Meditation Support Language

Samatha is one meditation method, training or technique for cultivating samadhi. Sometimes samatha instructions are given to “ignore” everything except the meditation object in order to build the muscle of being able to focus on, place attention on, and then remain on a single meditation object for long periods of time with the intent toContinue reading “Meditation Support Language”

Podcast | Ghosted, Ignored, Canceled? More Grist To Nourish All

I described this (now edited) April 29th Insight Timer live event as follows: Let’s explore what can be done to transform, transmute and turn ghosting and being canceled into nourishment to support the well-being and awakening of all Cancel Culture definitions: a social environment in which publicly boycotting or withdrawing support for people, organizations, etc.Continue reading “Podcast | Ghosted, Ignored, Canceled? More Grist To Nourish All”