Shawn White’s State Of The Massage Industry

Immediately relevant to the extensive linked list of Healing Modalities and Resources on I sit down with Shelly and Shawn White who, amongst many things, is a cancer conqueror, massage therapist, entrepreneur and spa founder/owner based in the greater St Louis, Missouri area.

Audio Only: Shawn White’s State Of The Massage Industry

We mostly discuss the ups and downs of the massage and spa industry and Shawn’s methodology for transforming it. Amongst other topics we also touch on entrepreneurship, elevation and service to others. Detailed show notes as follows:

  • Shawn’s vivid massage school experiences including:
    • initial spark of interest
    • interest in body mechanics aspect of massage
    • physical environment of massage school
    • teachers, students, foibles and politics
    • styles and methods of teaching and learning
    • testing standards
    • learning massage in the midst of a cancer journey
    • unlearning, restoring intuition and self-training
    • licensing requirements, pass rates, provisional licensing, wash out, lack of history, dropouts, burnouts, retention rates, culture
  • Entrepreneurship:
    • mentorship
    • experience
    • challenges including:
    • opening to criticism
    • transformation
    • resilience
    • serving
    • switching from business mode to excelling at client experience mode with dedication and giving 100%
  • Reform and solutions:
    • More quality, less quantity of therapists
    • Supercharged dedication to serving others
    • Intending to provide best massage experience of one’s life every time
    • Certainty about one’s degree of client effectiveness upon review
    • Humility to prevent god complex
    • Empathy as tool to attune and adjust massage and keep intuition in check
    • Creativity helps customize and tailor to momentary needs while adding variety with creative passion
  • Inspiration, Encouragement, Empowerment and Elevation at the brink of death
  • Turning hardships, darkness and horror into gifts and opportunities to help others
  • False hope vs. true hope
  • Role models
  • Leaving the world better than we found it
  • Excitement, intensity, passion, authenticity
  • Transforming industry by:
    • starting own spa
    • creating opportunities to pursue dreams
    • professionalism
    • emphasis on education
    • creating own massage school founded on humility, empathy, creativity and purity
    • mentorship
    • sharing techniques
    • preventing hardship by sharing wisdom gained from hardships
    • time as most valuable asset
    • proactive regret prevention
  • How being a facilitator and tool overwrites identifying as a healer

Be that person who remains an ally to the innocence in every heart with the intuitive discernment to know how to hold space for the healing of others without being a place for anyone’s unprocessed pain to hide.

Matt Kahn 10/10/21 newsletter

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