An Integrating Presence Meditation: Awareness And Sublime Abidings — December 15, 2022, At Rootbound

This is an edited recording from the guided meditation at Rootbound [ /] on Main Street in St Charles, Missouri on Thursday, December 15th.

We did not start with brief instructions along with a discussion beforehand as I mentioned on this blog post earlier, but we did hold a discussion afterwards even though it’s not on the recording.

The recording starts off with a body scan then we get into awareness practices of mindfulness of body, feeling, mind, mind objects, and awareness itself followed by the sublime abidings of loving-kindness, compassion, vicarious joy and equanimity.

Not included in the recording are the Five Qi Breathing exercises and the Yi Jin Jing we did before sitting meditation.

And for completeness sake, for a description, I edited in a starting mediation bell as well as doing significant noise removal, loudness normalization and equalization.

Although it is now somewhat listenable, it still leaves a lot to be desired. For reference, one can hear the unedited persistent hiss of background noise after the ending bell, but that’s only one version of it as it changed significantly a few times as these noises can when recording live in a public space not specifically designed for audio.

Anyway what I guess I’m getting at is if any professional audio engineers would like to donate their time and expertise to cleaning up the audio please reach out at integratingpresence [at] protonmail [dot] com and I’ll send the source file.

Overall though the meditation was well received in real life and on Insight Timer live. I have even been invited back right away even though I may not return to do so for quite awhile due to other positive life circumstances.

Audio: An Integrating Presence Meditation: Awareness And Sublime Abidings — December 15, 2022, At Rootbound

Thursday, December 15th 2022 — 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Cost: generosity inspired donation

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