The Psychology of Customer Service Apologies

This brief Wisdom app talk on March 3rd looks at the psychology of apologies, especially pertaining to those in Customer Service followed by a call-in chat with Malcolm who relates first hand experience working in this field.

My edited notes:

  • wondered why I felt off when apologized to by many Customer Service representatives so I investigated
  • not addressing apologies amongst friends
  • not saying Customer Service reps shouldn’t apologize either
  • based on perceiving an issue
  • reflexive, push button, surface level reaction
  • contains one (another) to surface level
  • distances one emotionally
  • psychological tactic of gauging emotional response to apology
  • on upside it forces a moment of a type of mindfulness
  • how then is such knowledge used? To get the upper-hand emotionally? If so, how?
  • inverted cover for Schadenfreude for some
  • why do some say one thing, mean another, then do something entirely differently?
  • response of impotency or perceived impotency — sometimes neither one can (or wants) to take action, or can do anything, or concludes the other party can’t do anything
  • can be a groundless conclusion of limitation
  • on the upside, it’s an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves as frustration is often a prompting for this
  • Possible response:
    • Apologize for their apology:
      • I’m sorry that you’re sorry
      • I apologize for your apology
Audio: The Psychology of Customer Service Apologies

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