Lek Lai

15 Lek Lai videos

Lek Lai, a Sacred Kaya Siddhi Adamantine substance is the subject of legendary tales of miracle powers. One translation for Lek Laï may be “steel eel”, an allusion to the ability of certain Lek Laï to assume a liquid state. Some tales tell of Lek Laï not as a simple mineral, but a kind of metal-animal capable of “swimming across mountains”.

I learned of Lek Lai on a podcast. I cannot really comment as I have not encountered Lek Lai other than being mindful of spiritual materialism and at the same time investigating how the so-called spiritual is not separate from the physical. While I include links and a playlist of videos above, I am not responsible for what does, or does not happen when studying Lek Lai and/or acquiring Lek Lai so please employ discretion and discernment if and when doing so.

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