Podcast | (Discerning) Deception

The short description for this August 29th, 2022 Insight Timer live event, also listenable unedited in full at https://join.wisdom.audio/HhKz:

Not so much specifics on how to directly discern deception but looking at the importance of doing so then going deeper and broader than the surface manifestations of deception along with a blast of categories and techniques to illustrate ubiquity while providing reference points for further study

My notes:

  • Zero consent for using this information for harmful and/or deceitful purpose(s). Stop listening now if even a shred of thought that you may at some point use this info for deception
  • Intent to lead to true knowledge and liberation
  • Spurring this talk: Why do people say one thing, mean another, and act in a different way entirely?
  • also voted most gullible in high school
  • foolishness [transmuting and leveraging and committing to wise]
  • important why?
  • can lead to and cultivate wisdom

having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion.

definition of “wisdom”
  • identify these tactics in more everyday life to build discernment skills for higher level challenges on your path, religion, spiritual endeavors, etc. eg. mentioned sexual scandals in spiritual communities; maybe overblown; hierarchy sleeping amongst each other telling others to remain celibate then selecting certain others
  • study of archetypes to go deeper and broader than surface manifestation
    • knowing how specific archetypes are custom targeted for maximum effects and results
    • maybe this is kind of a let down but not really qualified to go into archetypes nor the time here anyway. I suggest also putting aside time to pay attention to the insights arising when studying and practicing with discerning deception and how such insights can apply to real life
  • purposes of deception: revenge and protection and pleasure for psychopaths . . . but guess I’m not entirely beyond deriving some pleasure from calling out deception yet.
  • my last borderline deception story dealing with sales
  • Also to go deeper and broader than the surface manifestations of deception look into these three things: psychopathy, revenge and protection

BTW, a definition of mine of psychopathy:

Intro and build up to list:

  • Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) for income
  • get really bizarre when going beyond these mostly public techniques to look up mostly available on wikipedia I’d imagine
  • worked in marketing, know some of these directly, via observation, study and of course from mostly popular media like spy movies
  • some of these are direct deception techniques but some can act as supportive and some are defensive
  • and some are deployed differently in different mediums and given certain conditions
  • just as some folks are inclined to honesty with lying being foreign there’s the polarity
  • line from the metta sutta: “let none deceive another nor despise anyone in any state”
    • uncovering deception, at least for me can lead to despising and despising can lead to, or cause a deceptive response. And wanting to be despised so they can deceive and/or be validated in doing so. Destructive Twin flames

List of deceit, trickery, and manipulation methods

  • tired old lies
  • repeating lies so often they seem true
  • Big lie: ‘the use of a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”‘
  • lie and deny, deny, deny
  • broad sweeping flat denials: deny, deny, deny
  • basing various things — programs, stories, ideals, actions, etc — on a foundation of lies
  • avoidance
  • reward and punishment
  • lying and deceptions is taught, gamed, revered, lauded, and perpetuated by mass media to get ahead — it’s an inverted proving of superiority and uplifting service to self
  • catch phrases
  • trigger words
  • fronting (sometime for others) and pretending to be what one is not to varying degrees (in order to maintain some credibility) and with varying degrees of consciousness and unconsciousness
  • deliberately appearing to be a certain way to conceal intentions to deceive [watch for “tells” and give away to indicate this like Freudian slips, body language, gestures, etc. I refer to the show Lie To Me]
  • gaslighting
  • narcism
  • double speak
  • narrowing subject matter down to an (selfish) opportunistic aspect, sometimes distorted or twisted, then ignoring, writing off, and/or distracting from other facets of the subject, then applying other means mentioned here
  • inverting and using pretty much everything said and done against perceived opponents by claiming allowances and counter-allowances (and upheld as valid with and within their jurisdictional rules)
  • tacit consent and harvesting consent
  • influencing and indoctrinating certain morals, values, valuations, importance and intent not always in the ways one believes or is led to believe
  • leveraging (social) norms and peer pressure
  • corporate, private, governmental and military “intelligence” industries
  • hoaxes
  • stockholm syndrome
  • Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA), also called Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP)
  • questions that are “leading”
  • leading / bread crumbing
  • language control:
    • Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) for ill
    • placing people in camps by different terminology choices for same notion eg. Indians, Indigenous, Native Americans, American Indians, etc
  • cognitive dissonance
  • repetition
  • false sense of urgency
  • false sense of belonging: inclusion / exclusion dynamics
  • plausible deniability
  • (non-disclosure or lack of sufficient notification(s) and explanation(s)) then giving a cherry-picked depiction, spin, vital information glossed over, not given context, or used out of context. Potential example: reporting on public drills and simulations
  • carrot and stick
  • boiling frog effect
  • Pavlovian conditioning
  • sheep dipping
  • spinning outcome to defend or look benevolent
  • admitting to some (more minor) wrongdoing especially when confronted with some bigger wrongdoing
  • conditioning and re-looping/repeating
  • divide and conquer
  • influencing another to make one’s preferred choice and make it seem like one didn’t influence it including prior knowing of another’s disposition, personality type, ideals, habits, patterns, usual choices then using ambiguity and suggestion to lead the other to make the choice one wants
  • illusion of something has to stop before something else can start
  • illusion of you have to have this or be this way or your life won’t get better
  • distraction aka look over here not over there
  • overshadowing
  • Brownstone operations / honeypot / glamor / dazzling / seduction / traps / femme fatale
  • compromise
  • compartmentalization
  • passing the buck
  • (illusion of) appropriation / special access, treatment
  • turncoat
  • calling out / protecting (like handlers & masters saying what someone could do to someone and what protection they’re offering)
  • information and contact rates for various purposes: drip, steady, flood
  • appealing to one’s defenses
  • hiding (temporary) alliances / “sleepers” / sleeper cells / (de/re)activating network (nodes)
  • paid actors and provocateurs
  • enlisting personalities like actors who primarily can only find their/an identity in (relation to) others
  • not disclosing that one action or program has little to do with what’s said but is actually addressing, and/or is part of something else / different
  • mole / infiltration
  • playing both sides, or double or triple agents
  • controlled opposition
  • capitalizing / leveraging weaknesses / using weakness against
  • fear
  • appealing to emotion over critical thinking
  • manipulating emotions
  • appealing to intellect
  • appealing to — and adoption of — certain lifestyles
  • fraud
  • chaos creation / discord(ianism) / confusion / disharmony
  • resignation
  • dog eat dog to get ahead (mentality)
  • appeal to survivalism
  • using certain judgments for justifications and false justifications
  • blackmail
  • discrediting
  • character assassination
  • dismissal
  • dumbing down
  • (promoting) self-censorship
  • defaming
  • inciting harsh, divisive, derisive speech normally unbecoming
  • ignoring
  • making light of
  • veiled threats
  • shifting attention to something else
  • bait and switch
  • limited hangout
  • plant
  • handlers and masters
  • (hierarchal) groups (running stuff like gang stalking)
  • false flags
  • ostracizing
  • blacklisting
  • shadow banning
  • con games
  • coverups
  • greenwashing and whitewashing
  • accusing others of what one is doing
  • victim / victimizer
  • victim shaming
  • sexual misery programming
  • Stockholm syndrome
  • narrative(s)
  • custom tailored narratives
  • counter-narrative(s)
  • perception / image / reputation / reality / narrative management
  • psyops and other intel operations
  • giving some truth / partial truth
  • MK ULTRA and Project Monarch in mass media
  • advertising and marketing tactics
  • (ritual) abuse
  • shame, blame and guilt
  • extremes of nihilism and eternalism
  • transference / countertransference / projection dynamic (or at least knowledge of)
  • dumping
  • twisting words
  • blackmail
  • rope-a-dope
  • contracts
  • randsom
  • copy(cat) tactics
  • gatekeeping


How do we skillfully and wisely view and respond to those who deceive?

Can we find dignity?

I’ve tested waters by asking some “how do you deal with fools“?

If those engaging in these types of activity had more joy there would be less incentive to engage in these. When distortions, defilements, and hindrances are at least held at bay joy arises naturally.

Innerstanding some use deception for revenge and protection but there’s better ways of protection such as the Four Protective Meditations including Death Contemplation

[I kept in a question about deception seemingly being everywhere. I mention selective attention but forgot to mention confirmation bias.]

May we all come to know true joy in all our hearts!

Did the Buddha teach how to discern deception?

Audio: (Discerning) Deception

links to https://theintercept.com/document/2014/02/24/art-deception-training-new-generation-online-covert-operations
via https://theintercept.com/document/2014/02/24/art-deception-training-new-generation-online-covert-operations

An only slightly related study into the depth of deception https://rumble.com/v1hcfo7-anneke-lucas-memoir-of-a-child-sex-slave.html

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