Sarah Edwards Past Lives; Translating Intuitive & Empathic Guidance; ‘The Emplacement’ and The Nature of Time

In Conversation with Sarah Edwards — show notes

Part two of my conversation with medium and spiritual counselor Sarah Edwards recorded July 23rd 2020 at Mary’s House of Healing in St Charles, Missouri for

Sarah is an intuitive guide, medium, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, and Clairaudient delivering profoundly wise, insightful and skillful messages. Find her on Facebook at Sacred Speak with Sarah.

As is often expected when starting media production — even after heavy editing there’s still plenty of “umm”s, “absolutely”s, “mmmmm”s, stuttering, me interrupting and talking over Sarah, environmental distractions, etc, etc.

Nonetheless I feel the depth and breadth of what we get into outweigh the verbal annoyances.

While we tackle COVID Corona in the first recording this one addresses much more far ranging material.

Topics include:

  • CV, Mandela Effect, Timeline and Karma shenanigans
  • Challenges with clairaudient readings for visual clients and translating the multi-layered nature of symbolic messages
  • Time: its unknown speed and nature; anomalous time phenomenon; purposes and purposelessness of time
  • Energy memory and fluidity in relation to (bodily) volition and agency; soul knowing
  • Kowtowing to the status quo; embracing mystery

To make a correction, I relayed information about humans being put in 5 reality zones during 2020-2021 when it is actually after 2020-2021. And in 2135 Density 1 is set to start its extinguishment but not complete until around 2235.

Some of the stuff we mention is our own and plenty of other stuff comes from sources we don’t site so please only take what’s useful for your journey and investigation, question all you hear and see here and then do your own research with this information.

Ultimately — like with just about anything else — the views, information and opinions mentioned are not to be taken as ultimate truth to be clung to.

Our (recorded) conversation starts during some conjecture about Stonehenge

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