Podcast | (Knowing) Reality: In Conversation With “Beta Ray Bill” aka “Egg Drop”

Wholeness! This chat with “Beta Ray Bill” or “Egg Drop” in a noisy, but still listenable St Louis, MO area park gets into:

  • story behind “Beta Ray Bill” [with a few errors on the Thor story as Beta Ray Bill informed post recording]
  • expanding perceptions by temporarily suspending world views
  • red pill (programs)
  • Recent Cahokia Mounds articles blog post
  • developing discernment
  • discerning emotions
  • fear
    • fear as illusion
    • fight or flight
    • feeling safe enough to feel and learn from fear
    • turning fear into opportunity
    • unscrupulous use of fear for control and war
  • paranoia
  • leveraging extremes to address polarity
  • loving-kindness
  • non-harm
  • gift of fearlessness
  • feedback, self-containment and discernment as tools to further the practice of non-harming
  • non-aggression principle
  • Second Amendment
  • Gangster/Crony capitalism and competition as (subtle) harming
  • cooperation
  • disappointment with socially responsible investment funds and alternatives
  • corporate favoritism and pushing aside Mom and Pop businesses
  • change
  • constants in equations
  • three marks/characteristics of existence: inconstancy/impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, non-self
  • how expecting to achieve lasting happiness by arranging and maintaining external conditions to our liking is a set up for stress and unsatisfactoriness in the long run
  • logic and math as two tools among many for proving facts
  • epistemology and empiricism
  • approaching metaphysics with speculation, faith, and seeing and knowing for oneself
  • curiosity
  • knowing via the sense bases and if there’s anything beyond
  • investigation
  • the four roads to (spiritual) power
  • IntegratingPresence.com open call for podcast submissions recordings answering “What is light? How do you know?”
  • call for any corrections to/for this conversation

[NOTE: After spending hours editing I realized I likely did so with a version not recorded with a good mic, but with the built-in laptop mic by error. There’s a much higher quality backup version though. If interested in a better quality version to listen to, reach out and I’ll send the link to this unedited, unlisted YouTube version.]

Audio: (Knowing) Reality: In Conversation With “Beta Ray Bill”

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One thought on “Podcast | (Knowing) Reality: In Conversation With “Beta Ray Bill” aka “Egg Drop”

  1. The history of Thor’s defeats in the Marvel Universe, may not be accurate. Clearly, this guest is not a ‘true’ Marvel Universe fan!


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