Meditation Support Language

Samatha is one meditation method, training or technique for cultivating samadhi. Sometimes samatha instructions are given to “ignore” everything except the meditation object in order to build the muscle of being able to focus on, place attention on, and then remain on a single meditation object for long periods of time with the intent to later apply this skill for various purposes. The word “ignore”, while effective for some strikes me as often too close to “ignorance.”

While not meant as all or nothing replacements, the following are some alternative language suggestions for the instruction of “ignore (it)” — along with some opposites for contrast — to help point at, indicate, allow access to, align with, streamline, express, and connect to the same kind of spirit and purpose of the instructions “just ignore it and come back to the meditation object”:

  • drop
  • renounce
  • place
  • set aside
  • shelf
  • disengage
  • return
  • disentangle
  • revert
  • overlook
  • supercede
  • leave
  • bring back / put back / pull back / slide back
  • seize
  • cohere
  • adhere
  • remain
  • abandon
  • reject
  • seclude
  • withdraw (although has modern negative psychological connotations)
  • detach (also contains modern negative psychological connotations)
  • attach
  • discharge
  • unplug
  • disconnect
  • (un)subscribe
  • (un)follow
  • comments disabled
  • recover / restore / backup / save
  • no interaction / non-interactive
  • [after meditation:] evaluate / rate
  • unhook
  • unbait
  • cease
  • stop
  • halt
  • reunity / reunite
  • focus
  • streamline
  • retract
  • dissolve
  • (re)constitute
  • solidify
  • crystallise
  • aggregate
  • compound
  • kneed (together)
  • allow erosion, decay, neglect
  • prioritise
  • exclusive intimacy
  • glom on (to)
  • teflon / slide off
  • back off
  • break off / split away / split off
  • discard
  • disregard
  • commit
  • target
  • aim
  • lock on / lock in
  • evade
  • infuse / steep
  • absorb
  • blend
  • merge
  • accompany
  • be with
  • occupy
  • join / conjoin / disjoin
  • sever

Now reread these as categories of inclusivity as well as (categories of) how to exclude and not exclude.

When is using the word “ignore” helpful in meditation and when is it not?

What happens when intending and practicing with the opposite of all these for opposition, contrast, polity to see and know it even better?


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