i’m okay to name drop matt khan his one of his sayings is feel
it to heal it and we’re not feeling it to be sadistic or to you know to to get
off on pain or anything like that it’s in order to heal it like what we’re talking about right
um yeah so i’m trying to think of the other one now that you the the other part that
you went on um that i had something but it will come back if it’s if it’s um needed to be
said so i guess we can go my short-term memory geez i don’t know
what’s going on today so i guess we can come back around now to
this this this um growing and sorry there’s somebody walking on a roof over here they’re
walking on uh they’re they’re fixing roof so it’s a little distraction but growing
at this stage of life that most people would say you’re crazy that that’s not possible what are you talking about you
know but anne has x-rays to prove this right on her youtube channel and uh the the spine is is so visible
the changes in the spine from before and after pictures right right yeah so there’s one more step
that i haven’t talked about yet so let me talk about that so it was actually during this period of
laying on the sofa at night feeling this collective traumas that i actually experienced kundalini energy which
was an interesting thing i i don’t mention that normally but your audience might be open to that um a lot of
electrical work as i was releasing this resistance at a rapid
rapid speed um that that electrical energy went back
and forth for months but eventually it got to the place where as i released this energy on the inside there was
tension on the inside i realized i could actually keep my awareness inside my body after the tension had released
and the only way i kind of try to explain this is that imagine you have a toothache or stomach ache or a nose
blockage right you can feel that you know where it is you can pinpoint it kind of with your mind
but once the pain has gone or the blockage is released it’s not as easy to pinpoint it with your mind because it’s
gone and i found that i could keep my awareness inside and i didn’t really know what i was
doing at this point i’d never heard of it before didn’t know what it was but i was kind of just playing around
and then i said well can i do it again so i would feel this tension release it and found
that i could keep my awareness back inside and so then i started playing can i move around well i found that i could i could
move my awareness around inside my body and i noticed that i could feel tension
or no tension so i would focus on the tension i put my attention on the tension
and hold my awareness there and then there would be a shift it would release so now i’m working
instead of with the words with eft instead of with the emotions and instead of with the physical sensations now i’m
working inside the body directly on the tension and so i would just do it over and over
again i would feel the tension i would feel a release i would put my awareness on it again and it would just release at
a deeper and deeper level now eventually and it took many months eventually i could actually put my awareness inside
my head and when i could put my awareness inside there i was
became aware of massive amounts of forces pulling my body out of alignment
and pain in my cheek that i could only focus on for a second or more because it was so intense
and i had lived with these forces and this pain for like 50 years at this point without being aware
of this tension on the inside so now i know that the forces of the
connective tissue pushes on our body puts on our body is just massive i think
it’s 200 pounds per square inch or something like that but to become aware of it was just
amazing so i would just do what i’d always done i would focus on it allow it to release and just do it over
and over a little bit at a time and over time i can actually actually started to feel and hear something
release and again it was a little scary i didn’t know what it was but i realized it was
adhesions in the connective tissue that were releasing and it sounded and felt
like old fabric ripping so i knew i was kind of on a journey at
this point and i was just releasing tension on the inside so it can’t be a bad thing so i just kept doing it and it
you know it happens more and more all the time these days but over time i can actually feel my skull bones relax into
what i know now is a more aligned position just from release of tension or dis ease
inside the connective tissue of the body and so i do have these x-rays now that show that my bones my eye sockets
have aligned i didn’t even know those bones would move my jaw which was way off to the side is now more centered my
neck i have scoliosis i think from being born with my right foot up against my right shin i think it twisted my whole
body and that is relaxing now into a more lying position and that would be why i
have grown because um i’ve actually relaxed and my neck all of this inner work from when i was
able to put my awareness inside whenever i release anything anywhere it always
also releases in my neck or my head so i know as we release tension
inside it actually kind of pulls the the neck upwards and so
grown half an inch yeah i’d like to grow more i’d like to get to five foot five as a 55 year old i think that would be
fun lots of fives there right yeah and this is another thing we have in
common too um when i first started my meditation practice i had no idea really
what i was doing so i would take a cushion off the couch and i would sit cross-legged on top of
the cushion instead of putting my rear on the edge and hanging off so where you get a nice lift to have the hips higher
than these so then my hunched over and i think i didn’t have full-blown scoliosis
but it was they called it scoliosis in school so it’s like a slight curvature
of the spine so i could only sit there for like a few uh probably a few minutes before i was
realized that i was you know bending over and so a lot of my practice early
on in the first couple years just became being aware of my posture and and
and for a while putting more um i guess effort into staying upright not
necessarily through uh forced um
uh holding muscles as much it’s just having an awareness of being a more of an
upright spine and then when i finally got meditation prac instruction on how to actually do
this then it’s when oh yeah there’s a huge emphasis on relaxation and you know
like like ann so beautifully and eloquently puts it very well spoken on how to
how she describes this my journey with this seems a little bit more vague and mysterious i love how
clear and concise and well put and explained this can be and and how it it it works
into your whole journey too um so now and this will probably take us into the
next thing here the connection between the physical and the spiritual right you touched a little bit on kundalini and
you know there’s um it’s that’s still a little bit out of my wheelhouse but because there’s just so many different
types of energies in this specific one called kundalini i haven’t studied that much
there is a bunch of different ideas on what it is what it isn’t
various different types of kundalini and things like that i’m fascinated by this but as far as me being able to speak
with any kind of authority to it i i can’t do that right now but as far as the spiritual going into you know the
the physical and the spiritual this is right because it’s not this kind of thing where oh well spirituality is one
thing and then the physical body is another no it doesn’t work like that right right i mean i i don’t have a lot to say
on kundalini either other than the experience of it right i know what it
felt like and i know it was it because i could move this energy up and down my spine at will
and it was actually kind of fun i was i would play with it so um
but yes the the spiritual so you know once i was able to put my awareness inside my body
i’m looking from somewhere to somewhere inside my body so when i’m
doing that it’s like i cannot be my body because i’m in two places at once i’m
looking from somewhere to somewhere else inside so that was the point where it’s like okay
i know i’m not my body i’m just inhabiting my body because i can see in different places
inside so to me that was obvious once i got to that place and then i i started trying
to put my experience into the words that we hear from you know
different aspects of life so what i believe is that the soul is i’m looking through the connective
tissue i believe that’s where the soul um works through it inhabits inhabits maybe
the connective tissue of the body i know there’s an electric component to connective tissue
and i believe that that the adhesions in the connective tissue which is just that
trauma it’s just the programming from childhood though those forms adhesions
and that distorts the signal that we’re picking up from spirits that’s how our ego grits created
that’s why intuition we don’t really know if it’s true or not because it’s distorted from
those adhesions so i believe as we’re releasing this tension in the body releasing these
adhesions then our signal from spirit is going to come through does come through
much more easily and i believe we’re actually freeing up the soul within the body and i suspect
time will tell but i suspect once the soul is free in the body it will be happy to stay in the body
yeah i think over time we get tighter and tighter and eventually the soul is just so
scrunched and so tight it doesn’t want to stay anymore and we pass on and this goes to insight right because
as these uh layers of trauma heal as what’s in the way of awareness
relaxes and releases we gain more and more sensitivity
and more and more awareness towards subtle and subtler and subtler or is it
more subtle
experiences and phenomena and within our body too and this also reminds me of
just breath right that with in in the tarabata teachings the teachings of the
buddha mindfulness the body he breaks it down in the to six different ways and the first one is
awareness of breath and so there’s some people i mean the breath for some people can be so subtle
they don’t even notice it hardly at all even if they you know will spend time uh trying to focus on it right other times
in deep meditation it becomes almost like this gross thing where it’s it’s like the predominant
experience in deep meditation is this breath and so people can notice it you know in
through the nose coolness on the in-breath warmness on the out breath can go through the nasal passages can um you
can some people can feel like a coolness and a warmth and a wetness in in through
the naval cavities and through the throat the chest can start
feeling or noticing or seeing you know some people see with their mind’s eye the chest expanding and contracting down
through through the diaphragm as the diaphragm will move the internal organs or the the stomach
contracting expanding and contracting and um and then maybe a
slight movement to the shoulders i mean so so these and then we can even go into
like um um more perceptional things like does it feel smooth like velvet or does it feel
like sandpaper or the experience of the breath you know um how’s the energy of the breath is it more
is it more brightening or is it more relaxing and you know um
so we that’s i think that’s enough for the breath but i mean it’s it’s a really profound thing and
without going into what is the breath it’s just like well what is our experience of what we understand with it now in the body and so this helps um
develop insight as well uh not uh in addition to feeling the physical
growth sensations throughout the in the entire body too and then how there can be a link um
and how they’re interconnected in the the fascia thing it just blows my mind to how
this seems to be like a more popular thing within the past what maybe 10 or 20 years something like that even though
it’s like um i think some aren’t some people calling it like the largest organ in the body like it connects everything
in the body and so you know why was it why was this emphasis not put on it
um you know so did they not know about it i i don’t know what the deal is with that but so
there’s plenty of stuff there um around insight uh body related insight too
right so to me and to me the word insight i know we’ve used it in the past in terms of the the mind in terms of
picking up things to me i i believe the original meaning of the word insight is being able to see
inside in woodside because we can actually see inside of our bodies
we can sense inside of our bodies so i’m in my world i’m kind of shifting that
emphasis because i don’t believe anyone these days is talking about this form of
insight now once we have this awareness at a deeper level inside of ourselves
we can actually see that in other people too right because as within so without is absolutely true right so if i have
this awareness of how i breathe or how i don’t breathe right how i
stop breathing perhaps if i’m tense i can see that in someone else right so
i can see i can sense when someone else is not necessarily telling their truth
because they’re holding their body in tension they’re not breathing fully deeply into their body when we tell the
truth when it’s our absolute truth we breathe deeply we sit deeply inside of
our body but there are a couple of people i can think of in the collective these days that you
can tell their voice is like it’s it’s just in the top part of their lungs it’s not sitting deeply in the body so
they’re not necessarily telling the truth it is fascinating too and it goes into
deeper levels of energetic sensitivity and empathy right feeling what another
feels noticing how another is and because we have that sensitivity that
sensing ability that site inner site too and so ann pointed out this quote that i
did on a podcast recently and i’ll just read this here too because it goes into
insight and actually i have another translation of it since it’s so brief here who knows
knows who knows who knows knows who doesn’t know
who doesn’t know doesn’t know who doesn’t know
who doesn’t know doesn’t know who knows and this comes from the terragatus
stanza 61 sayings of the elder vapa and this translation next is
interesting because it uses the sight it’s one who sees sees who sees
sees who doesn’t one who doesn’t see doesn’t see who sees
or who doesn’t so yeah it’s you interchanging basically
c and no right and so that’s that’s a huge part of the path is um i think this
is it out that says about seeing and knowing we see and know it for ourselves
right it’s really interesting to be in the place of knowing having been in the place of not knowing right because you
know the difference so i have a really fun example that really kind of to me
illustrates this from before covid i had a tapping group and we’d meet once a week and at the beginning of the group
we’d all sit in a semicircle close our eyes and i would play just a series of chakra chimes
so we’re just hearing these chimes and then we would open our eyes and we would
share our experiences now there’s a spectrum i now know of
experiences so there’s on one level of the spectrum which is where i used to be
there are people who would only hear the chimes with their ears that’s it that’s all they know
then there were some people who would hear the chimes with the ears but maybe they would feel some of those sound vibrations in different parts of their
body they have a deeper level of awareness and then on the other end of the
spectrum are people who will feel those sound vibrations throughout their body
and their bones in their viscera those people which is where i am now
have a really deep level of awareness so this sharing right allows the people
who only here with their ears to know there is this possibility of where they
could get to that they didn’t know existed before right and the people on the other end of
the spectrum now know there are people out there who they don’t have this depth
of awareness right they’re they’re only hearing words so we can see that in society right we can see that there are
people who hear words and they believe that’s the truth they don’t know any difference they
don’t know there are people out there who feel whether something’s the truth or not
right who feel things deep inside because even just conversation right people with that depth of
awareness are picking up on so many levels that people who only hear the words are
not picking up on yeah so all of those all of those phrases
sayings fit within that it’s such a beautiful thing too and it even goes into this practice i love of feeling
into the truth of something right so we can deliberately even say well you
know we hear something but it just doesn’t immediately it’s kind of like this puzzling thing where we don’t uh
maybe something’s going on there that’s just beyond the surface so you can bring our awareness to feeling into the
truth of that and but what i mean by that is we we can ask a question about
whatever it is and just drop that question into the body and feel into it how does that feel and
using the body as a gauge and um kind of a a way of discernment
you know um but even to get to that you’ve got to have some level of awareness absolutely
there are people out there who have no awareness and they have no
they don’t want they they don’t know there’s anything else out there and they have no desire to find it and that’s i’m
glad you brought that up as well because it is right that this is very possible and i didn’t know
any of this stuff was possible either until i started listening to these meditation practitioners right they’re
talking about the things we talk about how all these different sensations can be felt throughout the body right
like such uh minut sensations where it can just feel like maybe like little pinpricks just changing all throughout
the body so rapidly and so there’s some practitioners that go so deeply that
it’s really you can’t keep track of all the different changing sensations that are going on throughout the body i mean
it’s changing so rapidly that um i mean if you just took like one or two seconds
of that you could you could spend uh pages writing you know once the perceptual sphere expands and the
perceptual abilities expand to add language to actually the experience that
you’re having in two seconds of all the different places and locations and changes and rate of change and all this
on and on and on and so it can the scope of awareness is is uh the
potential for that there is no end to it right it is boundless as far as i know
yeah well i i i’m interested to find out that’s right and anne brings it up i
love how she will have these reference points because my here we think it’s ironic because it’s
some of the awareness i was in these spaces too we all start from where we’re at right but for me to try to sit back
and remember to where that was i can’t really help people just starting off as well because i those reference
points are so far behind not so far behind me and it sounds like almost a spiritual ego kind of bragging thing
right but if i’m so disconnected from people on certain stages of their journey
i’m not very much of help to them i love how ann will clearly lays out how it is before
during and after and not that
you know it’s it’s like it’s it’s such a cool way to
document her journey and her um youtube channel shows all this as well um
and so i don’t feel i’m very well spoken pretty much on anything which is even
more ironic because i have a podcast right uh so um it’s part of me getting
over the kind of a fear of being out in front on camera too i think but anyway i just wanted to give props
to that and yes it is because and then the big question here around this i feel is
what good is this ann you know what good is this you know feeling sensations in your body how can that help me and
others in my everyday life and of course i know a lot of answers to this or i can speak to this but i want to hear what
you have to say on this right so um well there’s a lot of things there so so this is where i use the law
of attraction okay i’m not using it in terms of manifestation trying to do something i’m using it just as an
understanding tool in terms of how we evolve and i think of the whole of us as
being a signal and we’re emitting this signal resistance and all and retracting
back into our future based on the signal so i’ve seen with my work with eft how
we replay things over and over again not in this exact same way with
different people different scenarios but the same feelings we just replay them
over and over again and i so wanted to change now i think from what you just shared that you had that will and that
desire to make changes and i really want it to change and so i realized the
biggest part of that signal is that tension that we hold inside from our
past and now i know that at such a deep level right the forces are just out of
this world and if we can let go of that tension inside of us we are changing our
signal so we’re changing what we’re attracting into our future right so if we can all
change how we’re feeling now and and become peaceful inside that is then our signal
and we’re attracting that into our future so i would use that on a daily basis i’d
ask myself how am i feeling right now and do i want to feel this way again in the future
and the answer was usually no so that’s okay then i need to do something right now i need to change
this signal because i don’t want to feel this way again so if i was feeling fearful or sad or frustrated i would
either tap using eft or i would feel those sensations and allow that energy to
dissipate and i still do it to this day at now a deeper level so i will search out
triggers i will watch the news i will feel inside it’s like it’s that does
that feel like it’s doing something inside and i would focus on that tension that i find
and release it so just at a deeper and deeper level and so i’m actually working at the level of the bones now so i’m
working inside my cheekbones inside my tooth roots right we use that word find
the root of the whatever well i wondering at this point
is is it really maybe all stored in our tooth roots and we’re just not aware of
it so i’m working to release that tension and i’m going to be really interested to
see how things evolve well i’d be interested in learning what you um find out from that too because
i’ve heard various systems and esoteric things how a lot of um
yeah memory and stuff is stored in the tooth teeth i don’t i don’t know exactly how to put this but well we look at
crystal right crystal will will hold memory too um
with computers and whatnot and our our bones are a crystalline material so it makes sense
um now this um
this awareness too i think this it’s a huge part of the spiritual path
at least for me because it can it leads to uh insight and wisdom and then when we
have this insight in wisdom we are able to see and know things in life and then
make choices that will be for our benefit and for the benefit of others is um you know especially in
the long term as well um and just to share another thing i’ve
shared this before um a similarity early on in my meditation practice
i wept for probably maybe like a year of daily sitting but it was by myself
right so it was socially acceptable you know nobody saw me do it but it was like this release because all this material
material was coming up all these memories i had forgotten about i had put off to the side because i didn’t i well
i didn’t know how to deal with them i didn’t know how to um you know
didn’t know what to do i didn’t even know they were there and so just naturally they started uh emerging and
it’s like oh wow yeah and now i remember that thing and um wow i really treated myself like that i
can’t believe that i treated this other person like that oh my goodness i can’t believe i did that and so this kind of
this nurturing and forgiveness of myself of them asking for forgiveness from
others i mean i actually went and called certain people up that i had to talk to for years and ask for forgiveness too but it was
like this release and so we can’t really know or see what we don’t know or see
and this allowed kind of a space to open up kind of a safety
and as these things emerged to be seen and let go of and healed
then more and more possibilities opened up more and more awareness more and more sensitivity
more and more wisdom but with that comes more responsibility too so
and the more we become more sensitive energetically sensitive the more susceptible ironically maybe that we are
to more harm as well but the at the same time we have more
wisdom on what to do and address that and also more abilities to sense more
things and to help ourselves uh deeper and deeper levels and to help others at deeper and deeper levels too
gosh there is a lot there i hope i can hold that in my mind so first of all the tears i absolutely
believe that all those tears that we never shed in childhood it’s still stored inside of us and will release if
we find a way to do it so you found meditation eft will do that too yes so it’s a good thing crying and
letting that tension out of ourselves is absolutely a good thing
oh and then what what were you talking about yes
yeah the the levels of awareness so the the healing um uh well
all the memories coming up too through meditation and the weeping like you mentioned but also the greater
levels of awareness that come in oh yes you mentioned yes as we release
more and more i believe what we experience in life is there for us to then experience so it’s like
that’s why so many dark things are happening these days because we’re getting to deeper and deeper levels
inside of ourselves and it’s just there for us to notice and
to feel and to let go of so i don’t think that things get darker
right we do have things come towards us that feel dark but they’re just there for us
to experience and to feel if we get stuck if we get caught in those emotions
we’re just keeping them stuck inside of us and we’re then going to attract them again into our future
so if we want to let go of war in our future then we need to use this time frame
because things are happening around now to feel those feelings because we all
experienced war in childhood in terms of we were taught about world war one we
were taught about world war ii we watched movies videos about it we read
about it and we never let those feelings pastor we never talked about how we felt
about what we’d learned in school we just stored it all inside the same with climate change i remember feeling
petrified as a child of what was going to happen in our future in terms of climate change
so we stored that as part of our signal i stored it as part of my signal
so now if i feel those feelings if i feel the fear
and allow it to pass through then it’s no longer a part of my signal and it’s no longer being attracted into
my future beautiful yes and i love this perception of you know this repeating thing until
we learn the lessons that we’re meant to learn things repeat they might not repeat exactly like you’re saying they
might show up in a different person a slightly different way but the the main thing to be learned is there but each
time it repeats instead of looking at it like a a cycle that’s just uh you know
something i don’t want each time it’s like climbing a spiral staircase so we have a wider
more broad perception of what’s going on so every time it repeats we can
have a a bigger view on it and you know better understanding until it
finally we learn what we need to learn from it and it it stops repeating as well and i know for the masculine speaking of
war which is they are beating the war drums big time right now um i you know um hyping it up
and i mean with the masculine in the masculine
maybe a lot of times because they uh don’t you know
um i guess experience what that experience is like when they’re taught about it in history books
then they’re more susceptible to programming to go out there and kill for whoever wants them to kill in a war
i don’t know um the other thing is but i mean that’s maybe for another time but
with the masculine i feel that not being able to face pain
and maybe ann will have something to say about this but people being afraid to face pain
and i know sometimes it can be so overwhelming that we need other strategies um to distract us or
take our mind away from going through the pain but
facing pain and experiencing it and working through it and healing it instead of
these unwholesome coping strategies like drinking because i know i’ve i’ve been there right i’ve done that don’t do that
anymore but um are shopping or you know sex
what is it um just just fantasies um playing video games tv all this on and
on and on because things are too painful and uh people don’t want to face their pain
yeah we sometimes think the pain is going to annihilate us i remember thinking that myself it’s like but but
that experience with my cat was so powerful to me to realize that
the freedom is on the other side of that pain that fear those memories and if i can get there what a great place to be
so for me that one experience was really good but in terms of um suppressing
things our armed forces are totally programmed not to feel right and boot camp where
they’re they’re shouted at um all those things that programming is just so that
they don’t feel that’s that’s just lay upon layer of resistance that’s added to them so it’s
hard to to want to even break through that afterwards
but it can be done and it is it’s just a layer by layer process of total acceptance right even the acceptance of
i don’t want to do this i don’t want to work on this because it’s too overwhelming that in itself is the first
layer of resistance and we just take that resistance accept it right it’s it’s okay that i don’t want to do that
just allow that thought to be accepted and that releases a little bit of
resistance and then the ability or the willingness to look inside just opens
the door a little bit that brutal honesty is so needed
you know absolutely and you can see it happening in some areas oh yes yes for sure so to wrap this up perhaps i this
um question you have on the profile um how to change the future of the world
that’s a big one i want to know that i think pretty much everybody living today wants to know how to change the future
of the world i mean that’s some power that’s a powerful uh question or i mean ability if you could change the future
of the world right right right and and you know from looking inside i
know that all we store inside is tension or no tension darkness or light once we release that
tension underneath is the light right so we don’t actually have to focus on the
positive positive or it’s already there all we have to do is find the negative
so find the fears so you know we’ve already talked about it right in terms of a signal
if we find all our fears inside and we let go of that tension if we let go of
our traumas if we let go of the fear of what’s going to happen if
things continue as they are then that’s no longer part of our signal and we don’t need to re-experience it
right it has changed it’s changed our future so every time we do this work every time we do some tapping or feeling
our feelings or feeling this tension on the inside we’re actually changing our future already
and i can attest to this for sure because when i change the whole my whole world changes you know absolutely
there’s so much depth to life that i had no idea existed when i started this work about
15 18 years ago there’s just so much depth to life that
that people don’t know about i didn’t know about but it’s really fun to experience it’s an enlightening process
right we actually feel lighter as we’re letting the burdens that we’ve carried around for all these decades go
right we physically feel lighter but i know now from looking on the inside there is actually light underneath the
darkness that we are actually lighter on the inside as well and life improves like it’s happier
right it’s easier to laugh it’s easier to smile and just so much benefits to doing this
work that i think people don’t necessarily understand when they start it that’s right and we see those burdens
and we can put them down and we can see them and not have to pick them up again right and when we’re in a better space
too that because we’re all interconnected when everybody we meet and interact with it’s like a domino
effect right um and not only not only that but the some of the people that we’ve attracted
before some of the life lessons that we’ve been presented over and over to us once those are healed and worked through
then we find ourselves having you know new friends new situations new opportunities
all because um or primarily because we’ve healed and worked through this and have a
commitment to this so much more that ann was talking about
i like one of my teachers um online that i used to study with or uh it’s like you
wake up one day and you look around it’s like is this it
no this can’t be it and it’s it’s not there’s there’s um there’s a lot of stuff under the surface um
vast amount of phenomena experiences
um true knowledge wisdom and just things that are really hidden
you know and those become when we’re able to see those things and go um
notice what we haven’t known before where they say there’s like three types of people those who see those who don’t
see and those who see once they’re shown so ann
um why don’t we talk or why don’t you leave with anything else you’d like to
say and then how people can get in touch with your work if you have anything coming up any um
plans or anything else you’d like to leave us with okay sure one last thing based on what you were just saying is
that there’s a subtle difference between pushing someone someone away that we don’t think we should interact with
anymore and doing the work to let the feelings go and having it drift apart or
maybe stay but on a different level right maybe like make that relationship stay so we often want to
we want to um blame other people for all sorts of things and our part of that is always how we
feel about it right we might see someone arguing and we might think it’s nothing to do with us but if we’re if
that brings up a memory inside of us or we’re feeling afraid that feeling is something that we can
work on and let it go because that expands our awareness yes so
we can always have some responsibility for what’s happening in our lives
yeah so um yeah i wrote i wrote my book a pathway to insight
once i became aware on the inside and i didn’t want to forget the steps that i had gone along to get here so that is
available on amazon and again that’s a pathway to insight and i have my youtube channel which you
talked about i have a website and hints.com and the x-rays are on there
you can see um those and i have a public facebook page that i love explaining things on
and happy to interact with anyone on there so cool and those will be included in
the show notes and thanks so much for coming on and um
yeah kind of spacing out with me or allowing me to space out right a little bit here
and make a freudian slip about age i apologize for that geez i mean come on
but uh that aside thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and your journey
it’s been a delight and a pleasure thanks so much again thank you for the great conversation bye now bye

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