Crystal Gazing Contemplation / Meditation

Easy to remember shortcut for this blog post:

Unlike the two crystals I mention using, or the cluster or matrix shown here, I suggest using only one easy to hold crystal starting off.

In order to tune in more deeply, it’s probably better to pause and extend the meditation to sit longer in silence with the crystal. Do so after the initial instructions during the allotted time period around the two minute twelve second mark before getting into the main contemplation.

Also, please only use the notes below after doing the meditation at least once. It’s provided here as a quick reference if desiring to put any of this to memory instead of having to re-listen

  • We’re not trying to make answers happen. If nothing happens, we allow the question to pass naturally, as we can come back to this recording again, and continue looking and being with the crystal
  • What kind of thought and feeling are arising and present about doing a crystal gazing meditation?
  • Can those thoughts and feelings be put aside for this brief period?
  • Is there anything I need and want from this crystal?
  • What would happen if I ask this crystal what it needed and wanted? Can I do this now and listen in for any responses?
  • Where did this crystal come from?
  • What is its energy like?
  • Where in your body to you sense its energy?
  • How else can you sense its energy?
  • What is the physical touch like? Dense? Porous? Rough? Smooth? Heavy? Light?
  • With your physical eyes, what do you notice about this crystal?
  • What is its shape . . . color . . . texture . . . transparency. . . opaqueness? Is it shiny? Dull?
  • How does light interact with it? If light reflects off it, where all does this happen? Do any reflections of light change when moved around slightly?
  • If transparent enough, what can be seen inside the crystal?
    What are the shapes, colors, textures inside? How the interaction of light behave inside compared to the surface?
  • How may this crystal have formed in the earth? Formed by what kind of forces, processes, causes, and conditions? What amount of time may it have taken to form this crystal? How might this crystal change over what kind of time span?
  • What kind of beings, if any, may be, or may have been in association with this crystal?
  • Return to sensing the energy of this crystal and notice any similarities when first doing so and noice anything new and/or no longer present
  • If called to do so please offer thanks and gratitude however and in whatever way feels appropriate
Audio: Crystal Gazing Contemplation / Meditation

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