Allowing Non-forgiveness & Considering Three-pronged Forgiveness

Easy to remember shortcut to this blog post/article:

The description for this 3/7/2022 Insight Timer Live talk (perhaps somewhat related to my previous talk The Psychology of Customer Service Apologies):

For 15 minutes or so I invite discussion on forgiveness in general; from experience; as an ideal; as consideration; phrases for three-pronged forgiveness practice: 1) forgiving another/others 2) asking for forgiveness 3) forgiving self; not condoning actions; and next level front-loading forgiveness

A variation of pre-show notes:

  • religious or non-religious
  • not weakness, submission, failure, loss, blame
  • ideally many would like to but can’t, not sincere, not ready, exploring, etc so allow non-forgiveness
  • yoga teacher of mine very wary of forgiveness
  • not condoning actions
  • taking self-responsibility
  • lifting of burden for oneself
  • Ajahn Chah boulder story
  • Andrea Fella: thousands of miles apart and being angry and begrudging likely didn’t affect other person
  • anger like tossing a hot coal to burn another
  • not accepting anger like not accepting a gift — it goes back, or belongs to the giver
  • pain in my heart and behind heart in meditation
  • picking up trash

Three-way forgiveness phrase:

To those I may have caused harm knowingly or unknowingly through my thoughts, words or actions I ask you to consider forgiving me.

To those who may have caused me harm knowingly or unknowingly through their thoughts, words or actions I freely offer my forgiveness as best as I am able at this time.

And for any harm I may have caused myself knowingly or unknowingly through my thoughts, my words, my actions I offer my forgiveness; I forgive myself as best I can at this time.

Audio: Allowing Non-forgiveness & Considering Three-pronged Forgiveness

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