Awakening: A Two Part Series With Randi Green And Alex Manning — (Part 1:) Definition, Purpose & Probability And (Part 2:) On Tools & Teachers

In February 2023, Randi Green and I were joined by Alex Manning to discuss awakening. In the first of this two part series we talk about the definition, purpose and probability of awakening as well as the processes, psychological maturing and some of the steps needed to begin the journey towards expanded perception and higher order awareness.

What is the higher order awareness? And what does this mean? Is it the same as awakening or activation? We also go into dreams, the astral, dark awakenings, the two truths, self-responsibility, bliss, crisis, stress, etc.

In part two we talk about how some tools can be stepping stones as well as distortions and hinderances like tarot, astrology, crystals, healing systems, etc. Also mentioned: redefining terminology, zen training and teachers.

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homeless welcome this is Josh dippold of today I’m joined

Again by Randy green and also we have today with us Alex Manning how are you

gals doing today we’re going to talk about this word

Awakening what do we mean by Awakening what’s its purpose and what are the probabilities

surrounding it I know this is kind of become almost a cliche topic there’s

even these things called um things this thing called wokism or

being woke and that’s not necessarily what we’re talking about here at all we’re talking about Awakening which is

usually morally more so commonly associated with quote-unquote

spirituality but we want to look at it in a little bit different light I’m

going to pass this right to Randy right away and say Randy what do you mean by Awakening what is this what how would

you define Awakening well the first step I want to go here is that we have got this interesting constellations of two

people from America as me from Denmark so there are differences there in the

understanding of what Awakening is because here in Denmark we are still to my knowledge very hooked up on

traditional spiritualities traditional Ascension Dynamic traditional means of

with guides and tarots and Crystal cards and many people see that that’s the

Awakening going into spirituality being able to see guides Spirit Animals what have you which for me to a large degree

is what I coin astralism it’s part of the astral plan it’s not really

Awakening it’s part of the subconscious it’s part of dream level of our energy field

so it is a beginning point to open up to a broader spectrum of knowledge that

comes from within but it’s just the first step of the journey so for me Awakening is a constant process of

expanding awareness of learning how to

work with the processes of expanding as expanding our awareness constant being

in this waking up state where life itself becomes a journey of perceiving

energy from a different angle of both mind or emotions as well as higher

levels of awareness which again leads to a completely different discussion what is high awareness so that’s kind of

where I want to start very good uh Alex would you like to pick up on this yeah I think without going

too in depth into you know what it means from an American point of view because you did touch on that and opens that

door and I won’t go down that rabbit hole but I think we do have that foundational spirituality

um you know in in America in American culture but but Josh I think to your earlier point we also have this new

connotation of wokism and it’s associated with other elements beyond

the spiritual process or The Awakening process you have the correlation to

politics and um you know other cultural components

um tied to current events in America where it’s a little bit different to

your point Randy um you know from from your perspective yeah and it’s almost like it’s been

hijacked in a way so where the left Spectrum has the wokism in the right has

uh gotten too far into conspiracy maybe some things with the Q Anon uh thing and

they’re just kind of both completely off the mark of what we’re talking about but trying to maybe capitalize on if there’s

any kind of momentum with it for their own purposes but we’re not talking about this we’re talking about this

um the way I feel anyway is this is for our own well-being and happiness is one aspect

aspect of it and for the well-being and happiness of others and for all beings everywhere and uh also the the reality

field in general um so I look at this too as Awakening as seeing things as they really are not how

we want them to be so much right it’s good to have aspirations and goals and things like this obviously uh path this

is also associated with different path um Paths of um spiritual paths and

things like this be it entry level or Transcendent level but for me it’s just about being in alignment with reality

how it actually is and along with this goes all the things in the way the things that are hindering us internally

and externally from seeing the truth of reality of how it actually is I think I

would add as well it’s it’s changing your frames of reference right so changing your frames of reference uh the

way you view yourself and then to your point the way that you’re viewing external events and the the outside

world yeah and this is the first step on the Buddhist path the Right View and it’s also it’s only it’s the first and

the last in a way it’s almost there has to be some degree of wisdom to see the benefit of it and all the different

um steps and practices along the way are to build up more wisdom along the way in order to have even a more accurate view

of truth and reality and yeah and then then I have to push

that one because what is truth and what is reality and what is perception because it it’s so it’s again with for

me what I think is the most important thing for me to put in here is that it is it’s a stepladder process it’s it’s a

spectrum of awareness it’s not just this or that because truth is one in one on

one level of perception of reality chooses that on another level of reality truth is that on another real and so

forth so and when we talk about awareness awareness in the human form awareness in the Energy System Awareness

on the Consciousness level or what we talk about what is the aspiration from

from going outside what we call everyday life and going into the understanding of there’s more to life than just the

Physical Realm that’s the first step of aspiration of Awakening go into that understanding whoa there’s something

going on here and for some people just seeing a spirit or an ancestor or

something that’s enough or beginning to take signs from animals that they’re seeing or the the the birds in the trees

or the crows or what have you that’s the first way they feel they are in tune because that’s what they know from what

we call all shamanistic practices or what indigenous people are talking about

then they feel as a Westerner oh I’m so awoke let’s use that expression because

because I’m seeing these things I’m sensing these things which is just technically just the the enhancement of

the peripheral nervous system it’s just the emotional system that begins to instead of just being an internal

feature begins to work in alignment with the outer energies and thereby the

sensing becomes stronger the the absorption of reality energies kicks

harder so to speak than when people are just up in their heads walking around in their everyday lives thinking about me

myself I and my needs and my desires and I need to earn money I need to pay the bills or my boss is an or

whatever people are thinking about suddenly experiencing reality and that’s

the first step of Awakening actually to experience the world we are part of with all of our senses and that’s also part

of seeing things as they truly are because there we’re no longer just perceiving things from our internal

perception field of how I want reality to be but actually begin to work with the

reality as it is on its own right as it is per itself and I can’t remember the

German philosopher they came up with that but there is a German philosopher that came up with that I can’t remember what it’s called but see things as they

are in their own rights so I think that’s the first step of the Awakening process is not to interpreting

everything through the filter of our own narrative but as we begin to interact

with reality as it presents itself and that’s where science actually kicks in as well and this is where perception

comes in too so maybe we can come back and kind of put a definition on awareness and perception as well

um the the one thing that I feel is the most one of the most important of what ready just said is seeing and knowing

this for oneself right because yes we have teachers that will help us we have

we have guides we have teaching systems and books and videos and podcasts but

what it comes down to at the end of the day can one see and know this for oneself or are they relying on an

outside Source only an outside source so I would say it has to be very seen and known for oneself you know I can’t just

be taken on good faith although faith comes into it just to start off as well and faith can be verified by your own

experiences But ultimately at the end of the day know thyself and

and also some of these things can come from in my instance it came from like the Dark Knight of the Soul or these

dark Awakening said oh yeah the people in power and it seems so obvious now

right they they are they’re not exactly what they appear to be right there’s things going on behind the scenes that

they don’t want to know publicly I mean this goes from very pedestrian things to maybe some very intense

um things behind the scenes we’ll put it that way um and when we talk about truth here I won’t get into my my pet topics

so much but a really helpful teaching I found is the two truths there’s a conventional or relative reality

relative truth in a way then there’s the ultimate truth so obviously we’re not going to be talking about ultimate truth

today so we can have you guys all be enlightened you can get back to your Netflix shows right so you can get this

in an Awakening project out of the way and get back to TV or whatever but yeah so um what would you say Alex before we

jump back into defining like awareness in person yeah I think I would actually adds we did talk about seeing so seeing

physical examples and our reality or external events in a reality that maybe

spur that Awakening process but I think sometimes you may not see anything physically or even you know external

events perceiving them differently and having suspicions and you know to tidy your example I think you can also have

that inner knowing or sense that you don’t know everything the way it’s been

laid out to you the way you’ve been programmed and there’s an inner drive to want to understand more and sometimes

that could be the spark or the spur to your initial Awakening Journey it may

not necessarily be that first you know visual of something traditionally that

we perceive or categorize as a sign or something in the physical so it reminds me of the saying that Morpheus said in

The Matrix like like a splinter and you know something was wrong like a splinter in your mind driving you mad you

couldn’t really tell what it was but something’s off here something’s not uh the way it appears to be yes and talk

about intuition too is what you’re kind of talking about right yeah well I would like to put a hook into when you said

this kind of Awakening that that authorities were not as you perceive them to be and as a psychother entirely

yes but as a psychotherapist that actually ties into some of the developmental processes as a kid when

you realize your parents are not these fantastic awesome beings and you begin to take them down their pedestals

because you begin to see they have flaws and they poop and they pee and they do

stuff that is not that this is god-like beings and many people have actually not

done that process with their own parents but they get the process with the authorities Instead This is the parents

are no no touch because I need them to be on the pedestal that’s the comfort zone the psychological comfort zone but

instead of actually working with the disappointment of the parents they project as they so nicely put into

authority figures instead and then they they run the whole shebang with the authority figures as these weird beings

that I have all of the floors or whatever they’re not allowed allowing themselves to see in their parents so

not that I’m saying we are to put authority figures on pedestals because they are people that are pooing and peeping and having you’re gonna have

floors and have psychological issues like everybody else so for me that that’s part of not

Awakening that’s actually maturing that is to see the that people are people yes

that authorities of people like everybody else and if they act in a way that the server respect we will treat

them with respect similar to our parents if our parents treat us in a way that we

can be say is respectful then they deserve our respect otherwise they will

just be humans doing human stuff and this I know this is especially American culture honor your mother and your

father whereas in Denmark we have this little bit kind of more yes you are my mother yes you are my father but we have

a broader Foundation of psychological Dynamics and psychological understanding which then allows us to for instance

when I’ve seen some groups in Denmark beginning to draw in qn and ideas or some of the conspiracy theories or what

have you and they they are dysfunctional in the Danish mindset because we have

this friend I’ve remembered not long ago there was this little snippet from our prime minister that was on YouTube where

she was laughing completely just breaking down laughing because someone said something hilarious and the whole

the whole focusing as we thought were laughing and if how many people do that and that was kind of oh wow the prime

minister is just laughing and laughing like a little kid right so so because she’s human like everybody else so we

don’t have that Authority uh respect in the same manner including when we go to

work sorry I need to complete this one when we go to work yes we have our bosses but it’s not yes sir yes ma’am

it’s about that’s a human like everybody else and if that human does not do what he or she is supposed to do we are

allowed to speak up we are allowed literally to go to our boss and say you know what I don’t agree with that

without getting kicked out and without getting fired see that’s lovely um and this brings to mind you know me I was

against both you know rebellious nature we’re not in my youth you know that’s a common cliche too but it was for me so I

my parents you know I realized they weren’t the authority figure but then all the other authority figures I had it

so I had Authority issues for some time right so that’s uh maybe I think the

cultural mindset and just the way it’s played out plays it seems like it plays a more significant part than I thought

in in the States but this also reminds me now we’re talking about kind of more

grounded things here but now when we talk about the edges of Awakening maybe the more Fringe areas right so we talk

about entities things that are just comp you know the stuff TV shows are made of sometimes like this so now there’s a

dynamic for some people not wanting to be um public and talking about these things because they could be painted in

a certain light there can be um kind of um become an outcast these type of

things and stigma around it as well but it seems like in America as long as you have your own business and you’re making

money from it then it’s okay but if you’re just having a casual conversation about these things it’s it’s more I

would say frowned upon unless you’re doing it as a you know a reader or things like this and then they have to

have disclaimers like this is for entertainment and things like this right but then you have people that are on the Other Extreme like they consider almost

Nut Cases because they’re just hammering the stuff on the extremes all day long and you know that’s where this term

conspiracy theory has gotten a bad rap too and so the you know how we play with these

different Dynamics you know what is the social norms are they you know are they

there for a reason are they there to control people you know what’s um what’s

acceptable what’s not what should be acceptable what’s not all these kind of questions come in because this stuff can

get really weird sometimes right and that people are thinking well are you the other big thing I’ll just throw out

there here um is even if this is not you know let’s say oh you just saw this in a movie or

things like this you read it in a book well okay let’s play with that for a second well let’s say that’s just a

product of imagination but how does imagination work do these the people that poo poo it and just dismiss it

without investigation on their own can they then tell me how imagination works and I say if they can’t tell me exactly

how it works well then that means nothing that their dismissal basically means nothing because they can’t explain

it either they can’t explain imagination or how it has come to be sorry Alex the

question the question is kind of because I’m I’ve I might be completely off here but with you you guys here with me I

will I will pose the question um I can’t of course I would say within

the Danish school system my experience was that I was allowed to have critical thinking independent thinking my

question is are you allowed to have that in the states well it used to be so I’m showing my age here it was actually

encouraged for quite some time would I see more and more and now maybe it’s not maybe my um assessment’s not accurate

here but even in higher institutions of learning now it’s more there’s more

um I guess pressure incentive to conform to certain ideas I mean there was a little bit of that when I was in

university too but it was kind of more veiled and hidden and they still gave some at least lip service to critical

and independent thinking but now it seems like some people will get really ostracized for you know speaking out or

trying to come up with original thought or critical thinking they’re put in certain silos in certain grooves and

ways of thinking and I would say maybe even programs or um yeah just just boxes and things like

that yeah I would say there’s still discomfort around challenging authority figures and you brought up a great point

that I was thinking of earlier in in the sense that um you are more equipped here with the

the tools the psychological tool kit to feel confident enough to and also with

the social con you know constructs to question authority whereas I would say even if things are getting a little bit

easier even just talking about these types of ideas questioning Authority Awakening in America I think the

subliminal undertone it’s still there of discomfort in challenging any authority

figures or status quo I’m still discomfortable it is and people that are

in power in workplaces you know maybe I’m wrong on this but they if they get threatened or something they could pull

that card and just maybe not fire you right away exactly there’s all kinds of ways to do

that to pull the the power card it may be very subtle but it still happens yeah there’s still that power they might not

even be aware that they’re doing it in some senses some of the things they do of course we got that in Denmark as well

because that’s the personality structure if you want Power you want Power you want to remain in power sure but I think

I think when the reason why I brought this up is from my viewpoint and of course I don’t know everything in the

world right nah so so but for my the little things I do know and I do observe

with this Awakening and awoke movement in America is just as much a maturing

process of the human population going into a more psychological Dynamic

expansion more than an actual Awakening yes and I think well this is what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with its

self-actualization I think you have to get to that top of that pyramid before you can kind of get into the true Awakening processes the most right stuff

we’re talking about it’s more psychological processes which not to be dismissed or anything that all has to go

through to gone through too right yeah and I want to tie it into that’s why the whole guide guides and Tarot cards

Crystal all of these are supportive systems for the very fragile maturing

process into seeing reality as it truly is and that is that life sucks life is

hard being a grown-up is hard living this world is hard yeah so so

getting to that point instead of trying to constantly finding Comfort zones that’s one of the the things I have

against spiritual spirituality I did it myself in my own process and I found it

very supportive but when we really begin to talk about Enlightenment processes or

full awareness processes of the complexity of reality then we must envelope everything in what it actually

means to be an adult and we’d be mature in whatever we’re experiencing yeah and for for me I had the opposite I never

got into the new age stuff until later I was dealing with these dark Awakenings so to speak so when I did find

meditation it was a huge help because it kind of balanced the the whole thing because yes there there needs to be some

kind of comfort zone a little bit in order to to deal with some of the overwhelm that can come with this

because if we get too unbalanced either way too much comfort zone there’s no advancement or progression at all you

know but if there’s just too much challenge all the time well then it’s easy to break down lash out shut down

and things like this so balancing that as well think of the emotional maturation process as well even if it’s

under the the guise of the the conspiracy going against authority figures you have betrayal or you have

suspicion right then you have betrayal deception disappointment and so kind of

similar to what you were talking about with parents you’re having that similar emotional process as well yeah with the

you know authority figures or whatever you’re saying because for me since we don’t have this huge admiration or for

instance but when I see American movies or American documentaries or whatever is all about all the president we’re

worshiping right sorry for that sorry about that but then we we don’t have that to the same we have a monarchy yes

but that’s a queen yes she smokes and she she curses and she does whatever she’s a person as well so we don’t have

this admiration of authority pedestal kind of thing so that’s for me and I

know I’m I’m being a little bit harsh here sorry you guys I’m sorry Americans out there and actually I would I would

think if they the alternative they get you the other way because I never really saw looked up that much to the

Presidents and stuff like this but it was the celebrities then yes but then that gets so ridiculous they worship

celebrities instead not they because I mean I’ve been in that boat too I’ve seen tons and tons of movies in my

younger days and it was that trap of worshiping that as well so the point being because it’s not just about the

president it’s about the worshiping it is about this giving power away putting not not just putting power away but I

want to go a different direction this has to do with that when we talk about seeing things as the children are we

need to see people as they truly are and stop putting them up or into positions where we expect something from them when

we worship our authorities we expect them to do the right thing we expect them to follow through with what they

promise we expect them and all of this ties into actual what we did with our parents and nobody can really keep their

words in the political system this is all about understanding the political system say these are not Heroes these

are people that are negotiating because what are they really interested in power they’re interested in their own

Ambitions they are they are what we call what you call it a career politicians so

so this has nothing to do with about governance nothing to do with service nothing yes it’s just so so that’s the

Awakening process and the maturing process instead of constantly being angry about it yes exactly get your

together people and see yeah exceptions and then figure out if you if you really

want to make changes then we have have to mature and grow up ourselves instead of bitching and moaning and they are and

projecting go in and say okay what difference can I then make what can I do to create that world that I actually

want to be a part of what is my stake in this instead of just bitching about it exactly and the Axiom I think fits

really where well here government is not your friend you know and so then there’s this is all about taking

self-responsibility but then people will get into the tree oh I’m just you know I’m nobody to get things done I need to

go through the political process well maybe for some things but there are all our our actions make a difference and

it’s about sitting down and honestly assessing what can I do what can’t I do and then talk bouncing it off friends

and teachers and mentors and stuff like that to see and without going vigilante and become the new Arrow

but what happens though when you so you get to that process but then you encounter limitation

there’s limitation to what you can change that’s a whole new set of emotions and Awakening right yes because

you hit a you had a wall or a ceiling and you can only do so much with the current system in place yes so you have

to think differently be Innovative think of new ideas but it can be very challenging right it can be very well

because really uh as far as I know right now there’s I can’t really control things on the outside but the the sense

of agency that seems to be there is how do I view this and how can I respond to

it and where do I choose to place my attention now those are the things that we seem to have more semblance or agency

of choice in the matter right so those things I think should be um kind of maybe beefed up and worked on as much as

possible and this is where the kind of inner work and progression work comes in these are the things that we can

actually do no matter almost any kind of circumstances that we’re in in certain ways and that’s a very nice kind of step

ladder we built here because we kind of go into the maturing process and then they understand the world is actually

difficult so let’s stop painting it yes exactly because it isn’t and then then

come to terms with that and then come to terms where you can’t rely on other people to do what needs to be done we

need to take our responsibility as well and then that what is our responsibility and then thinking oh I can do whatever I

want to discover no there are so many limitations then what can I actually do what do I have control of what where can

I create change and that’s why we’re going to know thyself as you put in because then it goes inwardly then you

you have pushed all of tried to push the outer just to experience that’s a collective I can only do so much there

okay I need to go inside change who and what I am and begin that process and

that’s where we go exactly and before we even do that what’s the point of all this what’s the purpose why is this

important you know yeah so yeah Alex what do you think there’s no other choice you get to a point in your

Awakening process where there is no other choice you have to keep pushing in that direction it’s an inner push that

there’s no other option yeah in a way I like that too because then it’s the when there’s only one choice it’s an easy

choice to make so we don’t have to stress out about what choices to make right because after a certain point it said that you can’t just go back to

sleep anymore right you know and a lot of times it’s really hard to for me to try to describe the the reason the

purpose I think there’s some Universal aspects of it but I think it’s also kind of a more personal if we’re going to say

that as well but as far as I don’t know maybe Randy can put words to this um no no I was actually on a little dude

the first thing when we then get disappointed with the outer realities of course when we go inside again going

back to New AG things where we kind of try to find comfort in the tarot cards

of the guys the the feeling of bliss the feeling of oh this is so I remember that

that was that was so nice that was good feeling all this love and

caring and light and oh yes that was the best time of my life but uh I was not

put aside for that as I keep saying I I play a little bit up on the pawn of the old prophets not that I’m a prophet at

all but in in the Old Testament is that the prophets were put aside from of from

God to do a specific type of work that were against everything else nobody’s recognized in their own city as I said

in the gospels not that I’m religious at all just remind listeners out here I have a bachelor degree in theology so

I’m not religious I don’t believe in God but there are traits of these Dynamics

within all religions within all systems within all spiritual teaching systems within all philosophical philosophy

systems philosophical systems so we find it everywhere in human history so I

could have chosen to to talk about heroic writers or someone else that would probably said the same thing but

point being so once we get this is if we really caught up for the and I’m going to put

in something here that might sound a little bit provoking but the true Awakening process because not everybody has the capacity to awaken but there are

some that are set aside for it and they will go through these steps as well and

they will also go through this this new age love and light Community ideas and

many were there to experience the disappointment as well so then we have another crisis another

disappointment in our inspiration because we thought oh I’ll just go to the ashram or go to that Community I’ll

become part of that yoga Community or what have you and then we discover yeah

they just shits dummies are there they are bitching they are talking about each other’s backs and they’re throwing

knives and what have you and then that whole crumbles and falls and then what do we do then because you put it on a

pedestal right yes yes I will this is these are all really good things and I

the the Bliss thing uh yes if that’s overdone of course that’s really not that good I would say though there still

is a point for that too because how dark things can get how stressful things can get what are the wholesome skillful wise

and useful parts of the love and light that are actually helpful for waking up

and which ones are a trap you know so I think that it’s a tool exactly it’s a

tool and because a lot of people will just go back into sensuality right and just get more food more more sex more

entertainment more shopping you know immerse themselves in the world uh or of being of the world instead of in it so I

think some of these really high states of bliss and joy and peace they

can also if they’re done right they can actually be uh support for awakening but if done wrong they can be their own trap

right yeah exactly and that so the other no but let me put it here because that’s

that kind of sorry I want to put in a little bit because it all depends on where we begin our spiritual journey so

to speak our Awakening process because as a kid I was I’ve not that I was

awakened or awake as a kid because that’s the child brain so I can’t really say was I awoke as a child but I was

definitely highly sensitive highly understanding of levels which I didn’t understand because I hadn’t got the

vocabulary for it I didn’t have the thought forms for it but I observed and I could see some things that didn’t add

up and then that for me it has always been this sub current of a sadness and

existential sadness so so what I did was I had one cat at a

time but my cats used to give me a lot of love that was very comforting I kind of love I couldn’t get from my parents

because they were busy with their own stuff and I was this weird kid I was on my own so my life has been very on my

own in touch with nature where I find kind of off of this fulfilling what

people experienced as Bliss I felt that in nature I felt the caring for my cats that took care of me when I was sad they

would come up and curl up and say you know people who have animals they know this emotional support animals exactly

absolutely and then at the same time already having these type of meditative processes where I went in and made

myself blank already as a kid because I could just feel the thought processes were too overwhelming so I learned to

nullify all of these processes and just observe and absorb and just be in it and

be more investigative because clearly I had no one to go to to ask the questions to get the answers so I had to figure a

lot of stuff out for myself yes and this is brilliant because this works in with the um characteristics of existence and

their doors to Awakening so the um one with talk about um like a not-self you

know this kind of oh I’m kind of pointless and meaningless in this world and no one’s here for me that can

actually lead to an understanding of emptiness that you know although as as bad as everything is and is as shitty as

it seems a lot of times it’s really if you if if one really investigates it

there’s no lasting substance too it’s it’s empty of any real lasting substance

so that emptiness can actually be like a relief from this and then the the stress and the suffering and stuff like that

that can lead to um the I’m going backwards here but they can lead to the notion of um what do

they call it um not having a lot of preferences in life because the the more thing we want things to be a certain way

the more likely we’re gonna these expectations the more they’re kind get to get you know knocked down or you know

even lead to more unsatisfaction in this this changeable nature of things

um that’s the other Mark is that things are in a constant state of flux in the undergoing changeability so

um I forget this one this is called signlessness and I don’t know really know how to talk about that gate to

Awakening but if people are interested they can look that up so apparently I have some work to do on that one I think

you guys touch with something really important and that’s the grief that comes with The Awakening process the

grief of losing your old paradigms losing your old life your friends too

yes yeah for sure yeah for sure on a human level of friends

um security your sense of security and safety in a world that you thought might have been safe so I think that grief

process is something that you probably encounter multiple times yes the same truth truth can destroy the world you

used to live in right yeah but this is this is the interesting thing because I already lost that as a child yeah I lost

that very very early yes so that’s that’s kind of where I stand out a little bit as and I know there are

others that have experienced that as well but when I work with the ones that are doing my classes and the materials this they have to take that process as

grown-ups and I did it as a kid it was a clear realization I can’t these parents

yeah they brought me into this world but by the way what am I doing here I’m not supposed to be here right first step and

secondly looking at my mom saying yeah I’m not getting good to go much get much from that person so I became my mom’s

mom and with my father yeah he could but now he hasn’t he hasn’t got the energy

the capacity for it so that that was an early loss of having I lost my parents

early on so they were there physically but they were not there emotionally right so so that’s the grief of losing

very early and of course later on as a psychotherapist when I went through my professional education and I had all of

these personal sessions where I worked through these recap read what you call recuperating we calibrate recalibrator

looking into it again anyways uh different variations where I then got instead of the the child perception of

it I got the grown-up perception okay what was that actually about and then I can see now after having done so much

inner work that it ties actually into my old Buddhist Incarnation where I already lost these features of being in the

world and being part of the world and being submerged into the world I lost that ages ago so therefore of course I’m

born into a family setting that does not provide me to get submerged but provides

for me to actually get distant so I kept so I get to see things as the truly are

there’s nothing here for you and that’s part of the existential sadness yes and

that’s to see and know that suffering in order to you know wait to to end it in a

way so this goes into the probability that we talked about the beginning so what do you got what do you guys think

about um so you talked a little bit before Randy about it’s just not probable for some people and you just highlighted

that too so I guess the big things that come up around that is like I don’t know if they could put a percentage on it or

what but like what percentage of you know or what amount of maybe just the

what we call humans from day to day could possibly actually do this which couldn’t and then once we kind of it

doesn’t need to be a set number or anything like this that gets the more important question would be for those

that it doesn’t seem really that possible what can they and ought they to do if they were to come to someone like

you or ask for advice and what about the people that do have the potential for doing this and what maybe are some

advice and guidelines for what they ought to do yeah well when when I come up how to go about it basically yes but

that’s that’s impossible to answer all of your questions there there is absolutely no answer to that no cookie

cutting because no because that’s linear thinking yeah so when I say probability is we’re more talking about actually

what we call higher order potentials we’re talking about a probability rate for awakening of the human civilization

as a whole and not individual humans and not in the in kind of if people come and ask can I

awake and I’ll I will as the kind of with the old Buddhist monk approach say well if you ask that question you have

already got your answer and if you come and ask what am I to do

to awake I will say essential ask that question you already got the answer

so is there a Tipping Point though right is there a Tipping Point or there it needs to be 30 percent of people

Awakening before it has a mass effect anything like this no it depends on the

individuals I would say what we actually when we talk about probability we would say the ones that do have the Potentials

inbuilt in them and are already on the path of Awakening I would rather say they should be the the focus Point not

the ones that are not there yet they will come eventually there are different waves as it’s called but the ones that

are in the process of Awakening they for me and I might be wrong but if if I were

to create a perfect scenario of how would I like things to be I would say the ones that are already Awakening and

know they are Awakening and are getting information from within on what they need to do they need to pay much more

attention to follow through with what they get of in the guidance what need to follow through with I know what’s right

I know what’s wrong why am I still do what I know is wrong and start doing what feels right and is

right this is a really good point now I I would say though at one point the inner guidance I was getting I

wouldn’t even call it inner guidance it was kind of uh just you know the thinking mind going off the rails okay

so that’s not what we’re talking about then yeah complete Distortion so so that’s a

good one you put in there because yes yes because the ones that actually have the true potentials for awakening they

will quickly kick in with discernment themselves they will self-adjust quickly on their own merits and buy their own

devices they do not need teachers they do not need our resource to tell them

what to do they already know what to do but if within that same group we also have the older Latins that are so with

so many superiority issues that they know everything right they’re much better than everybody else but so that’s

where it plays into being humble so now we’re starting a completely different discussion because when we ask about who

can we teach people to awaken no no but how do you how do you address the distortions anything to say towards the

the part is that what you mean by The Authority kind of thing that’s what you meant by distortions for the inner guidance it starts off no I mean that

when you begin this I you go into the subconscious you go into the actual plane you will get nothing

but distillation yes everything you’ll get there will be Distortion so that’s the legitness and at the same time it

seems like oh this is really useful this is amazing but then the proofs and the pudding though sometimes if they follow

that that it doesn’t pay off it actually can turn into disaster so that that point it’s really critical to say okay

well how do I course correct and not just give up and totally disregard my inner guidance and then go on to to look

outside myself so I think that was a critical point for me that turning point but it if I’m remembering right it just

kind of happened naturally it went from more distortions to less distortions and then finally some some credible things

internally I think a lot of it has to do with self-confidence too with the humility balanced with humility too

right that the self-adjusting problem it’s all about those choices and I think

you start starting to get that awareness around your choice making right so you start when you start to awaken you start

to see that the results of your choice making whether it’s good or bad so you start making a couple good choices maybe

one bad choice get knocked back a bit and I think it really does come down to that Uber awareness of your choices even

the smallest of things what are you eating for breakfast how are you reacting to a situation yeah those

little choices start to accumulate over time yes it can’t be stated enough because I broke that off for a little

bit but drop by drop the water buckets full we think oh well I just do a little bad thing here and no harm will come to

me but if keep time after time again that that will fill up a you know a bucket or whatever so this that this

this notion this perception that everything is important even if it’s not really important it still can condition

other moments and lead to other choices along the same ideas or yeah it’s just

how we view those choices too because you’re creating patterns and choices

so come on come I’m kind of there with it what else to address I think we’ve

covered the kind of generalities of just kind of what can be said publicly about

Awakening um is there anything else anybody would like to add to this otherwise I think we’re gonna wrap this

one up I think it’s a good conversation kind of good here yep all right well thank you gals

The raw unedited YouTube transcription for part two:

homeless welcome this is Josh depold of and we’ve got a

part two to our conversation so to speak and with Randy green here

and Alex Manning and of course I said I’m Josh dibald I’m still adjustable as

far as I know so they call me um we’re gonna call this one on tools and teachers although we kind of were joking

right before we recorded that the standard cliche don’t do this at home right so but this is and then why we

don’t do this as home we’re probably gloss over some of these traditional

um I don’t know if they’re Awakening tools it’s just things if you go into a crystal shop or a spiritual store things

like that just kind of all the different paraphernalia and things you can buy that are physical but also they’re their

own little systems so I had a little list before we started about things well not necessarily all of them psychedelics

and different substances um healing modalities there are a ton of

healing modalities out there and ways and systems of healing then there’s spiritual systems in general you know we

have things like from anywhere from different religious systems to New Age and spiritual systems uh esoteric

um you know occult systems all these different types of things there’s things like astrology there’s

all kinds of different versions of astrology Vedic astrology Western astrology Hellenistic astrology I think which I

know very little about there’s the tarot in all these different card decks right crystals too I think we’re all a fan of

crystals but the way we talk about using them is far different than the what’s usually thought of but the big thing I

think that we could talk about um in more detail other than glossing

over these other ones is teachers and friends you know how everyone approach that like what to look for in teachers

and what to look for in friends you know and if we do use tools at some point and

along the way you know how do we vet these tools um I know I’ll just give them well

actually no I’m going to pass this over to you guys now to to say anything yeah I think I’ll just add I think we can

think of these as kind of Gateway tools right so when you’re starting off in your process or your path you start to

dabble perhaps in some of these tools or practices to you’re looking for answers

right you’re seeking answers you’re learning about yourself you’re learning about your intuition

um trial and error and you’re kind of finding your rhythm with um you know trusting your intuition and

but you know what kind of what you alluded to and and why we were talking about don’t try this at home in a sense

you’re still displacing your power so to speak You’re Still externally looking for answers or guidance from an outside

system an outside framework or an outside

toolkit right but I think on your point about teachers and friends you know maybe we can talk about how that’s

that’s a different kind of toolkit than some of these more esoteric sure now

let’s play devil’s advocate here for a second and say well there don’t you think there’s some kind of good reason

these things are around you know know all these people still use them and they they get these so-called results from

them right uh you know you know if they’re completely pointless and useless why are people uh still into them and I

if I were to answer my own question I would say well people are reliant on crutches they’re habitual maybe in their

nature they’re um addicted kind of maybe they’re scared to venture on their own I

know the few times I’ve went to readers I usually look at people that don’t have props I call these things props

sometimes you know and it’s not just because I’m ignorant of them some I have some knowledge in some ways but then I

think maybe the one way to look at it too though is what is my take on this how do I do this can I pick up a Tarot

deck or a crystal and not have to read about it or go to any kind of outside source and so how do I intuitively start

working with this what’s my take on this because so many people ask me I have a little Crystal click you know what does

this one do what’s it what’s it about and I say well I I’m interested in that information

um times two but I like to just pick it up and see what I get and work with it and then later go on and see maybe for

confirmation or to see how other people are working with it so it doesn’t influence how I do it because a lot of

people once they’re told something they think oh well that’s just how it is and then they disregard their own processes

and their own take in their own way of doing with it and then we just have a more great hive mind type things and

people just follow into the things that have already said and we’ve got this hierarchical system of oh I’m the

knowledge expert this is how it is and so people just think less of themselves they think well I don’t have that kind

of knowledge or if I said something would be really stupid so I’ll just go along with what’s everybody out there I

think it’s good to ask you know oneself when you’re doing this what is the intention right so usually with astrology you’re trying to understand

your own personality structure a little bit better or tarot you’re you know

maybe not trying to predict the future but in some capacity you’re looking for some

affirmation of something right so I think that’s also an important piece of this is looking at your intentions why

are you engaging in this process what is the outcome you’re looking for and what is it affirming or not

affirming for you and I would say the big delineations here are this classic service to self or service to others too

I think that’s a huge thing and I see so many kind of more I guess maybe left-handed or service to self type

things in these communities which you know I don’t want to completely write off because there’s some people that do

need to focus on themselves and work on themselves instead of other people sometimes but it obviously can get

turned into oh yeah what can I get can I get money power you know relationships

type of things instead of saying okay well yes I need a certain degree of well-being and self-care but after that

it might just get a focus all my time and energy on myself I mean that’s fairly selfish and then why am I doing

that you know why would I do that why can’t I or you know then looking at the service to others the more well we can

also argue though too the more I take care of myself since we’re all interconnected everyone else benefits but one of the guidance I’ve have is

around well if if I want something then I should also want it for everybody else right so what would the world look like

if everybody had the same things that I’m after doing the same things that I do too yeah

and I think the next kind of question or set of questions is what am I linking up to when I’m participating and what kind

of energy is and people Collective energies or individuals what am I

linking up to when I participate in these rituals practices and some people might throw it back there with a Tarot I

actually like it looking at it as a um the archetypal nature of humanity right

so that’s one way that most people don’t usually work with but I think I find it really helpful to see all these

different archetypes I actually have a challenge with the minor Arcana because that seems a little bit more mysterious

to me sometimes and even the major Arcana because the major Arcana seem to have so much power in them you know and

so much um the minor Economist that’s the personality traits it’s all about the

lower Fields exactly I never understood that like why even bother with that stuff the other boys that are the

materialistic level you have got the staff that are the fire that’s mental compared to what many people think and

then you actually have the cops that are the emotional level and then you have the swords but that’s discernment and that yes that is a higher level of fire

or higher level of what we call many people see the the staff as the spirituality of the fire element as the

spiritual realm but actually discernment this is but this I want to go where I go here is that this is not something I

studied because the first time I got a Tarot I call it tarot with the tea at it

in my hands um I knew penetration what to do with it so I have and I’ve discovered that with

many of these tools that I kind of go into this body that I’m currently part of

has its own history of having dabbled with these different tools earlier on from earlier times including the

Buddhist monk and already per when it as I said this understanding of how to

meditate before I was even at age nobody taught me anything the same with the tarot card when I once I got the deck in

my hand it was just like it flew load from me I just knew exactly what it was all about and for me Tara is nothing to

do with delineation or it goes out if you go to the Egyptian version of it yes that’s Brotherhood teachings that’s used

for something within Freemason and these symbols are connected to a specific type of number system a specific type of

pyramidal system that goes with these different levels of status of aspiration

and then you can say well that’s kind of the four level for lower levels of it that way you work with it on that level

but where you have the major account that’s the collective the archetypes but they are also some sometimes associated

with the Kabbalah so you need to know which one you’re actually dealing with and what you what is what is it that

you’re working with when you’re working with these Dynamics yeah in the deck itself and the intent behind the deck

itself I mean you can get like a Crowley deck or your thothian deck you can do the standard the only thing I’ve the way

I worked with it I got a standard well then there’s this maybe Superstition around you’re not supposed to to buy your first deck you’re supposed to be

given it so I went out and bought one and gave it two of them actually before I got my first one given to me then I

made sure I went out and gave another one so if I would but anyway that’s kind of more superstitious but I took it one

card at a time I put it on my refrigerator on a magnet and just every time I went by the refrigerator I would

stare deeply at it and what kind of information I would get from it that kind of the meaning and the just the

larger nature of the symbols and the kind of the energetics I guess in the

Consciousness level of it and just that’s how I took it you know I went through the whole deck one Cartage this

is why you need to know what you’re working with and I didn’t read anything else whatsoever the pictures themselves

are a lot wiggle called pictograms they are kind of what we could say subconscious materials that’s psychological sure the symbols they take

you into the what we could call the deeper levels of your cycle that creates bridges that opens up different Gate

Systems all depending on what deck you’re working with so of course if you’re working with it really she did decks like Crowley then you get into

some really show there and the toasty index and all of these these things

it so of course unless you are an old atencion and you use the shitty magic in

the old days you’re not doing these decks at all you find something else for me the recommendation which I used to do

in the early times and when I had my own school and here in Denmark I recommended

the the Decks that we’re only focusing on the subconscious drawing up subconscious material not these heavy

ritualistic magically infused decks because that’s for the older land here that’s what the rider weight is the kind

of the standard that they compare everything else to that’s the one I did and it was that heavily subconscious

unconsciousness now the numbers in there I was never a number person and just because I always see numbers as well you

can assign anything a number like you get a football player right and you put his name and a number on there I mean does it really mean anything but then

people I say you know well what are people reading meaning into numbers and

I could see that but I can also see how certain numbers seem to appear or be correlated with certain types of

patterns and events and things like this so very mysterious to me just like astrology

did not have numbers

in the Middle Ages were added in that four of Swords they didn’t have any of the numbers on there I don’t know how

would the how are they it was kind of the picture itself I see so so they didn’t need to have a certain number of

swords on each individual in ancient Egypt that didn’t have four of swords they had swords and they had this image

and they didn’t so what did they have I don’t know it would have been something completely different so we what we need to discern here is about when we talk

about the original tools that goes behind the history of these decks and what they’ve been used for back then in

the temples and what they have been used for now because what we have now is a production of the Middle Ages where

everything got conflated we had the whole Christianity symbols Alchemy

archangels the lots of most of the cards we have today they they’re a mess so

they are not really of any use they’re not they’re not in my perception they’re not usable for

anything other than subconscious material as well as the collective subconscious that goes with Miss that

goes with Distortion that goes with the astral plane so for me it’s a tool to to breach the actual plane to create a

Gateway as you said Alex into the and go beyond that right yes but then you leave behind the tarot cards

because they are only for use on the astral plane they cannot be used for

high Awakening processes and this is where a lot of people get trapped thinking they’ve woken up and they’ve only just reached the astral

plane right yes no lower levels of it lower levels and so so now we see this in cycles of um Consciousness right like

in in Egypt supposedly there was a really high levels and then they got into the Pharaohs right and then it

dissolved evolved from there or we get like um what are some of the things like these um things in nature they’ve got

deified right these processes that happen in nature well then all of a sudden I guess the level of Consciousness drops somehow and then

these natural processes that more people had a higher level of awareness and Consciousness could see things as

processes but then at certain point they couldn’t so they kind of deified these different processes is what I’ve heard

some people say and I can kind of see how that happened so I I it doesn’t make it’s not too far a stretched to say

those with the with the Tarot deck too compared to earlier systems that they might have drawn on because I think the

history around it too is not entirely clear or something like that and even the one card and we’ll go into one

detail here for some flavor maybe but the hanged man so it’s supposedly I from what I’ve heard that doesn’t really have

any origins or the origin of that card is not um like scholarly

um the origins of it is not scholarly noted if I’m getting that right so what is that draw on what’s your if I could

ask what is your take on that card well not that specific card or what I

would go into is this all kind of who try to trace to the origin and the root of it and then we go further down and

say okay where does it come from did the ancient cultures have this and we’re talking the really ancient cultures for

me we have the demarcation line 15 000 years ago where we had this new type of humans that were seated into this

reality and then when when we talk about these tools they are they are quite late

so that’s where we have the scavenger races and the prohibited technologies that came in so we might have had an

original Temple called that were that were kind of focused on on props

focusing on rituals focus on different ways of working with with the alternate reality but when we talk about the the

ancient realities in the Ancient Temple called for me the the priests that were

there they didn’t need these tools because they were linked up to eat in technology so they were all infused

within and Technology enhanced by analogenetics and by that had the direct line to the aliens that were coming in

as colonization of a reality field so for me tarot and all of these

divination thank you and whatever props you can come up with are for Lay people well that’s right and so it’s also been

kind of turned into the materialization of some of the spirituality rights it’s a trap it’s a it’s a booby trap you’re

taking spiritual processes which means not Material right in making the material through in one way this also

goes with the technologicalization of Consciousness and energy too instead of relying on our natural yeah

it’s a way to give you away but the more you work with the tool the more you you imbue your energy into it and the more

you become depending on that tool for instance this kind of whatever scrying Crystal or what have you I tried that

for a little while but my energy was so strong I could make it go wherever I wanted to go and it was not scrying for me I made its ground so I might as well

just look at the map and say what does my intuition tell me right so so for me and that’s why I’m very very cynical

when we talk about all the things that people are using for me that’s the old version of a rabbit hole let me ask this

what if you made your own tarot cards are you still linking up to that well then you’re just putting your own energy

into some kind of visuals so why even make the tarot card why not just work with it in contemplation and meditation

work directly with the image and then then go from the air and see what it where it takes you explore the image

that’s it’s um it’s a good point it makes me think of art now too because a lot of people think of you know they

call these the s enteric Arts right are the you know the occult arts and things like this but there’s a lot to say I

think and maybe I don’t want to take this in this too much of a Direction but you know um our just the art art in general you

know just standard everyday art painting sculpture you know movies which is one

of the I would think even higher art Farms because they can encapsulate all these other ones if done well but and

then even in a way this whatever this is called Josh it’s kind of like an art project as well so I mean yeah I mean I

don’t know if there’s so and we can turn our lives into that too or it doesn’t

necessarily have to be a formal art thing right as well but then we can mix science into it too I don’t know where

I’m going with this but um Creationary process yeah yeah and

definitely if people feel like drawing stuff that then we know they are throwing therapy and as a psychotherapist right you can take your

entire subconscious just go into this fetus State and then just draw a picture or Draw Something on a piece of paper or

whatever and then afterwards look at it meditate upon it and and do some kind of what what what does this show me what

what is it that I have surfaced here how am I to work with this and I will also recommend after that process is done

then burn the paper and toss it out because then the process is over don’t keep it don’t say oh this is so whatever

but this because whatever we work with whenever we put something into manifestation the more aware we get the

more we understand how to work with energy and we also understand that this kind of putting everything into a

materialistic exemplification of our Energy System kind of ties us to a

specific node point in time it also ties us to a specific version of who we are and if we work with Awakening as a

process to what we call more and more expanded awareness then we tie ourselves

to Anchor points that are narrowing us down by using these tools yeah and this

brings up to that yeah the the thing with the ink Lots right to interpret

that as conscious on um unconscious material but also like this automatic drawing automatic writing

and see kind of like tune out and just see what comes on the page and then interpret it later these are all

different types of practices too with the the burning thing also reminded me of the oral Traditions right A lot of

these esoteric teaching systems and traditions it was only spoken so it had

to be passed down from a living teacher their lineage it could it couldn’t be written down but a lot of these things

later got written down and so it’s not the quite same thing and there’s rules too around writing down as the higher

levels go on right there’s only so many things that can be said explicitly in books right or they’ll be either

repercussions or maybe it might not even be the capacity might not be there to begin with to be able to do that I don’t

know exactly how that works but it just works with the the mere fact that the

high I get up in Awareness the higher work we can Define what awareness is but the higher perception level of reality

you’re able to contain and hold the more complex it gets and thereby you understand what the complexity of the

information I’m working with here is so so Advanced that I can only take a

portion and draw that as a DOT or something but then the rest is inside our Energy System is inside our capacity

of perception or wherever we point that but we also know if we can only use Snippets of it at a time

and this reminds me now again of the historical Buddha who basically taught from almost his entire waking hour from

when his point of Enlightenment tell when he died and people just supposedly re listened to his teachings and then

memorized them right uh but so that’s yeah that’s right because he taught for

certain levels but there’s only and then to a discourse to whoever was present so

yeah this it would it would be relevant to whoever was there whoever was listening their capacity and at the same

time you can only do so much in certain ways so like the the discernment of what’s the most relevant what’s going to

seep in and be the most beneficial in this little moment in time yeah so and then we uh Randy mentioned defining

awareness so one of the other things we talked about before we started this topic is just defining these uh very

kind of I don’t know high-minded High ideal terms but they’re they’re all similar but they’re distinctly different

um so maybe I’ll just read them here and if we decide we want to Give a definition to these I I find it helpful

just to um put a ground rule for other things or lay a groundwork for other things and then also maybe we’ll talk

about teachers and friends because that’s the kind of thing that we can benefit because we’re going to have teachers and friends no matter if we’re

on awakening or um path or not I would think so but these terms awareness mind and

heart and heart mind Consciousness mindfulness attention and perception so

where they all kind of similar they’re distinctly different let’s start the big one here what we were going to define

the last show awareness for my take the only thing that’s coming to me that I think I can maybe give of

note here that I’ve heard recently is awareness is more like a receptive thing

it’s not something so much I do but it’s something that I just kind of allow and

open up to and then it happens there’s an awareness um an awareness kind of maybe a knowing

I don’t know how would you how would you guys Define awareness so I think mine is actually a little bit more aggressive in

the sense that mine feels more or my definition feels more seeking so

um a little bit more momentum but just a little bit different than I think than your take on it

yeah yeah okay make a definition of something I have no words for that’s that’s lofty and yeah because if in a

way I could have said I kind of call it expanded perception so for me awareness is very very tied into perception but

perception is also tied to the level of capacity we have of perceiving complex

information so for me that goes with how we have worked with our emotional field mental field and biofuels the three

little fields that constitutes a physical form so if we are tied into the emotional awareness then we will

perceive from an emotional level in our response system to whatever comes our way will be based upon emotional

response mechanisms that goes with the limbic system to be very kind of nitty-gritty here and that’s

electrochemically driven and that will be interpreted according to our personal narrative or reality our comfort zone

the psychological Dynamics and what we kind of feel we are able to cope with but if we have mental awareness then we

kind of say that science is or that can be abstract teaching systems or the awareness of energy in itself the

awareness of atoms on their own level the awareness of how to to interact in

that way with that type of energy so for me awareness is tied into perception as

well as how I can interact with these different levels of reality and that’s

why awareness for me cannot be defined because it’s it’s a tool like everything

else and then we can say is awareness the same as Consciousness and I would say absolutely not because awareness is

an ability to actually Define things because you’re perceiving things on their own energetic level where whether

it’s it’s emotional or it’s mental or it’s higher Energy System wise because there awareness expands into a whole

holographic type of Technology setting which is controlled by Consciousness units which is something entirely else

so for me Consciousness when people talk about Consciousness as being similar to

awareness or similar to mind I would say no mind is what we have in the mental

processes of the brain awareness is our perception and and interpretation and

interaction with reality and Consciousness then goes with our high order abilities that very few people

have activated yet the way I look at Consciousness is that it’s it’s tied to capacities right but

awareness has really no limit I mean uh it can be you know it’s I think it I

look at it as more boundless and Limitless now our access to it the access to it might be limited and I then

I usually look more at Consciousness right but I don’t know so what was the

other term so that was brilliantly put with the mind is more obviously that’s if it makes sense right mind it has to

do more with the brain and things like this and mental processes yeah but I think it’s important when we talk about

these are tear teaching systems including the Buddhist teaching systems is that you kind of have mine as the

normal low level mind of the human of an animal what have you the brain processes right

but then you have the higher states of more subtle type of energies that produce a subtle type of mind and I

can’t remember how they are put together but I think it’s something about the cheetah and the Manas and and you know

these these Expressions well yeah there’s they’re they’re different I know in the in the theravada system

um not the abhidaba system but the Consciousness they talk about six types of Consciousness and it’s just the five

senses plus mind so for uh well to make it um start with like smell okay because

there’s a physical organ the nose that can you know receive smells then there has to be the actual Scent of a smell

and then when that meets the organ the uh the contact when that contact happens

since arminas with olfactory Consciousness uh arises I will call that

awareness yeah because the difference here is because I alcohol of the consciousness

for me it’s it’s we’re going to Nitty Gritty yeah we are we’re having this automated kind of everybody’s breathing

nobody’s really thinking about their operating is yes

exactly you become aware that you are you’re observing aware after breathing

you’re working with breathing as a meditation object and then you’re going really investigating the breathing and

where it goes and actually goes through some of the frontal lobes the lowest levels of the frontal lobe which is interesting in itself and when we talk

about the esoteric teaching systems we go in actually the old factory the the inner smell is the one of the last and

the last senses the inner senses that get activated because it goes with discernment what smells good what smells

bad so the meditation is the awareness of the become aware of breathing so for

me so we could say well is that the awareness of it perception of it does that then lead to to to smell

Consciousness and I I’m not sure about that because really you’re pulling in information when you breathe right and

I’m actually I’m a little bit biased here because I do have a little bit of a psychic sense of smell and the physical

processes for smelling in the physical it’s a little bit different than breathing in something and getting

information from your olfactory system and then that producing a particular

kind of smell so I think there’s a Nuance there oh yeah so now I just I’m talking about on the basic level okay

okay so basically meaning there’s a scent yeah and there’s a nose and then there’s smelling happening okay not

describing what sense it is or if it’s a rich Savory sense but just so we look at

a vision right now there’s a distinction between seeing and looking looking is more of an active process seeing is just

there’s visual content happening but how many times a day are we seeing but not knowing that we’re really seeing so it’s

almost like bringing awareness to the fact that vision is happening right there’s sight present now because

there’s a we’re talking about external but it also applies internally too there’s the physical eye and then

there’s sense object and when they’re when the physical eye meets the sense object that contact gives rise to to to

cite but it’s not describing the forms and the colors and the light so much as

just that bear that bear basically it’s it’s knowing in what’s being known so

just sight sight sight you know so then everything else on that can possibly be

a perception added on top of that so what am I seeing how am I seeing him what does it look like all these things

so that’s I think that’s how they they view or how it’s viewed in the terabyte system unless I’m probably distorting

this too but the Mind thing that’s where a lot of it comes in because there’s a mind which some people would say well

wait a second the mind isn’t a physical organ I’m like yeah I don’t know how that works either because I can’t see touch taste the mind the way the other

things can be right but there’s seemingly this thing called mind and then there’s a mind object what the mind

is is is being aware of and when those two meet then mind Consciousness arises so they they in that system they

consider a mind The Sixth Sense or whatnot and while then the Mahayana goes

into well there’s other two other types of Consciousness one of the um I forget what the seventh one but the next one is

this Alaya or the storehouse Consciousness that stores this information or something where there’s

that goes into rebirth and I don’t know enough about that to really talk about that so yeah I would I would say more

kind of when to if we’re using our own devices to interpret whatever’s going on

for instance for me one of the reasons why I’m not going if completely berserking the Buddhist ideas is because

that that is the teaching system exactly and and people get lost in the teaching system they when we talk about teachers

and teaching systems people get lost and then they reside all that they have learned it just become little parrots and we say this is that type of

Consciousness that this is this this whatever and they forget completely to investigate on their own so I’d rather

go in as I did when I began meditating again this kind of knowing already what

I needed to do again unfortunately for me some habits some haven’t got it but going in and quickly going to that

understanding of why am I meditating for instance as a tool for awareness and for

me it’s about learning to become the Observer of what I am involved in and

that goes first and foremost the tangible level with the cop learning to see the cop as the cop that was one of

the first exercises I did because I was all this oh this is a cop and then as a cop and I stopped thinking more about it

because someone taught me it was a cop but then I stopped thinking about it as what people had taught me it to be and

looked at it and then at something interesting actually happened my because

I focused my mind on it and not my eyes on it but my mind on it and try to merge

my mind with the cup the cop stopped having the form and it became a matter

it became energy it became this when I can do that now I kind of feel the the

Ceramics I feel the molecules of the ceramic it’s been burned I got the whole history of the cup it suddenly

unraveling this whole kinetic processes information system this kind of and if I do with the table or something or a tree

I get complete it’s immersed engine I can’t breathe because then my mind begins to perceive the energy itself and

interpret the energy itself similar with smell smell is not just about me smell

telling something is actually about energy that my tool which is a nose to

to work with waves of smell and particles of smell used to combine into

my brain but if I use my mind instead then I can actually smell some of the anal visitors I have some of them they

smell disgusting even though there’s nothing in the room you have a smell that’s so yuck because that’s the mind

that’s smelling so that’s the existentiary system that kicks in yeah

there’s the internals because the internal site right what people are seeing internally in in hallucinations

or Vision quests things like this or meditation or however their abilities they’re still the internal site so

that’s that’s the that’s the internal part of this and it would make sense to smell too but this is the most important

Point here for me so far is that yes this has to be seen and known for oneself teaching systems are okay but

that’s yeah sometimes I do Veer into that too much because it at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anybody

says and that’s even that’s what I like about the historical Buddha too is he said you have to see in those for yourself you can’t take my word for you

have to check it out for yourself and so that’s what it really comes down to for me all this yeah and we mentioned that

in the last show as well yep yeah that makes you want to throw in something no

I think you nailed it I think you guys nailed it it’s really about how you’re perceiving information now you’re

processing that information and asking why why do I see the cup immediately why am I not uh just trying to process the

information to process the information correctly versus the bias so yeah and I

think yeah thank you for saying that because that actually leaves me kind of say well that’s the part of the Awakening awareness process yes because

there you learn to really understand what actually are perceiving and what type of energy are you working with

instead of trying to conceptualize it within the known concept of what you’ve been indoctrinated with and what

teachers tells us it is but actually go in and say okay I’m experiencing this and then it comes all down to okay do I

need to label it do I actually need to put words to it do I need to have an explanation for it exactly or could I

just perceive it and just be in it and just say this this is what it is do I even need to know how to do it you know

so this is this comes now to um Nana polar 30 or maybe it is so on one hand we have this the the folks that are too

scared to kind of do things on their own right without guidance and um that they they think they have to

have a teacher with everything then you have other people that are just maybe way far out in left field where it would

almost benefit for them to have some kind of connection to reality and saying you know um maybe I do need to bounce

this off some friends or some teachers so I guess maybe we would look at this Dynamic of you know what to look for and

teachers and friends if we’re on one end of the spectrum or the other how to get away from teachers and friends sometimes

because some people are so tied into their friends they don’t really have the opportunity to break away sometimes to

do kind of deep um solo practice or you know solo Retreats so where they can

clear out all these external influences from teachers and Friends while other people they may either a little lone

wall for a little bit more too much hermit energy where they would actually benefit from some spiritual friends and

at least checking in for some other teachers from time to time so yeah I think you need to start with Frameworks

and terminology and then as you evolve you know you’re keeping some things you’re throwing out other things and one

thing Randy I love about your teachings is that you’re constantly evolving your terminology and essentially even invented and created your own set of

terminology your own language your own Frameworks and so you have to start somewhere but it’s always evolving and

you’re keeping some things you’re throwing out other things constantly and it’s a it’s a process yeah just to catch

up on or pick up on the I’m not inventing out of the blue right right yes and plus also we’ve the old

languages that goes with Greek and ancient Egypt and all of these ancient languages they they had different wood

constructions where they could combine different things and then make up a new word but it was within a system so it’s

not just me coming up blah the

etymology of words like where did they come from there was this book I read um years ago called like the professor

and the madman it was like this really uh high-level Professor but he was working with this guy who was institutionalized and they were doing a

dictionary I mean they were going through and writing dictionary definitions it was this pair that was

from I think that was mainly um uh responsible for this and could you imagine I mean how much of how much of

us that aren’t in language arts really know the etymology where these words came from and then the yeah it’s a huge

long process and then yeah it’s what we do have some new words right that are added all the time but they seem so

debased these days I’m trying to think of some silly examples but you know but it’s good to get back to when talk about

people that are completely unstructured and people that are too almost worshipers right because

of what I discover in my own journey and it always begins with how we perceive things ourselves and sometimes it can be

made into a generic understanding but most of the time everything is within the individual but what I kind of

explored and experienced was that I had all of these these things coming in all

these experiences and one of the things I discovered very early on what is that I need a structure I needed some kind of

whether it was my own system or some other system I needed a discipline I needed a structure I needed some kind of

not ritual because then it becomes ritualistic and rigid but kind of an

everyday where I did as some kind of practice that kept me in a framework so I would have this as a grounding used it

as a grounding with for me it was exercise actually I because I spaced so

much out I had this full activation of my peripheral nervous system in the 2000s and the the way I worked around

that was walking a lot in nature it was also doing exercise so so I grounded Myself by doing that and not doing all

of these again sorry guys out there the ridiculous grounding exercises all you need to do is then your crowd know it

whenever I began working with the energy I completely feel like a rocket so I needed to go out and feel my body

exercise eating healthy going to the Loo when I had to go to the loose sleep when

I needed to sleep get the whole basic level in place first so that was my first Natural Instinct with this whole I

was Awakening so I needed to create a counter for that and that was exercise that was right food that was right sleep

that was right I’m out of order learning to nurture myself take care of my body so that was the first when we talked

about people that’s sitting in meditation spacing out or the old gurus or you have these Buddhist monks that

are nothing but but flesh and Bone because they’re not eating anything because it’s so high leveled up I’m

saying yeah that’s all good and fine you’re depriving the body okay that’s what you choose to do but for me this is

a about when I’m inside this reality I need my physical forms so thereby I need to take care of it for me that’s the

first step in Awakening process learn to take care of your own body the right way so you have the energetic foundation for

the higher levels of awareness and also some people go the other end where they they just turn their nutrition and I can

be a little bit of a health nut sometimes turn that into the whole spiritual path right and they don’t really do anything other than that and

get too far into Comfort zones and things like this and so they don’t take the risk that’s needed and we we’ve

talked a little bit about how crises can help but then yeah the other end of the polarity if there’s no structure people

fall apart it’s kind of can’t relate to Everyday People and stuff I know this is

in Tradition from what I understand is that a lot of the retreats in PR is very well structured so you have this

container where they can do these kind of inward practices but they don’t have to worry about arranging the internal uh

the external world because it’s this meditate this or if you go on Retreat you meditate at this time you eat at

this time you do your Yogi chore at this time so a lot of the time we spent rearranging our external conditions it’s

already set in place so we don’t have to waste a lot of time energy and effort and distraction on that so but I mean

that’s not really practical in everyday life right because that’s why we we come up with some routines and things that

will will help with this is again the point of not turning it into a ritual because some people when they do then

they can’t follow through in that ritual then all hell breaks loose and then then then there they become compulsive yes

I’ve done the same thing too and then it throws off my whole day and then I don’t I know I feel off and things like this

so but it’s like where’s the balance yes but what that leads to sorry that when when we work with our body and begin to

do the self-notion that’s where the psychological processes also kick in because then you begin to observe okay

why am I so compulsive about this ritual why is it so important for me to do it this way why all of the whys and then

begin to investigate the emotional field that is behind the bio field and to be

honest I had already begun the emotional work before I began the physical work interestingly enough so but I’ve learned

in in early childhood that I kind of had to work with my body but it kept slipping away because the psychological

processes were more in front so for me it was I went through the psychological

process including taking becoming a professional psychotherapist and do all the things I needed to do

there but most of the work I’d done myself already I just needed the group again talking about peers I need the

group to mirror back to me where I was off and where I was spot on so I needed other people to mirror to me some of my

own ideas so for me it’s always been different as in I’m not using other people to tell me what to do I’m using

other people to correct my own what we call ideas and how I perceive reality my

frames of references so they are teaching they become my teachers showing me in all of their different responses

to what I’m doing whether it’s good or bad yeah I think it’s a balance of being dogmatic right being really dogmatic and

being disciplined right yeah so yeah which one of the days do yeah somewhere

in between yeah and there is such a close correlation between emotions and the body and also

mental processes in the body right these certain and there’s a feedback loop sometimes between a lot of times most

times I would say between emotions and thoughts right a thought will feed an emotion an emotion will feed a thought

or a thought pattern and all the while that’s there’s tends to be a bodily correlation right angry there’s a lot of

heat you know if there’s anxiety maybe it’ll be holding in the stomach or some people have Frozen shoulders and hip

things all uh seem to be either frozen into place or are noticeable when

there’s certain emotions and thought processes yeah and there was definitely a part of my Awakening process too in

this whole working with the body and working with the ailments of the body and working with the Pains of the body

and I’m also working as a Healer so I began working with the Healer modalities okay what is similar to The Cup what is

my body actually telling you what it wants attention what is that tension about what does it mean why do I have

that physical pain there and then really begin to listening to my own body saying okay let’s learn to communicate buddy

yes and it’s it bouncing again between going too far off into

hypochondriac where it’s like every little thing you know ever you know putting so much attention on every

little thing where the Other Extreme is being lazy oh it’s okay it’s just a minor pain doesn’t need to be looked at

who cares kind of thing right you see when it began that way I already done all the psychological work so for me I

didn’t fall into these traps exactly because you know exactly not the psychological maturing

I want to stress that again because many people that begin on the spiritual path or whatever even if it’s the Buddhist

past or the enlightenment path or whatever path they’re on they have not done the psychological work they have

not scrutinized their own emotions their childhood issues their childhood traumas and they think they are so awakened but

they’re really just predicting a lot of defense mechanisms a lot of safety mechanisms a lot of things go into the

yeah to cope into the mix and create systems where they are very enlightened but you just need to poke them a little

bit and then they become enormously defensive because oh I want to protect the system because at the end of the day

I don’t want to feel my own pain I don’t want to feel my trauma I don’t want to feel this and all the things we’re not

working with psychologically will eventually become an ailment of the body so that’s the approach I had when I work

with the body notice and kind of oh this is this is let me just put this for you I work with the Pains of the body

because it shows me there’s something going on in my emotional field that I’m not aware of but my body tells me you

need to focus on this one so for me it’s not just the body it’s not because I’m afraid of illness it’s a tool of

transformation very cool and so this brings to to mind a point to to Circle

back on is the terminology because these new terms they help break people out of

these uh locked in systems and things they think they know what one thing is by a certain name that they don’t have

to investigate it any deeper but if it’s called by another thing that’s at least uh you know it’s somewhat similar to

that because it could easily bring in more Dynamics and people have to stop in their tracks and say oh wait a second do

you mean this and this and this they have to draw on their past reference points and sometimes nothing really sticks or if they have to think about it

each time that it’s it’s it’s kind of creates this mental crisis until they kind of adopt a new uh perception about

uh whatever the the area of Investigation is or whatever

um that’s how I see how helpful new terminology can be or at least Reinventing terminology so but for as

far as the psychological processes what do we recommend people some tools that people work with just on the

psychological level I know we talked about tarot but that’s maybe a little bit of the deeper psychological I mean the obvious thing is if people haven’t

done therapy I know it’s kind of a cliche and like you know kind of an insult to some people to say hey you should go do therapy right this is what

we say to people when we don’t want to deal with them or you know but they’re I I mean the brief stint I did I found

very very helpful but what I found in general was at a certain point it was like I was dragging up material again

and again that I have been over and if there was no new ground at a certain point but up to a certain point it was

so helpful but after a certain point you know I know I know I’m not telling my students to go to buy 10 sessions with a

psychotherapist and what’s the purpose of it because we can always we can always go deeper so it’s it’s not the

psychotherapist that is there to to help us solve our issues use but in the conversation opening up within a safe

space where you get the tools how to work with your psyche that’s the quickest way to get the tools of course

you can study it you can do your education you can go to YouTube there are plenty of tools out there that you

can get but the whole idea is how to work with your psychics similar to how to do the correct type of exercise

that’s suitable for your body what type of nutritions do you have to have to to get the right nutrients for your body

type all of these investigations of the tools that we have available I would say

there these tools of the psyche the tools of the body the the tools of Mythology the tools of discipline the

tools of how to work with energy on a broad scale at 10 times more Awakening

than any spiritual teaching system you can come up with so have a well-equipped

toolkit right yeah and what about anything that’s specific as far as Psychotherapy like what brands what

versions or modalities of of it the main thing is though just to talk to another human being you know it’s different than

just studying depends on your trauma depends on your trauma and that’s another thing we’re not going to go into huge trauma here but I would say if

you’re born into a human form there’s some you’re not going to escape without some kind of trauma I mean some people

have it really extreme but we all have some degree against the spectrum of different types of it’s physical

emotional mental what type of trauma we’re dealing with but everybody has kind of got childhood wounds whether

they know it or not or whether they want to recognize it or not but normally I say well again a pick your healer pick

your your therapist pick whatever you’re dealing with the one that people feel that they feel safe with that they kind

of feel this here it resonates with me all depending on what type of of Energy

System they have got for big if you talk about me for instance have I used a

Healer yes I’ve gone to two healers but I felt they were actually destroying my Energy System more than actually helping

me to repair it but then I use that that is experience okay why do I feel that they are kind of and then that led me to

take my own I did my own Healer not not did my own healer education but I went to an academy where I was told how to

heal and there I also know that’s not the right way to do it so for me when

the teachers I have are either reality itself or the people show me what I need

to get better at because they show me where I got gaps and what I need to be more involved in or they do something to

me that is absolutely detrimental to my own Awakening process but then I know that’s not it and then I ask the

question then what it what is it and since I can’t find it out there I need to find it in myself and then develop

that tool that toolkit that way of doing it and that helps me and without getting

into the Trap Of course of oh yeah I’m doing so good I’m so brilliant right where we have

that cell investigation and that scrutinizing very very strong

scrutinizing discipline and always turning every stone yes that’s really important asking yourself why why am I

feeling this way why am I responding that way the why is very important yeah yeah yeah the the purpose for doing all

this too you know yeah why is this important yeah and this kind of comes full circle to uh the first one we did

too yeah and it goes it reminded me of this Axiom basically or this thing that

pain can be a teacher so just all these kind of mistakes and mishaps and things

that went wrong there’s no really failure as long as we learn from them right and not repeat the mistakes I

think there has to be some some sort of intent and Alchemy though at during that process it was like a nodal point there

energetically where you have to have that will and intent to really understand the lesson truthfully and

then make the right choices whatever those might be or what you think are the right choices in that moment so yeah

discernment yes in this in this inquiry process that’s it’s very energizing too it well it kind of takes a lot of energy

but it also can provide a lot of energy too right looking into things asking the questions asking the hard questions

sometimes it seems daunting to begin with but a lot of times I just ask questions not necessarily wanting an

answer or needing an answer just asking the question there’s there’s a good esoteric saying that it’s when the

student is rated the teacher shows up and that’s you know the next part of that too when the student is really

ready the teacher disappears that’s exactly right that’s because that’s that’s kind of where people that are

doing this they’re saying oh this is about me finding the this is synchronicity I’m drawn to that teacher

I’m drawn to this or that whatever so he or she used to be my new Guru right and Guru means that Hindu means teacher or

the new Rabbi or the new whatever but the point of that saying is actually the the true teacher is not an outer teacher

it’s a the inner teacher and who is the true teacher that’s actually the soul or the high organity system as I say so

when we say that the student is ready so for the Awakening process within the esoteric teaching systems and the old

spiritual teaching systems were to get yourself we see that with the master The Apprentice or whatever we’re dealing

with it’s all about getting the body the emotional fear the mental feel ready to receive the higher order knowledge that

comes from within that’s the true teacher because when we talk about external teachers an external teaching

systems they are often written down by people similarly as I have I’m trying to I’m very focused on on not doing that

when I do my material hence my work with clients and with people and students and I try to put in okay make it generic so

it’s not just replication of what I have experienced but what others can use but the high album awareness you get the

Lesser you can rely on anybody else than yourself but not as a complete jerk or a

complete whatever we call service to self-orientations that’s what happened with The Magicians of of Atlantis but

going that understanding that whatever I’m doing you they just put it this way within the benevolent teaching system so

benevolent Awakening processes that kind of goes with Progressive Dynamics there’s always this for the high schools

of many whatever we do we do not do it for ourselves we do it for the highest good of the many that means with an exemplification of a process of

Enlightenment or process of progression or process of expanded awareness that will create an exemplification as the

first of many so that means that that can lead to others to do the same thing so what I’m doing I’m doing so I kind of

begin a path I begin as a way of existing that others can follow if they

choose to do so but the point is that they will choose to do it in their own means and in their own rights and by

their own devices in their own ways so they become the first of many for many other people so everybody begins as the

first of many and as we go through that understanding and we we understand the balance point this is principle two

where we balance what we experience what we develop with reality and with others and with self we also discovered that

that Enlightenment Journey then makes us humble because whatever we do we cannot do it in a vacuum we are always

connected to someone else or reality itself or our own soul for that matter

so we’re always in between and that’s technically the esoteric understanding of the process you’re always nailed to

some kind of cross that limits you that makes you concerned that makes you humble that

constantly pushes you back that’s what the crisis are about put pushes your back into Know Thy place not as a kind

of humble subservient thing but know your place energetically and the more

you understand that energetic power you actually have when you do awaken and understand the balance of it as the

first of many as an exemplification always within a context of something

where you always have to balance your energies in the right manner in the right form and in the right context and

the right um what we call it unfolding their own amount that was what I wanted to say you also learned the

principle 3 which is the law participation where you then understand what you actually can go in and change to go back to the first podcast what you

can change which limitations you should break down which one you should transform which one you shouldn’t

transform that’s discernment and then you begin to have the reprocess

yes thank you that that mirrors back to from reality from all these limitations

mirror back to you where you actually allowed to go beyond the limitation and expand and that’s where you really Begin

The Awakening and that’s why we get principle five that’s to true in a teacher and that’s why we have our own

knowledge because we have learned how to work with energy as an exemplification in a concept of something where we are

humble and understand our place in it where we understand what to work with but not to work with what to break down

what not to break down what to transform what not to transform and then when the mirror effect of reality not because oh

this is synergy video this is synchronicity of this is coming to me because then I can do this and that

whatever but actually learned that whatever we are will be mirrored back so that means we’re using it as a tool of

self-investigation we ask why is this coming our way what does that show about

me is it Distortion is something you need to clear out can I transform this what’s my purpose of being part of that

energy that’s being shown to me how can I grow by that and how can I grow Reality by that and that’s the true

teacher because then you know what to do with everything oh beautiful yeah you

get into the conduct and the discernment that leads to the inner teacher and this

wraps I mean this points back to again again and again to the the first conversation we had where we just kind

of didn’t go much into detail about the inner teacher basically because once you get there you know it’s it’s the

individual teacher so we thought we would talk about some of the external tools and uh lack thereof leading up to

that moment where the internal teacher takes over and all these other trappings

aren’t needed or needed at all um for the most part yeah responsibility too

right you alluded to that there’s a level of responsibility when you get to a certain point and that’s also a guidepost as well and how this all ties

into our relationships with friends and teachers and how we’re not separate from

anything as well so all right it seems like a good wrapping up points and with

that thank you Alex and Randy for joining

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