Conscious Pregnancies With Kristy Geltz

Friend and mother Kristy Geltz shares her knowledge, wisdom and experiences with pregnancy, giving birth and mothering.

(While still listenable just know we recorded on Kristy’s porch with nearby construction vehicles beeping and the main recording didn’t take so using the lesser quality Wisdom App live recording.) Topics include:

  • Kristy’s bio and background
  • trusting intuition when pregnant
  • (morning) sickness
  • weird cravings
  • home births
  • water births
  • midwives and birth doulas
  • husband’s roles
  • elements of safety, comfort and control in childbirth
  • rebirthing
  • birth trauma
  • skin to skin contact
  • umbilical cord and placenta options
  • post partum depression
  • wearing Sea Bands for nausea
  • chiropractic care while pregnant for fetus positioning
  • cranial sacral therapy for infants
  • breast feeding
  • animal totems for motherhood and fertility
  • parallels of pregnancy and parasitism (I parrot this concept that originates from (metaphysical) remembering and experiencing and I didn’t mention that it’s said we once were able to incarnate without a womb birth)
  • extra challenges of women leadership combined with motherhood
  • needs and wants are the same in small children
  • close bonding stage of mother and child
  • mutual support in childbirth, parenting and throughout all of life
Audio: Conscious Pregnancies With Kristy Geltz

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