Elemental Intuitive Advisor Anjellea Godwin

Anjellea Godwin is an Elemental Intuitive Advisor who ‘gives information and insight into the hidden Essence of your Soul’s Blueprint, your true inner nature. She works with the elements of your nature (fire, soil, metal, water and wood) including her intuitive claircognizant ability and numerology and other modalities to give you clear and precise information to your current situation. To give you support so you discover and reveal the gifts you came into this world with, including the challenges so you know your weaknesses in order to identify how you can improve in those areas in order to apply the strengths in the most effective way. . .’

We chat about:

  • Anjellea’s grandmother tarot abilities (from personal experience)
  • her story and journey
  • living in an ashram
  • discovering and developing claircognizance
  • the benefits of the five elements system with a brief example reading that sheds light on the larger system as well as Anjellea’s own approach which includes the 10 bodies and Tantric numerology

Some of Anjellea’s work, offerings and services — including much beyond what’s mentioned here — can be found at: https://elementalintuitiveadvisor.com

Audio: Elemental Intuitive Advisor Anjellea Godwin

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