December 2021 Insight Timer Live Events

(Virtual) Eye Gazing

Grab a partner or gaze into my virtual eyes while I gaze at the camera and we chat about the ins and outs, ups and downs, and knowns and unknowns of this beneficial yet sometimes intense interaction

Thursday December 9 — 3:33 pm Central

Direct link to join (Virtual) Eye Gazing event

Distortions and Dreams

A 15 minute side glance at making New Years resolutions by exploring the barraging of barriers of distortions and the ups and downs of (some) dreams

Thursday December 16 — 06:00 pm Central

Direct link to join Distortions and Dreams event

Edited audio and notes from/for the event Distortions and Dreams

Mindfulness of Speaking

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Is it the right time? We’ll explore these guidelines for wise and skillful speech and share stories, challenges, insights and do some practice

Monday December 20 — 06:00 pm Central

Direct link to join Mindfulness of Speaking event

Listen to the edited audio from this event Mindfulness of Speaking included within the Right Speech precept section for the Multi-month Pāramitā (Attainments/Perfections) Challenge For December 2021

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