Podcast | (Holistic) Physical Therapy, Buddhism, Sobriety And Alternative Education With Melissa Mayer

[5/2/2022 UPDATE: Uploaded overlooked mp3 for the non-youtube podcast version]

Physical therapist and writer Melissa Mayer joins the podcast to talk about her life, work, and various topics of mutual interest like Buddhism, sobriety, travel, healing, service work, meditation and education. From Melissa’s bio

I have been practicing physical therapy for over 13 years in traditional practice settings. Yet, every moment of those times questioned if the environment was truly serving the individual.  Unfortunately, the answer was often no.  Therefore, I went on a self educated path of ‘self help’ books, lectures, energy therapy, holistic health, positive affirmations, etc.  Through practicing yoga, meditation, energy clearing, and more I have experienced healing myself which reiterated the fact that healing involves more than just externally addressing the symptoms.  If we want to be the best versions of ourself then we need to go deeper and seek internal awakening which leads to a shift in consciousness.  As Albert Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’.  

On 8/1/18 I donated my kidney to my husband.  It was a transformative and miraculous experience. I am grateful my husband and I recovered well and presently experiencing radiant health.  This transformative experience led me to write a book about the subconscious work I did in preparation leading up to this event and a divine wake up in which I felt more connected than ever to myself and to spirit.

It has been my mission ever since to continue the journey that led me here and help others seeking healing, self growth, transformation and an expansion of humanity as a whole.

More notes on some of our chat, not necessarily in this order:

  • [pre-show I ask about living very close to Camp Hero of the alleged infamous Montauk Project]
  • a kind of John Mayer joke
  • my request for Melissa to give a bio and say a little about her life and work
  • ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.’ —A Course in Miracles
  • three main views I seem to encounter about physical therapy:
    1. just like any other prescription
    2. those who sort of people please, or do it for the practitioner(s) more-so than themselves
    3. folk who find it too constraining/limiting
  • traditional health care, physical therapy and more holistic care
  • healing arts/work at places requiring rent, at yoga studios, and from home
  • various aspects of meditation and Buddhism
  • our tales around giving up alcohol
  • India, Africa and Sri Lanka travel experiences
  • child rearing:
  • what donating a kidney is like
Find Melissa Mayer online:
Audio: (Holistic) Physical Therapy, Buddhism, Sobriety And Alternative Education With Melissa Mayer
Audio only version

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