Podcast | Healthcare System Audit From Back Office Supervisor “Ron”

Given Integrating Presence’s long list of healing modalities and resources; occasionally providing commentary about care during Denny K Miu‘s Saturday “Mindfulness of Qi : Mindful Fitness & Yi Jin Jing” and “Mindful Practice for Everyone : Each Differently Abled”; and an upcoming “Ask Us Anything” guest who focuses on redefining care, it seems appropriate to interview “Ron”.

Ron is not his real name. He previously worked several (supervisory) roles in quality and project management on the revenue cycle side within an emergency department, within a directed mission department, at a large healthcare system.

Along with a brief bio and role descriptions some of the topics we get into include:

  • Physicians basically only spending 7 minutes per patient, per visit for one item
  • Personal responsibility
  • Prominence of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Push for profits and efficiency often times over quality of care
  • Related insurance industry undertakings and operations including details and examples
  • Leadership
  • Potential solutions:
    • Food availability and equality
    • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants
    • Reimbursements based on quality of outcome

A Healthcare System Audit From Back Office Supervisor “Ron”
Audio only version

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