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Perhaps due to interesting circumstantial happenstance — interesting to me anyway, and choosing here to omit the details (which aren’t that interesting) — I came across, reached out to and connected with The Crop Project in October 2021 about doing a podcast. After connecting a few more times since then (and again now choosing to omit (uninteresting) details), as of today, a podcast does not seem likely.

While revisiting their website before connecting today, I noticed not only two (new) podcasts with Gimlet Media but The Crop Project had also gotten the New York Times treatment! What does this say about Integrating Presence? Ha!

So (just dealing with the surface level now) Integrating Presence may not (have) be(en) a good match for a podcast with The Crop Project other than that regenerative crops being seemingly ideal for the food part of self-care, medicine and healing. Their New York Times treatment did after all appear in the Style section under Self Care.

Anyway, here’s an edited version of my notes on some topics of interest when initially brainstorming about a potential podcast back in October:

  • general education about regenerative agriculture
  • the money and parties involved [and just a guess but I wonder if this curiosity affected a podcast not panning out]
  • relationship to meditation: organics in self-care, mindfulness of eating
  • “regenerative” as replacement for overused buzzword “sustainable”
  • regeneratively-farmed vetting and/or certification processes
  • best sources for kelp with all the (micro) plastic (particles) and Fukushima (I like Trader Joe seaweed snacks and I take Icelandic kelp for iodine)
  • [rather not mention carbon because I haven’t researched much — open to discussing off podcast]
  • how to transition away from Monsanto(-like) industries and worldviews of food
  • agriculture related trends possibly including: Foodscaping (aka Edible Landscaping); Permaculture; Organic Gardening; Beyond Organic; ElectroHorticulture; Biodynamic Agriculture;
  • co-ops and farmers markets
  • more corporations seemingly moving somewhat from just profits to moral superiority and how to still offer better products and choices without the righteousness [and just another guess but I wonder if this bullet point, and possibly the one immediately below, also affected a podcast not panning out]
  • publicly traded socially responsible funds are kind of a joke [imo] — where a difference can really be made is in private equity, but if not an accredited investor it’s hard to invest and know about all the money connections
  • discuss business and marketing side, particularly with ‘distributing profits more equitably across the supply chain’ and ‘building regional infrastructure’
  • sharing of resources for consumers
Newspaper clipping sent by my Mom!

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