Is Reading This Blog Post Worth $10,000 An Hour?

Is this life activity, what ever it may be, worth $10,000 an hour? This seemingly outlandish question — at least at first anyway — came across my ears recently from a podcast with a former college who recommends continually asking this question. While our paths have mostly diverted — in very valid and beneficial ways for both — this question strikes strong in its power and its command of prioritization.

I too have yet to find anything to qualify. Besides being able to speak with fellow human beings in real life (something we still take for granted), meditation is the only thing coming close for me.

This $10,000 question, in a very common way most modern people easily innerstand, slaps us with the immediacy, fleeting nature and importance of each and every moment, never to return again in the same way.

As for meditation being the closest thing worth $10,000 an hour, imagine actually paying that amount then meditating. Do you think your mind would wander off as much?

If you’re already around the ages of 30 or 40 are there really many experiences left on your bucket list significantly different from what you’ve already known and/or watched and heard many countless others do?

This is not to discredit external reality, it is more to draw attention to our inner worlds which remain primarily unexplored by the masses with access not currently as limited as the external world in extent and ease of accessibility. Not to mention the primary reasons for meditation.

Whatever the answer, or lack of answer to this question is — using a $10,000 monetary price point as a mirror to represent real non-monetary value — do you humbly value your time, and more importantly, yourself in such a way?

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