Meditation Object Detractors

The extent of shaming and shameless proliferation in the meditating mind can sometimes be staggering. (Perhaps drawing inspiration from the hand sketched characters within the artwork from the Beastie Boy’s Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 record) what’s listed below are various forms of mental activity that can arise and fade away during meditation reformulated into a personality, character or title.

The wide ranging advice and instructions on how to address and deal with these characters won’t be gone into here other than the self-inquiry prompts of: what do you do, or would you do, or not do with these guys while on the cushion? What kind of character considers such a question? What kind of relationships are involved? Would it make sense to allow (any of) them a supporting role in staying with the meditation object? Should I just delete this blog post?

Also, feel free to sketch these.

There’s the:

  • inquirer
  • master planner
  • helper
  • humanitarian
  • reminiscer
  • instructor
  • conversationalist
  • alarmist
  • fascinater
  • baiter
  • day dreamer
  • fantasizer
  • the space out
  • lostling
  • authoritarian
  • (false) expert
  • distractor
  • escapist
  • infantilist
  • royalist
  • analyser / analyst
  • doubter
  • freak(out)
  • proliferationist
  • urger
  • advocate
  • brainiac
  • (false) genius
  • trickster
  • dice(wo)man
  • deliverer
  • rescuer
  • messenger
  • calmist
  • doer
  • (play-by-play sports) commentator
  • comedian
  • fixer
  • validator
  • admirer
  • person of valor
  • assessor
  • judge, jury and executioner
  • reveler
  • revelator
  • marketer and promoter
  • manager
  • thought/people pleaser
  • commiserater
  • follower
  • guru
  • officiant
  • entitlement demander
  • referee
  • negotiator
  • arbitrator
  • diplomat
  • justifier
  • astonisher

4/6/2021 UPDATE: Recently realized a potential caveat pertaining to this post — that which some call Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder) while others mention (their) “alters”. Whether creditable or not, such a topic and related topics seemly hold potential to become quite dark quite quickly with material like the Congressionally documented Project MK ULTRA; claims of (Project) Monarch; SRA/trauma-based-mind-control (with two counselors being Sandra Fecht and Jay Parker); and even a book called The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave which enumerates intricate details. The links above are a few one-sided resources — as countering information seems more easily locatable at the moment. Such links are for those who feel called to research this stuff in the cases that this post happened to trigger more than eliciting lightheartedness and if there happens to be anything to this. If researching please exercise caution and discernment and know the researcher bears responsibly for any and all outcomes, or lack of outcomes.

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4 thoughts on “Meditation Object Detractors

  1. Josh! I’m so excited to learn about this thing you’ve got going on here… two things stood out.#1) spiritual experiences.. beastie boys @ gorge, Wa for sasquach festival was one of my most magical and memorable experiences in life.
    #2) these avatars/egos/characters are unbelievable and perfectly descriptive of the people we (I) play.

    I can’t wait to learn more.


  2. Very cool Jennifer! It is difficult to describe the type and amount of energy experienced around seeing them on their Hello Nasty tour so can image how even much better Sasquatch was. Glad you enjoyed and stay on notice for these characters


    1. This has taken me back to revisit that point in life. It was 2007 and my 26th birthday weekend. Oh how much has changed….


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