A Response To A Reader About Troubling Thoughts

Without background, context, or previous replies, I’m including most of my latest email reply to a reader who has wrote to me where I currently feel some of this may be helpful, in a supplemental way, for some where now on their plate they find such a topic:

Due to potential risk of liabilities with the nature of my work I must say the standard statement that if you’re having suic*d*l thoughts seek help sooner rather than later from a professional.

I can just share some musings on this that are not meant as a substitute for professionally addressing such troubling thoughts. When something like this would briefly occur years ago I was a little shocked because it was the complete opposite of how I would ever act and be. A loving-kindness practice — especially towards myself — helped me tremendously, particularly when authentically wishing myself safety internally and externally with the same, or greater energy than the opposite.

I was later taught to ask, “what if such thoughts where not actually one’s own?” What if they were being empathed from the collective (un)consciousness? Seen this way, and then sincerely practicing loving-kindness or well-wishing, or unstoppable friendliness for myself and others, and all beings everywhere — as well as compassion — was/is the biggest antidote, at least on the physical and astral/emotional levels. Things that were not kind would sometimes come up while doing this so they could be seen and cleared or released. 

. . . .

May you be safe inside and out, may you be happy and joyful, may you be healthy and strong, may you live knowing peace and ease, and may you realize awakening and be free!

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