Podcast | Review And Instruction Suggestions For The Four Postures Meditations (Live Recordings From Two Insight Timer Live Events)

This is an edit of two 15 minute Insight Timer Live events at 11am and 11pm Central on November 10th about instruction suggestions for meditating with the four main postures of sitting, standing, lying down and walking. This was inspired by a request for walking meditation instructions during my recent months’ silent Insight Timer Live events with these four postures at Forrest Park in St Louis Missouri. Some of my (edited) original notes and links:

  • don’t recommend for many but since “teacher” I invite criticism and questions of all sorts for accountability and quality
  • only my study and experience and are mere frames of reference
  • encouragement for experiment, practice and to know for yourself
  • why silent?
  • why so challenging to sit & know you’re sitting?
  • sensing not thinking
  • upright axis with your spinal column via Ajahn Sucitto
  • 32 parts of the body practice at 32parts.com
  • details and suggestions for:
    • sitting (dennykmiu.com give good details on formal sitting posture)
    • standing
    • lying down
    • walking
  • transitioning from one to another
  • everyday practice
  • https://joinwisdom.audio/integratingpresence
Audio: Review And Instruction For The Four Postures Meditations

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