Dharma Questions: Abhidhamma

The following questions arose while listening to what appears to be seven published videos from a 2006 (or 2016?) lecture series on Abhidhamma from Pa Auk Sayadaw [see end of post for all these videos]:

  • describe visual details of various kalapas
  • how can there be essence (as in nutritive essence, or is this maybe an inaccurate translation?)
  • What’s on the inside of Pa auk Sayadaw’s right arm?
  • Did Buddha teach (specific) kasina meditations?
    • Why no extended teachings on kasina meditation in the suttas?
  • What is the supportive nature of air element or how is the air element considered supportive?
  • Is it possible to discern pre- and post-kalapa phenomena as in being able to discern the causes and conditions leading up to the arising of a single kalapa and/or how the perishing of a single kalapa could influence, condition and/or be a cause to/of subsequent phenomena?
  • (If I’m getting this right) why is water not (considered) a tangible object (in these abhidhamma teachings)?
  • Could reality be significantly shifted/altered by/with different perceptual modes such as by variations in how of kalaps are perceived by meditators?
  • How does impingement happen, such as color impinging on eye base/sensitivity?
  • What determines a kalapa’s location? How does this work?
  • Is nonexistence conditioned?
  • How does fire element produce generations (of kalapas)? And why?
  • Is it (initially) easier for some to discern kalapas in fine/subtle material realms / deva realms / Brahmā realms? Why or why not?
  • Is there any significance(s) in (the) kalapas constituting DNA and/or various subatomic particles in establishment science?
  • What’s materiality/mentality like on boundary of form and the formless and what is the relationship of this, if any, to Nibbana?
  • How does Adhimokkha, decision work?

Image sources:




Parts 2 – 7 of the aforementioned series:

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