Metaphysical and Parapolitical Remote Viewing Questions

Above is a clear, concise and knowledgeable series by Brett Stuart of Technical Intuition on how to carryout Controlled Remote Viewing [CRV].

The following questions address the more metaphysical and parapolitical realms related to CRV. Brent Stuart says clear images are almost always Analytical Overlay (AOL), but what about for higher density/dimensional remote viewing? What if a clear image comes up that could resemble what some refer to as “alien machinery” or (holographically and/or reality controlling) “ai cubes” where there’s not really much of a visual reference point but your intuition says — in the later stages of RV — that maybe whatever was seen as a clear image could be something like this?

And could discarding, or ruling out clear images for higher level RV tasks allow controlling forces and systems to:

  1. Gauge your ability level (if they know you saw something (nearly) exactly as it is and have an accurate label for it that they also know of)?
  2. Help confirm and validate their operations (if (covertly) behind tasking an RV session)?
  3. More so allow controlling forces and systems to monitor the outcome of the observer effect on a RV task?

This also naturally brings up the question of remote influencing on CRV, especially decoys, distractions, deterrents, blocking, alterations, etc.

And the CIA’s PROJECT STARGATE using RV is public knowledge. Would they have an interest in RV beyond the by-the-book method and purpose? And, as a reference point, the CIA seem pretty low level in the cosmic scheme of things.

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