Embodiment Coaching | (11/30/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Denny K Miu And Guests Lydia Grace and Elizabeth Foster)

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Insight Timer teacher Lydia Grace rejoins Denny and I along with friend and practitioner Elizabeth Foster for a roundtable about embodiment coaching.

After introductions we speak much about the body and embodiment, especially in relation to experience and working with others. We continue sharing embodiment wisdom and beyond:

  • being in the body
  • integrative somatic trauma therapy training
  • dark night(s) of the soul
  • human design
  • dark ages in the Western culture, intellect, and information compared to Experiential Eastern approaches
  • polyvagal theory
  • social engagement system
  • “science of safety”
  • dysregulation of nervous system
  • wisdom of the body
  • Lydia’s body speak method
  • holding space, mediation, safety, consent, trauma
  • shame, guilt and self-doubt
  • intuition
  • being present to whatever is happening in the moment
  • pain and despair
  • holding space without judgement
  • facing pain and trauma
  • reconnecting to our power
  • addressing internal and external judgement
  • being seen, heard and validated
  • recognizing and naming emotions to de-identify
  • mindfulness
  • hold self-judgement in limitless consciousness
  • allowing experience that’s already happening anyway
  • pausing
  • pain vs. suffering
  • guarding the sense doors
  • holding on to past memories
  • The Body Keeps The Score book
  • Thai medicine
  • blockages and the protective role of holding trauma in the body
  • interconnection of various traumas
  • being told about storing resentment in the shoulder and releasing it in meditation/contemplation/reflection resulting in restored mobility
  • cellular memory and debris
  • “A.B.C. — A Bigger Container” teaching by Charlotte Joko Beck via Jill Shepherd
  • self-honor, self-respect, self-validation, worthiness
  • Can you love yourself exactly as you are right now, equal to the idealized version you wish you were; have been in the past; or are desperately trying to become?
  • karma, thoughts, memory, electrochemical interactions
  • yin treasure organs and yang vessel organs and energies
  • the connection of “between cells” to the “triple warmer” meridian
  • Eastern traditions knowing body through deep meditation and Western through dissecting cadavers
  • intuiting body intelligence, body talk, body messages, tailoring information to/for various clients
  • resurfacing of repressed memories via body work and presence
  • intergenerational epigenetics
  • insighttimer.com app (competitive) teacher environment(s)
  • technique of recalling previous self-coaching sessions and asking where do you feel this in the body; if it had a voice what would it say; and what age is it?
  • translating self-love into practical means
  • balancing superfluous story creation with using story to understand, relate with, and navigate in the world
  • leveraging devastation to awaken to deep truth within
  • innocence
  • sharing experience to assist with material and spiritual liberation
  • “qi-positive”
  • what other people think about me is none of my business
Audio: Embodiment Coaching | (11/30/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Denny K Miu And Guests Lydia Grace and Elizabeth Foster)

Find and connect with Lydia:

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My (Josh’s) December 2021 Insight Timer Live events:

  • Silent Lying Down Meditation — Wed Dec 1 – 01:30 pm Central
    • Silent meaning me not talking. Meditate in a lying down posture together, virtually, for as little or as long as desired during 30 minutes–perhaps constructive rest pose, knees in the air, or “lion’s posture” reclining on the right side, one foot atop the other, but not bone on bone, mindful, alert
  • (Virtual) Eye Gazing — Thu Dec 9 – 03:33 pm Central
    • Grab a partner or gaze into my virtual eyes while I gaze at the camera and we chat about the ins and outs, ups and downs, and knowns and unknowns of this beneficial yet sometimes intense interaction
  • Mindfulness of Speaking — Mon Dec 20 – 06:00 pm Central [Listen to the edited audio from this event included within the Right Speech precept section for the Multi-month Pāramitā (Attainments/Perfections) Challenge For December 2021]
    • Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Is it the right time? We’ll explore these guidelines for wise and skillful speech and share stories, challenges, insights and do some practice

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