Beyond Just A Healing Place: Lisa Frey Of Fat Cat Longevity

After participating in events and facilitating meditations at Fat Cat Longevity for quite some time now, I finally sit down with the care and wellness head honcho herself Lisa Frey:

  • short bio
  • teaching
  • More Natural “Cures” Revealed book
  • health and life coaching
  • how Lisa came upon Mary’s House of Healing
  • visiting Lunar Healing
  • how she started Fat Cat Longevity
  • singing bowls
  • rotating Wednesday meditations at Fat Cat
  • Lisa’s work with clients
  • weight loss
  • identifying and changing habits
  • looking inward
  • self talk
  • choices
  • self care
  • empowerment
  • encouragement
  • self-awareness without being judgmental
  • inner child work
  • journaling
  • programming
  • childhood and adult trauma
  • healing trauma with energy work and meditation
  • memories, perspectives and perceptions
  • narcissism
  • gas lighting
  • boundaries
  • manipulation
  • “success” with unconscious survival tactics as a habit
  • deception
  • abuse
  • everything as love or a cry for love
  • resent for over-giving
  • being assertive
  • not always saying yes
  • feeling good about self-care
  • boundaries shedding light on manipulation
  • self-honesty
  • talking about and stating feelings
  • integrating new affects of healing
  • micro and macro narcissism
  • subleasing to psychologist Amber Quintas (sp?)
  • Wednesday book club
  • weekend availability for events, retreats, workshops

How to get in touch with Lisa and find out about her current availability:

Podcast | Beyond Just A Healing Place: Lisa Frey Of Fat Cat Longevity

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