Nagas and the Chakras

Nov 20, 2022 UPDATE: These six videos on the chakras, Introduction to the Chakra Teachings; The Complex Layers of the Chakras parts 1; 2; 3; 4 and The Last Pieces of the Chakra Teachings

Introduction to the Chakra Teachings
The Complex Layers of the Chakras part 1
The Complex Layers of the Chakras part 2
The Complex Layers of the Chakras part 3
The Complex Layers of the Chakras part 4
The Last Pieces of the Chakra Teachings

Nagas, usually known as (mythological) serpent-like beings, appear in various religious and spiritual text, including those of Buddhism. The following unique and insightful excerpt on nagas and the chakra system comes from part two of the new 7 part “The Bigger Picture” series by clairvoyant and author Randi Green updating and condensing her experiential work into the higher order sciences behind our reality and related realities:

“. . . or if you get linked up to shamanism, you go that way you’re not seeing you’re getting right into the insectoid network under the Orions and you will activate that ant that are [sic] attached to you through the chakra system. Or the naga, the big snake that’s attached. It’s typically first chakra system which are then linked up to a parasitic entity that’s called the naga, I call it the naga because it used to be what we could call a steering entity, or what was supposed to be the guru within you, but technically it is there to put you into distortion planes of conceptualization of these chakra teaching programs that goes with the Hindu belief system and the guru belief systems that were different than the general religion, because all religions no matter if you go in India, or Japan or Asia major, Asia minor, Mesopotamia, or wherever you go, all religious systems has always had the one for the people and the one for the ones within the secret societies.

And the chakra system is technically the guru teachings that are for the ones within the secret societies that meditated and went inside and to prevent you from accessing your true template they put in that higher self, the naga, which is a parasitic entity that presents itself as a knowledgeable inner guru or your inner master, and it will derail you quite a long way and it actually has a voice which you will hear and you will think you are in contact with some kind of entity.

Sometimes it likes to present itself as a deity. Behind that is an ant and that’s part of what we understand as the fourth dimension. These ants are administering these parasitic entities through nurturing these with different forms of energies and making it happen. They are literally securing that these entities that are connected to your chakra system gets their fuel from a collective entity that is in the older level of our planet, aka the underworld or the racial grids, which then live in a cave system that is nurtured by these ants that which then can find food similar as we find ants out in nature. These ants are controlled by hive mind technologies. Aka the regressed. It a humongous system. . .”

From The Bigger Picture video 2
Page 69 from The HAL Philosophy by Randi Green also mentioning nagas

9/10/20 UPDATE: Additional info via 8/20/20 video The Bigger Picture 7:

In 2016 we had the taking down of the Interactive Simulation Program which were one of an older type of Greys that were part of the hijackers of the regressed races that their reality programs which go along with the chakra system and the entities that were connected to the chakra system. I’m not saying these things are gone because they are now thriving well in humans. They are not linked up to reality programs anymore per se but there’s still smaller types of cubes connected to the nagas which are a parasitic fourth dimensional entity that are tied into the microbilia[sp? maybe microbiome?] of our organic form which still goes with what we understand of the chakra system. Not necessarily as vortices of energy but as part of our glands.

And that is why in the HAL basic energy work I’m literally telling to how to cleanse your organs not using the chakra system — by working directly on your endocrine glans and the chemoelectrical type of energies they are releasing which are part of the response system from where the brains works into the organic form. And if it is parasitically controlled from the fourth dimension then your emotional responses to whatever you will encounter on the mental level will be distorted — will not be under your control — hence it needs to be cleared out so you can give the correct emotional response to whatever is coming your way and not respond as a reaction to parasitic enzymes that are being blasted into your endocrine glads and by that creating ripple effects into your emotional field and by that controlling what energy patterns they want to activate in you and by that controlling your emotional reactions.

That’s how they’re technically still doing it. It’s still part of our reality. They are making us do the merry-go-round, all the ups and down through these different types of parasitic entities that are technically part of what we call the Technologically Enhanced Genetics [TEGs] which the Sirian A’s developed. And from that even though the chakra system might be gone these TEGs are still existent in the fourth dimension. So even though you’ve done the whole chakra removal if you haven’t got rid of the fourth dimensional TEGs well you’re still under the same type of enzymic control. They still have these holographic fields behind your physical organs.

With that said that’s the Interactive Simulation Program. Even though the main cubes are gone there are still a lot of smaller cubes that are individually linked to humans which I talk about in the New Grand Cycle Course 1 to 2. We’re not out of it. Even though the main cubes are gone the individual cubes are still connected to our energy system. So it is still there. It is still running. It’s part of the upper and lower template as I talk about and show in Terralogy and it is linked to the genetic fragments of the regressed races. And until you’ve cleared out these genetics you will still be under the prohibiting technology of the regressed races that took over our reality 15,000 years ago.

The Bigger Picture 7

[ADDITION: 11/21/2020:] From 35 minutes 30 seconds to 45 minutes (for context at least listen to entire video) Randi Green details the chakra system for those who have/have had it; how present day Western teachings differ; correct and incorrect activations — with the 7 chakra system and the chakras beyond the 7 — along with the physiological challenges and changes involved; the tie-in to magic and Atlantis

More teachings on the chakras and the complexities, context and conditions involved: starting at 12:47

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