The Pernicious English Language

I’ve been collecting and scribing English language peculiarities and observations for well over a year. After recently seeing the video below on twitter I feel it’s now time to publish and we’ll see how much material I tack on here later

The Bigger Questions:

Where does language even come from anyway? How are our word choices formulated, and sentences put together — most of the time effortlessly — especially when speaking?

Sevan Bomar of addresses some of the bigger language picture in his freely released a book Code to the Matrix where he, amongst many other reveals, addresses the English language in an unconventional yet enlightening way which is well worth perusing.

Of even higher import is when just the right wisdom language is conveyed. I know for me I can feel and think I may know something well, or well enough until coming across some adamantine, sometimes poignant and exquisitely phrased wisdom then the game is changed opening up (new) vistas of insight, hindsight, connections, and realizations.

Not the perversities of others, not their sins of commission or omission, but his own misdeeds and negligences should a sage take notice of

Dhammapada verse 50

Silly word play or revelatory decodings?

Depending on one’s deeper background into language; innerstanding how language is used; what comes out of specific ways of usage; etc there may be varying degrees interest and dismissal as I riff on words — whimsically and perhaps revelatory — in the following hodgepodge of ways:

  • English’s prominent emphasis on using “I”, “me”, “mine” and division with “me”, “you”, “us”, “them”
  • Many words ending in “er” sound like something being done to her — heal-er [heal her], bak-er [bake her], faker [fake her], maker [make her], letter [let her], etc
  • In pool/billiards “english” means a certain spin placed on the balls
  • Today — two day(s); to (as in towards) the day (when in fact it is already day)
  • Days — daze
  • Posture and posturing — physical posture can’t be faked while posturing is pretending
  • Weekly — weakly
  • Weekend — weak end or weakened?
  • Prayer — prey or
  • Axes — Plural of an ax and of axis
  • Amaze — in a maze
  • Absolutes and exaggerations built into common expressions — as in saying “always” and “absolutely”
  • Common phrases that may not indicate other usages of the words like “I bet he will” to express likelihood when one may not engage in gambling
  • Halve/half/have — division, possession/owning
  • Recovery — to cover/hide again (re-cover)
  • Course, coarse
  • Rely – to lie again (re-lie)
  • In balance; imbalance
  • Dozy: feeling drowsy and lazy — Doozy: something outstanding or unique of its kind
  • A little while (sort time) vs quite awhile (no so short)
  • Content — being OK as well as meaning consuming content as in reading, listening, watching
  • Constraint, restraint
  • Cannon — weapon of death and also a collection of works or teachings that can help and liberate and heal
  • Pirate —- pie rat
  • Print — pie rent
  • Bible — by bulls, bi-bulls: Saturn and Jupiter — starting at 34:12:
Bible — by bulls, bi-bulls: Saturn and Jupiter — at 34:12
  • Freedom — free dumb as in being dumb is free, it doesn’t cost anything
  • Ale: sail, assail, dale, whale, bale, kale
  • Nectarine — nect – necked (her); rine – reamed (her)
  • Naked — neck aide
  • Wheat — we eat
  • Mustard — must tard or turd
  • Mail, male
  • Pan — to cook, the god of nature, both?
  • Skillet — skill it, skill let (as it allow), skill et (et = dialectal past tense and past participle of EAT)
  • Word — sword
  • Court, tennis (10 ace), racket
  • Charge (money and/or accusations)
  • Bank — river bank, directs flow of current, CURRENTsea, currency:
  • Course (path of direction), coarse (rough), corse (corpse archaic), inter-course, of course, etc
  • Not, knots, NAUTical, (naga?) —
  • HARMony — her-money
  • Match — makes fire; a contest; an equal
  • Wilt — dry up and die; what one wants; (Cetana Sutta: An Act of Will)
  • Receptive, respective, respected —
  • Lead — lead (the grayish metal and to lead the way in the present), led
  • Who’s, whose — who is, possession or ownership
  • Precedent, prescient, president — an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example – pre-seed-ant noun press-i-dent; having or showing knowledge of events before they take place; certain officers or officials
  • Take out — restaurant food, kill, go on date
  • Basil — Basal (english name), bay seal, bae seal
  • Plunge — dive down; bring up–plunge toilet
  • Bless — be-less, bestowing
  • Chaste, chase — pure (sp?), run after or pursue
  • Superlative — nearly opposite definitions:
    • 1.  of the highest quality or degree
    • 2.  an exaggerated or hyperbolical expression of praise
  • Herpes — what does her pee have to do with herpes?
  • Commentator — common tater
  • Mind — my end, preTEND, pretEND
  • give up — give something higher (up)
  • Surrender — sir render
  • Verse — versus, obverse, reverse, inverse, converse, universe, omniverse, multiverse, bible verse
  • Conjoin – to join but why then “con”as in fool or trick?
  • Discern — CERN, concern, ascertain,
  • Commission — an instruction, command; percentage, share
  • Right, rite, favorite
  • Justice — just ice; just us
  • Social — so shall
  • Reckless — reck less (meaning reck less frequently but reckless has nothing to do with a smaller amount)
  • Vile — bottle, repulsive
  • Admire — add mire
  • Zeal, zealot
  • Decent, descent
  • Cursory, cursor — curse or
  • SPELLing
  • Categorical — cat E gore ick i Cal(l)
  • Face, effacement – ment(mind), defacement, ace, lace, place, placement, emplacement, debasement
  • Background — visual surroundings, history
  • Profile — side view, personal info
  • Subtle — suck tail
  • Profound — profane
  • Earn – urn
  • Wake — gather around dead, come out of sleep
  • Morning — mourning
  • League lord, legal, (2000) leagues, allegiance, legislator, legislation
  • Profit, prophets
  • Dwell — De-wellwell
  • (Cease and) desist/de-sister
  • Inform — to tell (currently, often external) information; in-form to create inwardly or an internal formation
  • Release — to let go; re-lease to stay by renewing agreement in real estate
  • Bridle (for a horse), bridal (for a wife)
  • Horse, whores, hoarfrost
  • Eschew, issue
  • Gravel — grave all, grave ill
  • Peak — 1. reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time 2. decline in health and spirits; waste away
  • Pore, poor, pour
  • Nothing to sneeze at; sneeze’s association with orgasm, sickness, bless you, gesundheit
  • Litter, literary (when in and of a book but this just represents something else not actuality but the term) literal (means just that)

Literary forms, styles and devices
  • homonym
  • limerick
  • parable
  • synonym
  • antonym
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • symbolism
  • aphorism
  • poem
  • prose
  • palindrome
  • homophone
  • acronym
  • initialization
  • capitalization
  • abbreviation
  • punctuation

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