An Integrating Presence Full Moon Meditative Experience At Fat Cat Longevity October 20, 2021

[11/3/21 UPDATE: Pro audio edit noise removal versions now available]

When opening to this month’s regular meditation at Fat Cat Longevity I quickly realized I’m often not as enthusiastic about significant moon days as other meditators and practitioners seem to be. May this be to our advantage though and stoke beneficial, balancing momentum for this first facilitation of a guided full moon sitting with the intentions to set aside distortions and point in the directions of well-being, true knowledge and realizing awakening.

Focusing primarily on the body in order to experience the full moon in potentially nuanced ways, I guided participants through various observations, inquiries, connections, remembrances, energies, considerations and perhaps even imaginations and visualizations while in states of meditation, contemplation and reflection.

For about a half an hour we touched on:

  • reflection on symbolism, information and ideas we have about the moon and the ideas, symbolism and information of others about the moon. What is our relationship to this?
  • Can we temporarily put most or all this aside and tune into the body? And while we’ll use other methods, can we intend to use the body as the primary way to perhaps experience the moon in ways we haven’t yet?
  • if too much, can easily disengage, let the words wash over and come back to the breath
  • feelings: emotions, moods, and nervous systems in self and others — feel these in the body
  • water element: tides, ocean waves and movements, rhythm of breath
  • 3-way comparison from memory: immerse in memories of deeply connected to earth, sun, moon . . . contemplate and reflect moon being exact distance between earth and sun to cause
  • energy: frequency, vibration, radiation = notice which is now most predominate with moon
  • deep remembering: connect and tune in to ancient memories, knowledge and observations of this moon we know now (and perhaps other moons). Note what arises. Now feel into the truth of anything that arose. What now feels more authentic and less authentic?
  • contemplation: how would life be without this moon, with no moon, with a different moon
  • contemplation and imagination: if the moon had a heart, what would it be like? feel into the heart of the moon? what does this moon heart need? use this to recall connection with communities we’re apart of, and recalling moments from the past that make relationships worthwhile, or resolving for change, or both; and perhaps plans to strengthen relationships especially to one’s self
  • reflection and consideration: using the body, what might be helpful, and what might not be helpful from this evening’s exploration for our wellbeing and realizing being free? And consider HOW might this be, without any need to know exactly, or even know at all right now
  • classic equanimity image of full moon on still water; notice if the image is still, if not, intend for this without attaching to outcome
  • metta for all beings everywhere

An (Evergreen) Integrating Presence Full Moon Meditative Experience — Recorded live at Fat Cat Longevity 10/20/2021
[11/3/21 UPDATE: Replaced audio with professional noise removal edit]

Mary’s House of Healing
524 South Main Street
Downstairs at Fat Cat Longevity next to Peace Love Coffee…
St. Charles, MO 63301

October 20th 2021 — 6:00pm – 6:45pm

Doors open: 5:50pm — Doors close: 6:05pm

Cost: Fat Cat Longevity price packagesmonthly membership or generosity inspired donation

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