Corona Situation with Sarah Edwards

It is often wise to address an elephant in a room once discovered, and let’s just call that elephant Corona19 or CV. I sat down with the fearless and intrepid healer and advisor Sarah Edwards on July 23rd 2020 at Mary’s House of Healing in St Charles, Missouri to face the CV beast headlong.

Sarah is an intuitive guide, medium, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, and Clairaudient delivering profoundly wise, insightful and skillful messages. Find her on Facebook at Sacred Speak with Sarah.

In this informal conversation, there’s plenty of, let just call them, charming idiosyncrasies, with enough “absolutely”s for a drinking game. But along with my verbal foibles Sarah and I dig directly into CV while touching on other related topics along the way.

Topics include:

  • kid cousins uniting
  • Fear
  • Herd mentality
  • Psyops
  • AI modeling
  • Divide and conquer
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Psychological and immune system erosion
  • Sudden difference from other viruses doctors say to ride out
  • CDC mask study
  • Frozen viewpoints and spin
  • Disagreeing respectfully and skillfully
  • Potential chaos with standing for truth
  • Competition, care and being
  • Deep dive on masks: multi-layer/level deconstruction and analysis
  • True health
  • Authenticity and self-love
  • Mental abuse
  • (Tacit) consent
  • Ushering in technocracy and tyranny
  • Human Trafficking [ “The Children are Set Free and May It Begin With Me” mantra from Project Resolution Call 1 – Freeing the Children – August 1st, 2019 — (direct mp3 download) ]
  • Evolving facial recognition algorithm training techniques
  • Facial expressions
  • Negative emotions
  • Societal changes for the better
  • Schooling vs Education
  • Negativity bias
  • Solutions
  • Free will
  • Holding space
  • Not being held back by others
  • Lifestyle review
  • Domino effect of discovering and rediscovering joy
  • Respectfully standing firm
  • Avoiding certain establishments
  • Being tested in life
  • Complexity of energy involved in different ways of communication
  • Inverted energy and behavior as normal
  • Directly feeling our feelings
  • Great Mystery Philadelphia Reveals America’s First Plandemic [Yellow Fever presentation]
  • Not rocking the boat
  • Dark awakenings
  • Self-care equating to caring for all
  • The blocking of our natural state of unconditional love

Ultimately, the views, information and opinions mentioned about this transient virus are not to be taken as ultimate truth to be clung to

Also, a short video I did to — amongst other things — put (some of) the incessant media barrage about Co-V into more of a meta perspective:

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