Irregular Inquires — Questions For Investigating Energy

“There is the case where a monk generates desire, endeavors, activates persistence, upholds & exerts his intent for:

[i] the sake of the non-arising [anuppādāya] of evil, unskillful qualities that have not yet arisen.”

[ii] … the sake of the abandonment [pahānāya] of evil, unskillful qualities that have arisen.”

[iii] … the sake of the arising [uppādāya] of skillful qualities that have not yet arisen.”

[iv] … the maintenance [ṭhitiyā], non-confusion, increase, plenitude, development, & culmination of skillful qualities that have arisen.”

Traditional phrase for The Four Right Exertions (cattārimāni sammappadhānāni)

Disclaimer: investigate these questions at the potential risk of wasting: time, serenity, perhaps some sanity and even energy.

  1. What is energy? How do you know?
  2. Where and how do you experience energy?
  3. What kinds, or types of energy are there?
  4. Why is energy important?
  5. Where does energy come from? Where does it go?
  6. What brings energy, in what degrees, and how?
  7. What drains, or dissipates energy, in what degrees, and how?
  8. What (all) supports and does not support energy?
  9. Are there energetic rhythms, patterns, systems, anomalies, cycles, environments/spaces? If so, what differences and similarities exist for each and between and amongst these?
  10. What blocks and unblocks energy? How?
  11. How does energy (un)naturally dissipate?
  12. How is energy (un)naturally stored?
  13. How do you give away energy and how do you receive energy from others? Why?
  14. How and why are there seemingly positive, neutral, and negative energies?
  15. How can energy be transmuted? Why? Transmuted from what to what and what can’t it be transmuted to? Why? When should and shouldn’t it be transmuted?
  16. Are you craving energy, or craving to release energy? If so, how does this happen?
Watch You Tube videos and for background information
5 hierarchical layers of dynamic energy for original human systems:
Radiation – emission fields (waves)
Vibration – vibration or resonance fields (magnetism)
Units – particle or cluster fields (atoms)
Holographic – grid or lattice fields, fluctuating
Crystalline – fixed fields
(All levels can be altered via code systems)

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