38th Parallel Structures

After someone in my local crystal and mineral community mentioned what’s called the 38th parallel structures, in late March 2019, I visited Crooked Creek Conservation area, the only one of the sites I know of immediately accessible to the public without requiring permission.

Found it odd that a seemingly steady line of dump trucks were coming in and out of a nearby area. There’s a picture of work but not the dump trucks though.

The following information came while visiting — restated here as questions. This could be considered wild imaginings, tinged with paranoia, and a vain grasping for meaning and answers, but the idea is for some of it to spark legitimate examinations and explorations:

  • On some level could this land have multi-/higher-dimensional spiral topography?
  • Could this site have been where an ancient, or primordial booby-trapped — or disrupting — time-cloaking magical event occurred?
  • What would a powerful ancient alchemical (or (earth) magic) event (gone wrong) look like?
  • Could the land consciousness and unseen beings of the area be crying out in pain for help?
  • What kind of metamorphoses took/take place here?
  • Are there now sealed doorway(s) in areas of the stone?
  • Could there be certain types of implants here to transmute diverse energies? Or could the entire site be transmuting diverse energies?
  • Were/are there any influencing groups preforming ritual at the site? If so, who all and why?
  • How did such jerky, skittish, slightly chaotic darting energy come to be here?
  • Why were numerous small to medium size trees chainsawed (for no apparent reason)?
  • Were Earth’s portals/star gates/wormholes/gates/rifts always where they are now?

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